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I swear, I thought I had mentioned it in a post, but apparently it slipped my mind – Polo went back to his foster mom last week. I took a couple of days to really scrub down the foster room, and then we got the new guys on Friday.

Meet the new kittens!

PW (so named because he was found at a Piggly Wiggly). He’s a boy.

Ralph. He’s a boy, too.

Von is a girl.

Winn Dixie is also a girl.

Trader Joe is a boy.

I love the look Trader Joe is giving Fred here.

PW is a singleton – he’s been at the shelter for a little while, and needed to be around other kittens his own age. He’s about 8 weeks old. The other four – Von, Winn Dixie, Trader Joe and Ralph – are 6 1/2 weeks old. PW came pre-named, and since he was named after a grocery store, Fred suggested we go with that naming theme.

I’m going to call them “The Grocers” unless someone out there has a catchier name suggestion.

They’re a super sweet, super friendly bunch. They come running whenever I walk into the room, and they love to be held and petted and snuggled and kissed. They’ve only been here since Friday, and I’m already in love with all of them!

You can’t tell from this picture, but Trader Joe is a little bit of a nut. (That SmartCat Toy Box has been a HUGE hit with these kittens.)

They’re a very playful bunch, too – if I could just bottle the energy of two of these kittens, my house would be SPOTLESS.

They’re a floofy bunch, too. This is Winn Dixie.

Don’t you hate it when you’re minding your own business and all of a sudden someone’s biting your butt?

“EXCUSE me, PW, that is MY bottom, and I do NOT think you need to be biting it!”

PW is pretty sure he’ll bite any kitten butt that comes around, and NO ONE is gonna stop him.


Ralph loves a good belly rub!

All three of the boys in this litter (and now that I think about it, one of the girls) reminds me of former fosters! I’ll have to dig up comparison pictures for y’all.


Uncle Jake can’t wait to get hold of those kittens, and can’t believe I’m going to make him wait a few weeks.


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9-22-14 — 66 Comments

  1. Lovely kittens – I think the girls are Norwegian Forest Cats – They have that same look about them….

    Cuteness too 😀

  2. Oh so adorable.. I think Trader Joe will look like my jasper when he gets big. pic.twitter.com/Ki5LbNDT7u Fabulous. They are all so gorgeous.

  3. I’d like to share a story with you, Robin, I you don’t mind. I’m Efthymia -that’s a female name. I’m 38. I live in Athens, Greece with what appears to be a soul mate and I work for a gas supply company, from 8:30 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, with a lunch break at one o’ clock.

    To the point: My one o’ clock happens to be your 6 or 7 in the morning, with the time zones and all. So each and every weekday I stop for lunch and open my browser and have a snack in front of my computer, and you, dearest, keep me a happy company, along with all the fluffy sweeties.

    Today was a similar day. Only the aforementioned soul mate called me the exact moment I saw the new guys. “I Robin ehei kenuryia yatia!” I squealed. “Robin has new kitties!” And he said “Really?”

    What I mean to say is, on top of making my each and every day special and happy, you have also managed to be a thing to mention to a person I hold dear in my heart. Thank you is the least I can say, for the joy you make me feel.

    Oh, and that teeny tiny freckle on Joe’s nostril. Oh. My.

    • Your story made me smile because I think of how Robyn’s blog does the same for me and how I share it with those close to me as well. I think it’s great how far across the globe it reaches. 😀


        • Hear Hear !!!!!
          Robyn, Fred and the whole Crooked Acres gang make many, many around the world very happy !!! This is what the world needs, to stop for a few minutes every day and look at some wonderful pictures, have a few giggles (Robyn has a great sense of humor !)and realize that there are good people and things in this crazy world.

          THANK YOU !!!!!

          PS I am so in love with this new bunch !!! Videos please of the craziness !!!!!

    • I love the idea that halfway around the world, people are seeing these pictures and squealing over the new arrivals in the foster room.

      • You were thinking about cute kittens, of course! No crime in that!

        And that is awesome that Robyn has fans all over the world.

    • Eυχαριστώ πολύ, Εφθυμια, for making me smile too and for giving me a chance to use my Greek keyboard! I hope I spelled your name correctly — my apologies if I did not.

      I talk about Robyn and her kitties all the time to my husband (she has helped us, directly and indirectly, with our foster cats a few times), and my 2-year-old daughter, Penelope (a good Greek name for you!), and I make it a point to “look at the kitties” every day when we get home from work/day care. Robyn and her cats bring families together! (Thanks, Robyn!)

      These are, by the way, ADORABLE kittens. We will be in the market for a new kitten soon to keep our Gravy company after her “brother” Buddy passed away a couple of weeks ago and our foster Widget went to what we hope is her new home. I’m starting to look longingly at meezers (well, pointed kittens of all kinds) and marmies, so this litter is right up my alley…

      • No need for apologies! Transliteration is quite hard, let me tell you. I, for once, had my own name wrong at first. It’s Ευθυμία. It means something like joy, that state of mind when you’ve had a couple of drinks and you’re in the mood for a light dance, or a good joke, or a nice sing along. I really need my name sometimes, life can be mean. But then again I have Love And Hisses to bring me some ευθυμία when I really need it.

