Miss Maddy continues to do well. She’s a little more interested in the soft food. Over the weekend I took to putting some soft food in an oral syringe and squirting a little into her mouth at a time. Yesterday was the first day she was actually interested in having more of it. Not interested enough to eat it off the plate, mind you, but we’re heading in the right direction, anyway. I know she can lick, because she licked my arm last night, and I know she can bite, because she’s a bitey little brat, now all I have to do is convince her that she wants to eat food off a plate rather than having it shoved in her little princess mouth at every feeding.

She’s up to 15 1/2 ounces as of this morning.

She’s been playing a lot more, and showing interest in the big cats (who lose their little minds and run away when she runs toward them). Fred scared her last night, and she hissed at him. My baby is growing up! I think she’s going to be a feisty little thing.

Oh, and did I mention she’s using the litter box exclusively? Pooping AND peeing. No more cat pee on my hands – and I can’t say I miss it!

She might have a ways to go in the brain department though – really, what can you expect from a one-month old? – because she’s not quite getting the whole “doorway” concept. When I go in to the kitten room and she sees me, she gets all excited and runs over to the door. I open the door, and then she does… this:

“Argh! I know there’s a way through here….”

And yes, she’s a month old as of yesterday (that’s with a guesstimated date of birth, granted), and we’ve had her for two weeks now. It’s amazing, the amount of change she’s gone through in those two weeks. Here are a couple of pictures to compare her then, and her now:

Like Fred said, she looks more like a cat and less like an alien now. Look how much her ears have grown!

Maddy and her bottle.

Vroom vroom.


They hate when it rains.


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