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This month, for Chewy‘s Blogger Outreach program, rather than choose a product for the cats to try, I thought I’d give George and Gracie a chance. Those poor, deprived dogs, they just never get any fun, you know?

I chose the Primal Dry Roasted Liver Snaps, because that sounded like something they’d enjoy.

As usual, George was all “Oh, BOY! We gets treats! ::THLURRRP!::”

He couldn’t take his eyes off the bag of Liver Snaps.

When he gets really excited, his suave and debonair exterior slips, and he lets his Alabama shine through.

Gracie also gets excited about treat time, but she’s not as quite in-your-face about it.

“Youuuuu will giiiiiiiive to us the treeeeeeeats.”

George is always helpful – in case you aren’t sure where the treat goes, he shows you.

Gracie took a sniff and then took the treat I held out to her. (I was about to go work in the garden, which is why I was wearing blue gloves.)

And she declared it good. REALLY good, in fact.

George took a deep sniff and said “Oh yes, the liver. A very good choice!”

“Put ‘er right there!”

“That was fabulous, and now you shall give me 300 more.”

“Right here, please.”

And Gracie stepped up and said “You give me those treats right now, lady.”

Then she got all GRABBY about it.

I almost lost a finger!

And she got all space-invasive.


George was all “Wow, she’s really rude. You should just go ahead and give me all of hers.”

So, in summation: George thought those Liver Snaps were really good. Gracie would do ANYTHING for more of them, and gives them four paws straight up in the air.

The Primal Liver Snaps were provided free of charge by Chewy.com through their Blogger Outreach Program; the words and opinion are all mine.

PS: Gracie didn’t really bite me; I was just exaggerating for effect. I wouldn’t want y’all to think that she’s naughty, because she’s the best pup EVER.


Here’s something for y’all to look forward to in Monday’s post. You get to meet the new guys!

There are five of them (three boys, two girls.) They’re about 6 weeks old, and they. Are. ADORABLE. One of them came pre-named, which gave us the naming theme for the rest of them.

Details on Monday!


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9-20-14 — 26 Comments

  1. Oh boy, what a post! First George and Gracie and the snacks, and then – BAM! KITTENS! WEEEEEEEE! How exactly are we supposed to live through the weekend? The suspens will kill me! 🙂

  2. Ha! George! But I think you can be Alabaman and Debonair at the same time. You just have a lil twang at the end of your words. Great to see a post about them.

  3. Oh boy, beebee kittehs! Just what I need, really can’t wait. And they ALL look beautiful!!!

    Pretty much anything is considered a treat by my dogs, yet to find anything they won’t eat, with the exception of celery! 🙂

  4. Hi George and Gracie! I’m glad you liked your liver treats!!

    Baybees!!! And do I see a little Meezer in there too? 🙂

    • Looks like two of ’em in fact — thinking lilac point but I’d need LOTS more pictures to be sure. *hinthint*

  5. I laughed at the post about the dog treats..

    …and you tease! Babies! And do my eyes deceive me or are some of them floofy?

  6. George and Gracie are such sweet looking pups! Glad they got their own post today.

    That’s an adorable mess of kittens, by the way. Can’t wait to see them up close.

  7. I love it when George and Gracie are on the blog! And that looks like quite the variety pack of kittens you’ve got there! Can’t wait to meet them!

  8. George and Gracie, I’m a total sucker so I’d have ended up giving you the entire bag.

    Kittens! And really. Is there such thing as a kitten who isn’t adorable??!

  9. George and Gracie sure do look happy about the new treats !!!! Did they finish the bag yet and demand that you buy hundreds of bags ???

    OMG !!!!!! I can’t wait to meet the new gang !!! They look to be from two separate litters, or else the Momma was a busy girl 😉 I’m in love with them already !!!!

    This is the only good reason to look forward to a Monday !!!!

  10. I love seeing Gracie and George-for some reason the picture of George with all the chickens in the background cracks me up. As does the one where he looks like he is receiving a communion wafer in the form of a liver snap (“put ‘er there”)-too funny! They are such happy dogs!

  11. I heart passionately the pups and am THRILLED they not only got a post just for them, but DAY GOTZ DA TREATZ!!! Because they are gorgeous and wonderful and deserve EVERYTHING.

    Then you go and top it off with new kittehs. You are SPOILING me, Robyn. 😉

  12. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAH! It feels like it’s been awhile since new kittens! SO EXCITED!

  13. Baybeee kitties! Is it Monday yet?

    Yay for George and Gracie for their reviews – they do need to learn to be more expressive, though! 🙂

    Is it Monday yet?

  14. Wahoo!! *sings* “I wish it was Monday, cause that’s my fun day. I get to see more baby kittehs. Ooh how I love kittehs…” (in case you didn’t recognize the tune it was my parody of Manic Monday. I will be so manic until I get to see the new guys) 🙂

  15. Living with the bottomless pit otherwise known as Chuckles the Wonder Pooch, I forget that there are dogs who can be picky about what they eat. All of his reviews would be “four paws up”.

    So I guess what I’m saying is that Charlie is available for treat sampling if there is a company out there looking for good reviews…. 😉

  16. I was thinking that it was so nice to have a special weekend feature starring George and Gracie, and then — squee! babies!!!!