9-22-05 – Little Cal, Barrett, Smitty & Sad Eyes.

How long does it take deworming medicine to start working, y’all know? We gave the kittens their first dose of Drontal last night and Sugarbutt was kind enough to provide me with a front-seat row of his usage of the litter box this morning. Things are firming up a tad, but aren’t quite to where I would like them to be.

If you know what I mean.

We weighed them last night, and the heaviest kitten – Smitty – is almost a pound less than Rambo weighed at 12 weeks old.

Annnnnd, since I wrote the above, I went into the kitten room to take pictures and discovered that – this completely grossed my sister out, so you might not want to be eating right now – Callie was “nursing” on Smitty’s penis.

I’m going to have to separate her from the boys; when the spud gets home this afternoon, I’ve got to go to Petsmart and get a big cage to put her in (Edited to add: Callie, not the spud. Heh.). The shelter manager (poor woman, I harass her so much, I swear) said that I could put bitter apple on his penis, but that it would probably sting him. Better to separate them; at least this way I can let her out to play with her brothers as long as one of us is in the room with them.

Grrr, kittens and their issues!

A rare shot of all four of them.

Brudderly love.

Such a pretty, pretty boy.

Callie does NOT find this amusing.

“Ugh. I keep hoping for steak, and what do I get? Cat food. Bleh.”

Sugarbutt allows the belly rub.


* * *

I adore this picture of Spanky.

Spot in the sun.

Mister Boogers on the stairs, full o’ het.

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