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Moxie has a crush.

It was so hot here yesterday that cats were melting right out of their beds!

Moxie, helping with the groceries.

All four of the upstairs fosters really like to hang out in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. I guess so they can flee upstairs if they feel threatened.

Pretty miss Melodie.

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Tommy and Sugarbutt (inside the back yard fence) keep an eye on the chickens I call The Wanderers. The Wanderers escape the fence around the chicken yard regularly and wander around our property all day. I’ll be working on fixing the fence so they’ll only have their 2 1/2 acres to roam. Oh, the humanity! (I don’t mind having them wander on our property, but it bugs me to see them go onto the neighbor’s property. She’s never complained (and I don’t think it bothers her), but I don’t like it! Also, if they’re not inside the fenced area and a stray dog comes onto the property, George and Gracie can’t protect them.)


2009: “Halp! Halp! CALL 911!!!”
2008: No entry.
2007: Again with the crazy orangutan arms.
2005: So for the rest of their stay at Casa And3rson, Sad Eyes is going to become Sugarbutt, Little Cal is becoming Callie, and Barrett is becoming Bear, because he looks like a little bear. Smitty’s going to remain Smitty, ’cause that’s a pretty good name.



9-21-10 — 7 Comments

  1. That first lovely photo shows Moxie’s striking profile so well — such a contrast the Jake’s (?). And all the photos are great for showing the vast contentment which rules at your place.

    Thanks once again!

  2. Awwwwwwww brilliant pics of Moxie and Martin and is that still Moxie just before Precious Miss Melodie or is that Dodger? Beautiful kitties!!!!

    And good luck with the Wanderers!! How many have you got? I wish I could have chickens as pets – they’re so funny!

    Have a lovely day!

    Take care

  3. Well, that is how the young ladycats are you know – they get those crushes on the older cats and just love to watch them! The pictures are all so cute though – Martin “melting” is hilarious (are you sure he just isn’t trying to call dibs on both beds?)

    And that is funny that the chickens like to escape – I once saw an escaped chicken standing on the side of the road (I swear I thought someone was pulling a prank but there is a farm right there that has chickens -but seriously I think it was trying to cross the road – do yours ever try that – to be a living “chicken crossing the road” joke?) but I didn’t realize that they really were that into escaping – I guess they like to get out and do stuff.

  4. It’s still hot there? I thought the heatwave had broken. Did Martin’s eyeliner run? awww!!!
    You must get a photo of George & Gracie – the super-duper plane scaring dogs!

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