9-25-09 – True Blood 6 & the Wonkas.

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The Wonkas are doing well. They’ve all been using the litter box because they are BRILLIANT. None of them but Gus are much interested in food versus formula from the bottle at this point. We’ll give it a little more time before we get pushy about making them eat food.

Fred is amazed at how quickly they’ve adjusted to us. Mike will still spit at us, but even he comes over to be petted occasionally. They’re all purring for us, and Gus has turned into such a love bug. This morning I held him like a baby and rubbed his belly for a long, long time.

I bought a cat condo (with a shelf!) at Petsmart ’cause I didn’t think we had enough cat furniture. ::snort::

Mike approves of the condo.

Something’s got Gus disturbed.

Miss Veruca’s got something to say (and in the background, Gus is all “You tell her!”).

Three of the four (Mike is off to the left, snuggled up under that big stuffed Momma cat).

“What you MEAN ‘no more belly rubs’?!”

“Rub mah belleh, or I will mess you UP with these little needle-sharp claws!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The True Bloods are living the life, having the run of the house from about 7 am ’til 9 pm, racing around, falling down in a heap of kitten cuteness to snooze the day away, then getting up to do it all again.

They have no complaints (well, except for Hoyt. Who ALWAYS has something to say!).

There are literally six kittens on my desk right now (including our Jake and Elwood), and Lafayette and Terry are in my lap. I just tossed a pen across the room to see if they’d run over to check it out and let me get this entry posted without interference, and they sent an investigator (Bill) to see what it was. He went over, sniffed at it, and then announced “Just a pen, guys, nothing to worry about.” and climbed back up on my desk.

They love to hang out under the couch and smack at each other.

Well, of course. There ARE only 200 cat beds in the house. Why not snuggle up to the boots to sleep, Sookie?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miz Poo says “If I don’t look at him, this is not happening.”


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9-25-09 – True Blood 6 & the Wonkas. — 9 Comments

  1. It’s funny how the new guys make the True Bloods look HUGE even though they’re still just itty bitties, too…

  2. Awwww how fun! The Wonka’s are too dang cute, and makes me miss the stray litter I had on my front porch in the spring.

    You should try bath-tub soccer with the TB6. (Drop a ping-pong ball into the tub, and let them go at it!)

    They’re guaranteed to go wild. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. All of the kittens are so cute! Our momma says she doesn’t know how you get anything done with all of that cuteness around!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  4. They are all so cute! I am not surprised the Wonkas are all doing so well adjusting to their new home – they have to know that you treat your kitties well just by instinct. They are so tiny!

    The True Bloods look like they are having a good time being out and about. And take it from me – the pen thing never works. Barney loves to climb on the computer when I am trying to do anything – tried the pen thing a few times, and he didn’t even move an inch. His brothers went after it, but they weren’t the problems!

  5. Did I ever mention how much I love your blog? 🙂

    Those Wonkas are too cute. They’re all so different, with such different expressions! Oh, and by the way, you can NEVER have too much cat furniture.

  6. Miss Veruca makes me laugh:) her face markings kind of make her look like one of those Troll dolls with the hair the sticks strait up! I can imagine how cute the hissy-spitty fits were those first days.

  7. Robyn, one can NEVER have too much cat furniture. One must have the right piece for the right puss. Awww, heck… the Wonka’s are just so cute you had to treat them to a tree of their own for adapting so quickly!

    Glad the TB6 are having a blast! That last pic of Sam (?) and Miz Poo just cracked me up!

  8. I agree with Lisa, one can NEVER have enough kitty furniture, although in our house, ALL furniture is considered kitty furniture 😉 I adore the tiny little Wonkas, each and every one of them, but I adore little Miss Veruca (my sweet hissy girl) just a tad bit more…that face of hers just kills me everytime!

    The TB6 are just growing up into gorgeous young kitties…funny how tiny they looked but now compared to the Wonkas, they almost look like teenagers 😉 Your house is definitely a kitty heaven…love the thought of all these fosters and residents running around and getting into all sorts of mischief 😉 Oh, and of course, Miz Poo is just hilarious! If I ignore him, he will go away! Too funny!

  9. LOL! I concur with all above comments, and must say that Veruca’s eyebrows are killin me. They almost have a “Wha?! What do you want??” look to them… so cute!! She R srs kitty.