        • Thanks so much for replying and correcting me! Your name is lovely.

          (Full disclosure: I teach Latin and studied ancient Greek when getting my degree. My modern Greek is terrible! I only know a couple of words and phrases.)

  4. Robin…if you look at Winie Dixie’s face you will see a M very prominent on her forehead…that is the marking of a Maine Coon. They are an awesome cat!! We have one and he is a big goof ball and every energetic. Enjoy them and I’m in love with Trader Joe!! Wish I could adopt him!!

  5. Eeeeee hee heeeeee new kitties! 😀 And floofy, snuggly, people-lover new kitties? I’m melting into a puddle of geeklady here!

    Ah darn it, I’ve been in a Band of Brothers frame of mind for much of the past day, and when I saw the name Ralph, all I could think was Ralph Spina. Bad Chanter.

  6. I absolutely LOVE the Grocers naming theme! It’s so cute and orginal! I’ve heard of Piggly Wiggly, Trader Joe’s and Winn Dixie… but Ralph & Von? I’m Canadian so that’s why the last two seem puzzling! LOL

    They are a cute bunch for sure! And I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get into!

    • Von’s is a California chain. Not sure about Ralph. In Texas we have HEB, which I believe stands for the founder, whose name was something like Harold Edward Butt.

      • I was hoping for an HEB, too – I lived in San Antonio for 20+ years, and do miss my HEB (or “the heb” as we called it). And I think Mr. Butt’s first name was Howard??? Or maybe that’s the current Mr. Butt. And now that I think about it – “Mr. Butt” would be a great kitten name!

          • I totally read that as “King Scoopers” and thought “Why yes, that WOULD be a good name for a kitten.” Sigh. You can send a person to college, but you can’t make them read….

        • Y’know, I don’t think I knew about HEB! There have been so many great suggestions that I think I may have to do a second Grocers litter!

      • Here in California, Vons and Ralphs are two of the biggest grocery chains, along with Albertsons (which I think is owned by Safeway.)

    • I didn’t recognize Von or Ralph either…I was expecting a Publix, Bi-Lo or Harris Teeter! 😀 But floofy baybeesssss…yay!!!!!

      And I think Jake has his Klingon going on in that picture!

    • I was just thinking about how regional grocery stores are when Robyn posted about this litter! In the northeast (I live in Brooklyn, but have also lived in central New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut) they would end up with names like “D’Agostino,” “Genuardi,” “Stu Leonard,” and “Wegman.”

  7. They are floofy! Yay, my favorite kind 🙂

    And adorable, of course.

    PW reminds me of … cannot remember his real name but his nickname was Cap’n Floof. The girls remind me of Leia.

  8. keep it up with the floof, I’ll be taking a road trip to ‘bama before the holidays. And thanks for naming one after me, you sweet thang. 😉

  9. Oh, would that I lived closer, because Ralph just stole my heart…and Ralph was my dear departed father’s name! (Other than that small geographical problem, it seemed like fate.) The new guys are ALL beautiful.

  10. Aww, the new bunch looks adorable! I love how PW is skittering sideways after Trader Joe gave him the biznizz for biting his butt! Skittens are the best.

    • Skittens are TOTALLY the best! The little monsters keep skittering around and then stop as soon as I get the camera out. I’m going to have to be sneaky, I guess!

  11. I’ve been looking forward to new kittens, and this bunch is cuter than cute, and fluffier than fluffy. They made my day.

    My nickname in college was PW, and I lived in Texas then, where Piggly Wigglies abounded.

    Thanks for the kitten sunshine! And thanks to Jake for being his loony self.

    • As soon as I took the picture, Fred declared “That’s totally going to be a Glamour Shots picture!” And he was right. 🙂

  12. Love, love, love!! So nice to have a new batch (even if it means a cat somewhere needs to be spayed…and another one neutered…sigh…daughter dealing with the neighbor’s cats today in fact) to enjoy, knowing they’ll be loved and cared for properly, and have a great chance at a forever family!
    and also wonderful that the blog is internationally favored–as it should be!I was so looking forward to this Monday with the last post’s teaser, too.
    THANK YOU Robyn (Fred too of course!)

  13. What about the Marché family? and yes, I’ll take one of Ralph to go! Wrap him up, I’ll be right there!!

  14. Gotta be the Cookies! Well, for the two siamese mixed ones. The other, I don’t know. So many buff/orange kittens have come through!

  15. They’re all so cute! Again, you and Fred are awesome for taking in the little kittehs. Your Karma must be off the roof by now! 😀

  16. Ralph is such a perfect name for a kitten!!! Oh man, how cute are these little monkeys… PW, you look just like my Malcolm did when he was a baby, floof and all.

    The Grocers is a good name, or how about the Capitalists?!

  17. I am in love with them. That is all. Except, I echo what Efthymia said. My story is different but the anticipation of seeing your blog each day gets me going. I have my bagel and coffee and log on to see what the monkeys are up to today. Your photos are gorgeous. Your captions are hilarious and of course, the kitties are awesome. Along with Gracie and George, the chickens, the ducks, the fish and, of course, the dear departed Dolores. Thanks for making my day brighter every day.