9-23-10 – I hate my computer

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Before 9:00 yesterday, I:

1. Made a batch of pineapple-habanero jam

2. Broke the blender base (well, it broke itself – it sparked and then there was smoke, and then it worked no more. I wasn’t even using it at the time!).

3. Broke the blender glass blendy part (the cup?). No sooner had the thought “Well, maybe I could just get a new base and then I’ll use this, it’s still perfectly good!” gone through my mind as I was washing it than I dropped it in the sink and it shattered. That blender wanted me to know it was retiring itself and it wasn’t kidding.

4. Broke my computer. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. Alls I know is that I sat at my computer to check my email, and the screen was frozen and I rebooted 300 times, and then it was like it reverted to Vista’s new install screen (Fred later said my profile was corrupted) and I couldn’t do a thing. I had to spend the rest of the day on Fred’s computer and I HATE sitting at his desk, since he’s several inches taller than me and has long ape arms, and NOTHING about sitting in his chair with his desk at chin-level, trying to reach the keyboard fifteen feet away, is comfortable.

5. Banged the heck out of my hand by accidentally squeezing it between my closet door and the frame of my bed. Today it’s achy and slightly bruised.

6. While getting eggs from the nest boxes, I banged the back of my head and today it’s bruised and hurrrrrrts.

So, it was a day. And I am still dealing with trying to get my computer working right. And I can FEEL my blood pressure going through the roof, so I need to get away from the computer.

Which is my way of saying that there’s no real entry today, and I’m taking tomorrow off as well. Hopefully over the weekend we’ll get my computer to stop being a pain and even if I have to use my netbook to do it, I’ll be back Monday.

Until then, I’m going to try to achieve a state of Sugarbutt-type zen.

Wish me luck!


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9-23-10 – I hate my computer — 10 Comments

  1. Good Luck, Robyn!

    Technology is wonderful until it breaks down, but usually it’s fixable (your suicidal blender notwithstanding)! I had a two day period last month when my old laptop and one of my desktop computers gave up the ghost for good, my mp3 player died and I had a problem with the monitor driver for my other desktop computer. It sucked, but it helped me be grateful for the machines once they were fixed/replaced.

    I also have sympathy for your injuries as I do that kind of stuff all the time. In addition to the pain, you have the thought of your own klutziness. It helps to take some aspirin and know that we all do that stuff from time to time. Ice works on achy bruises, too.

    We’ll miss you while you take a break, but that lovely peaceful photo of Sugarbutt will tide us over nicely.

    Thanks for everything you do and hang in there!

  2. From Woody Allen’s stand up days. Hope this brings a smile as I am in the same boat as you are when it comes to technology…

    I have never in my life had good relationships with mechanical objects of any sort. Anything that I can’t reason with or kiss or fondle, I get into trouble with. I have a clock that runs counter-clockwise for some reason. My toaster pops up my toast and shakes it, burns it. I hate my shower. I’m taking a shower, and somebody in America uses his water. That’s it for me, I leap from the tub scalded. I have a tape recorder, I paid a hundred and fifty dollars for, and as I talk into it, it goes “I know, I know.”

    About three years ago I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was home one night. I called a meeting with my possessions. I got everything I owned into the living room. My toaster, my clock, my blender. They never been in the living room before. And I spoke to them. I opened with a joke. And then I said “I know what’s going on, and cut it out!” I have a sun lamp, but as I sit under it, it rains on me. And I spoke to each appliance, I was really articulate. Then I put them back, and I felt good. Two nights later I’m watching my portable television set, and the set begins to jump up and down, and I go up to it. I always talk before I hit, and I said “I thought we had discussed this, what’s the problem?” And the set kept going up and down, so I hit it, and it felt good hitting it, and I beat the hell out of it. I was really great, I tore off the antenna, and I felt very virile…

  3. Oh Robyn, I feel your pain. I have had times like that myself – everything is breaking and I am bumping and bruising everything at the same time. Crap, I shouldn’t have even mentioned that – now I fear the weekend. I hope you can get the computer up and running soon – the blender, well, obviously that is not fixable. But I hope you can get a sweet deal on a really good one at least. And I hope all the bumps and bruises will be better quickly.

    Have a good break and we will see you on Monday – hopefully you can get the computer fixed quickly and get some relaxing time in!

  4. Oh you poor woman! πŸ™ It looks like you’ve had a bad bad BAD case of Murphy’s Law!! I hope your hand and head are ok now? Yes, I think step back from the pc and do a fabulous Sugarbutt step to de-stressing!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!! And have a gloriously peaceful weekend! Take care and see you soon!


  5. Try this: Try putting in your windows boot-up CD that came with your computer in your HD (hopefully you still have it), force shut-down your computer and reboot. Once it gets to the very first screen, start pressing f12 (I think) to get into your boot system so you can boot off of the CD. Hopefully you have the option to repair Windows. That’s IF something else doesn’t work, not sure how the whole profile thingie works. Good luck!

  6. Had similar “issues” two weeks ago, *sigh* it went on for several days. I blamed it on a virus that goes around, makes my computer connection slow, I drop things, stuff breaks. Just a virus that goes around, that’s my excuse.
    I put Mandriva on my computer last year with dual boot. My copy of XP has been such a problem I never want to deal with Microsoft again but need it for a few sites I still have to access. Linux has been so much easier for me and when Microsoft gets whiny and won’t load I can access every thing running Mandriva.

  7. It was a wacked out weird day here as well. I’m blaming it on the full moon. (I know, I know, there’s not a jot of hard data that backs that up, but maybe they’re just measuring the wrong things!)

    Hope everything physical and technological gets better and stays better!

  8. Oh Lord! I am not one for astrology, but Mercury in retrograde would explain a lot for me right now. I also had a week full of things breaking, both with and without my help–from the car needing a new alternator to throwing a red in the whites load and turning all my husband’s shirts pink. My advice when things are just going too wrong–go back to bed with a beer in one hand and a kitten in the other.