9-21-05 – Little Cal, Barrett, Smitty & Sad Eyes.

Someone posted a comment yesterday telling me that I should rename the kittens, at least for their stay with us, and I stopped and thought about it, and that’s really a pretty good idea. Because the names a couple of them have just really don’t – this is just my opinion – fit them very well at all. I posted a comment back saying that I’d rename Sad Eyes “Charlie”, but actually, I was thinking about it last night, and I think I’ve really come up with the only name (considering the past few days) that fits him: Sugarbutt.

So for the rest of their stay at Casa And3rson, Sad Eyes is going to become Sugarbutt, Little Cal is becoming Callie, and Barrett is becoming Bear, because he looks like a little bear. Smitty’s going to remain Smitty, ’cause that’s a pretty good name.

I’ve been putting holding a damp sugar-covered paper towel against Sugarbutt’s (hee!) behind a couple of times a day for the past few days, and I don’t know if it’s the sugar, or the fact that I’m using Tuck’s pads (which are just pads soaked in witch hazel) to wipe him down, but things seem to be improving. I think once we can get past the diarrhea (we’re giving them deworming medicine tonight, more on that in a sec) things will get much better.

I noticed last night that the kittens’ stomachs are big and tight. Sugarbutt, especially, has a huge round belly, but they all to some extent have big guts, bigger than I’m used to seeing on kittens. After some Googling around, I realize that that’s a sign of roundworm infection, and it’s time to deworm the little stinkers anyway. Hopefully the deworming will help, and also hopefully I’m keeping the room closed off enough that OUR cats won’t up and develop worms, because that’s not something I particularly want to have to deal with, THANKS.

Bear has such pretty eyes.

Keeping an eye on his crazy siblings.

Jumping for the feather toy and showing off her cool markings.

Smitty grabs for the feather toy.

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