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I only managed to get this one picture of one of the new guys (the friendly calico) yesterday, I was more concerned with getting them to eat. They’re all eating pretty well, we’re getting a nice amount of formula in them at each feeding, and at least two of them – the friendly calico and the gray kitten – are interested in Gerber chicken baby food, and will lick it off a spoon (I’ve tried putting it on a plate, but they just walk through it). The kittens are as of yet still unnamed, but Fred’s under strict instructions to come up with names for them today. The gray and black kittens are both boys, so we’ve got two boys and two girls.

They are so sweet, these little kittens. The black boy has a hair-trigger spitting reaction to just about everything. The hissy-spitty calico is less hissy as time goes by, but she’s still spitting plenty. The friendly calico is just that – very friendly. After we feed them, we let them run around the room for a while to explore, and she always ends up in my lap on her back demanding a belly rub.

The calicos are definitely peeing in the litter box. The boys might be too, but they’re still giving me plenty of urine when I stimulate them at meal time, so I’ll keep doing that ’til I actually see them in the litter box.

I’ll get more pictures of them today (the incredible sweet fluffiness of the gray boy MUST be documented), and hopefully by tomorrow morning they’ll have names!

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I let the True Bloods out of their room yesterday morning at around 8, and they spent all day, until about 6:30, out and running around. They really REALLY like running around the house, as I’m sure you can imagine.

They also really like snoozing on the couch.

Hoyt cracks me up with his woe-is-me expressions.

Hoyt and Sam, asleep on the couch.

Sookie and Bill, snuggled up on the kitchen rug.

Terry and Lafayette, asleep on the filing cabinet next to my desk (and Miz Poo, asleep on my desk).

Bill and a toy on the kitchen floor.

Terry, asleep on the kitchen floor.

Sam, coming down the stairs to see what’s going on.


Look at how SMUG Hoyt is, laying there next to Miz Poo. And Miz Poo is struggling with the eternal dilemma – to smack, or not to smack?

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Need a kitten? Just put out a box, and one will show up within five minutes. Guaranteed!


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9-23-09 — 6 Comments

  1. Oh those four little barn kittens are just breaking my heart…fingers, toes, eyes, and paws crossed that the little babies find homes soon before the weather turns nasty.

    Happy to hear the new foster babies are eating okay…they are so adorable, and it’s so funny to think of these tiny little balls of fur hissing and spitting…too hilarious…maybe they’re trying to pretend they’re the “Fearsome Foursome” πŸ™‚

    Oh and of course the Truebloods just get cuter and cuter every day…looks like the eyelips are doing well & the residents are more or less accepting the new intruders, so all seems well in “The Land of Love and Hisses” πŸ™‚

  2. Oh they are all so cute – I hope the New York kitties find a good home! And that is great that the newbies are doing so well! I hope you can get more pictures soon of all of them – and again, I think I will throw in a vote for Trixie for one of the girls.

    And Hoyt – those are some of the smiliest pictures I have ever seen! You need to send that first close up smiley to the Dreaming of Kittens people – well and the second too. If I ever saw a good sleeping kitten picture, those are them!

  3. @Reader Rosemary: A friend sent me this link – I’m a Queens, NY resident looking for a female cat to add to my 1 cat household. If she’s still looking for a home, please let me know!

  4. Yah know, the new kittens, should be named after bushes. They were found under a bush right? How about Holly, and Cedar and um…. a few other bushes. Cute!

  5. I have no idea what in the world Hoyt could haz a complaint about — these kitties are living the life! (Although he does make the most adorable complaint face…)

    I hope all these babies find amazing homes — especially the True Bloods, who I hope grow up to have blogs of their own one day so I can keep following them!

  6. I wish I lived in New York/Alabama or even anywhere in the United States, because I would adopt the friendly Calico or Skittles in a heart beat! Or maybe both. (:

    Hoyt is such a cutie. I love his smug little mug.