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The Many Moods of Martin.
(Or: Marty Haz a Flavor.)

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Joe Bob knows you wanna rub the belly. YOU know you wanna rub the belly. Get over there and rub the belly!


2009: (I suspect they didn’t get the memo that there’s nothing cuter and LESS threatening than a hissing kitten.)
2008: My little peanut is sitting in a cage by herself!
2007: No entry.
2006: She’s so cute it hurts, she really is.
2005: Awww, it’s baby Sugarbutt and baby Tommy (and their brother and sister)!



9-22-10 — 10 Comments

  1. Marty’s such a cutie. I’m beginning to see his future (handsome) mancat coming out. His coloring is rather interesting- his back is more grey-tabby but then he has those nice light brown spots around his face? He’s almost a boy version of a calico.

  2. I DO want to rub the belly! I’ve always been really fond of grey & white kitties with pink noses. (Just don’t tell my aging tortie…)

  3. Robyn, I also want to rub the belly! May I? And the photos of Martin are precious. He’s grown up quite a bit since he was a baby possum.

  4. Awww sweet Joe Bob!! I’d fly over there pronto to rub your belly if I could! LOL! 🙂

    And Martin is so yummy I could jus eat him up!! Awwww!

    Lovely lovely pics, thank you!
    Take care

  5. Well, when Martin was a wee baby, his eye makeup was SO cute. Now that he’s a young man, oh boy! He looks like he’s ready to “parle le langue d’ amour”! (And not with the Pepe Le Pew’s success rates…)

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