9-24-09 – True Blood 6, and the new guys named.

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We have named the new guys! Well, Fred did. I thought we should name them after the How I Met Your Mother characters (Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin), but then Fred suggested other names, and I thought they had a little more sass to them.

(We’re all about the sass.)

I particularly liked Amy‘s suggestion for truck stop waitress names for the girls, but I’m going to hang on to that idea for when we have a whole little litter of girl kittens.

Without further ado, meet:

Augustus Gloop (I think we all know that his nickname’s going to be “Gus”!).

Violet Beaureguard (previously known as “The friendly calico”).

Mike Teevee.

Veruca Salt (previously known as “The hissy calico”).

These are all characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in case you didn’t already know that). Collectively, I’ll be calling them the Wonkas. That’s right – we named characters after the book/ movie and didn’t include Willy Wonka or Charlie Bucket – we just liked (the name) Mike Teevee better.

The Wonkas are doing well – they’re eating well (still on the bottle, except for Gus, who likes to lick Gerber chicken baby food off a spoon, which is supplemented by a bottle. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the others join in.) and they’re bright-eyed and active. Mike still has an immediate spitting reaction about just about everything, but they’ve all become so friendly in the past two days, that socialization is not a concern for us. Veruca and Violet and the purringest little things, love to climb on us, and then run across the room.

(Anything cuter than when they run at this age with their tails sticking straight up in the air? I think not.)

Gus enjoys a good belly rub (actually, all of them do), and after he’s done eating, he climbs in my lap and demands that I rub him all over. I imagine it feels like his mother giving him a bath.

GOD THEY ARE SO CUTE. Fred’s really pitching in with these guys, insists on getting me up at 4:30 before he leaves for work so we can feed them. I feed them once during the day, and then when he gets home in the afternoon we feed them again, and then again at bedtime. He’s really good at getting the food in them.

Veruca, running around like a crazy little thing.

That really looks like a splash of peachy-orange on his face, doesn’t it? I’m 99% sure he’s a boy, or I’d almost call him a dilute torti. (Making a mental note to double-check his nether regions…)

Gus, going crazy-eyed while he’s getting a belly rub.

Mike has a splash of white on his chest, and check out that “frosted” appearance.

Are these not the most gorgeous little kittens?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The first few days we let the True Bloods out into the house, we put them upstairs at 6:30 so they could calm down before bedtime. Last night, I shrugged and decided to let them stay out until it was time for us to go to bed. If the TV scared them, I figured they could run off and hide.

The TV did not scare them in the slightest. Bill snuggled up to me, Hoyt and Terry snuggled up in a cat bed on the couch next to Fred, and the rest of them hung out on the cat tree in the other part of the front room. It was a bit of a pain to get them all upstairs at bedtime, but we got it done. They complained a little, but I let them out bright and early this morning, so they’re none the worse for wear.

It’s funny – the Wonkas complain about being confined to a cage (though they never complain for long – they get plenty of running-around time at feeding time), the True Bloods complain about being confined to one room (or the entire upstairs) and until I open the back door so our cats can go out into the back yard in the morning, they complain about being confined to the house.

Never happy, are they?

Terry, napping in the cat bed on the couch.

Someone discovered the toilet paper!

Snoozin’ Sam.

Sam and Hoyt, asleep on the couch, and Sookie and Terry asleep on the upside-down cat bed on the floor (which was originally on the couch, but they knocked it to the floor.)


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9-24-09 – True Blood 6, and the new guys named. — 15 Comments

  1. Brilliant names!! They fit them perfectly. I love how the ‘hissy/spitty’ one is just like the bratty Veruca Salt, and the really fluffy gray one is just like the plump Augustus Gloop.

  2. Oh they are all so cute! And I think the Wonka names are great!! And don’t worry, if it does turn out Gus is a girl (I can see the area you are calling peachy but I can’t tell if it is the fur or a bit of pink kitten skin showing through because I don’t see it at all in the second picture)I think Gus is a cute name for a girl. You could just change the long version to Augusta but keep Gus for a nickname. And the True Bloods are cute as always!!

  3. Hey Robyn! I think you must have one of the happiest homes in the world with all of those kittens! Your home would be my idea of heaven!
    I have 4 cats of my own and they provide me with lots of love and plenty of laughs, so I can only imagine life with all of those little kitties!
    They are lucky to have you but I’m sure you feel just as blessed to have them!

  4. Wow – the Wonkas are truly babies, aren’t they? I love them all – especially the V girls who remind me of my little ones…when they were much littler.
    The True Bloods seems comfortably at home. And what a home! Kitten paradise!

  5. The Wonkas are gorgeous little kitties! Mike Teevee cracks me up. And those True Bloods sure look like they’ve taken over the place… Your house must be so much fun right now!

  6. Great names! That little Veruca looks, well… so angry! And it makes me laugh! Why is that??

    I died when you described the never happy being confined syndrome… soooo familiar with it. Miss Aggie had it BAD!!

  7. I love the fact that you named the new kittens after all the BAD children. I hope you will recite the Oompa-Loompa poems about their downfalls to them while petting them.
    ‘Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop,
    The greedy little nincompoop.’
    (Kitten looks up at you, very hurt)

  8. Funny, I just fostered a momma and litter of six, all of whom I named after True Blood characters. They ended up having FLV though 🙁

  9. I love the names, great choice! Although Veruca for me will always be “hissy spitty calico girl” and I think I still love her just a teeny tiny bit more…sigh…I know it’s wrong to have favorites, but that face just kills me!

    Your house really is a kitty heaven…wish I could convince my husband that 3 is really far too few cats to have 😉 I’m thinking 6 is a nice round number *evil grin*

  10. OMGoodness, what big eyes Gus has! If he turns out to be a she you can just rename her Augusta and call her Gussie for short.

    I love that last picture of sleeping True Bloods.