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Okay, I mentioned in yesterday’s post that each of these kittens reminds me of a previous foster. So check these out.

Ralph reminds me of…

Keebler, from The Cookies.

PW reminds me of…

Lookswise, he reminds me of Russet, from The ‘Taters. But attitude-wise he is very very much like…

Da Stomps (who was also from The ‘Taters!)

Von reminds me very much of…

Leia, from The Royals (and I am just noticing right now that I never put the kittens’ pictures on that page. How did I miss doing that?! I’m making a note to do that… one of these days!). Leia also happens to be the kitten for September in the Love & Hisses calendar!

Winn Dixie bears a striking resemblance to…

Jack Frost from The Christmas Kittens.

Last but never ever least, Trader Joe immediately reminded me of…

Maryanne from The Castaways.

You all know Maryanne by another name, though – after we adopted her, we changed her name to Stinkerbelle! I don’t expect that Trader Joe will look anything like Stinkerbelle as he grows up, but his resemblance to Stinkerbelle’s kitten pictures is so strong that even Fred noticed it. He joked that we should keep Trader Joe and name him Stinkerbill.


Playful boys (Ralph in the front, Trader Joe in the back, and PW standing on the box.)

Trader Joe always looks so amused.

He just sat like this for the longest time, kneading on that bed. I guess he likes the way it feels under his paws!

Winn Dixie, observing.

Sleepy Von.

“What you want, lady? I’m sleepin’!”

Smackdown on the Ess scratcher!


I posted a few pictures of The Grocers over at the Love & Hisses Facebook page yesterday, and imagine I’ll continue to do so occasionally. Is there anyone out there who can’t or doesn’t want to go to Facebook and would like me to post them here also? I’m thinking I could do a weekly “this week on Instagram/Facebook” segment on Friday or Monday (or even over the weekend), I’d be perfectly happy to do so. Just say the word!


I love Alice’s gorgeous green eyes. Such a pretty girl!

YouTube link.


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9-23-14 — 30 Comments

  1. I totes vote for a weekly roundup! I don’t do Instagram and my Facebook page is full of gremlins, so I miss half of what people post. Do eet!

  2. Fourth…er fourthded? I don’t go to either, i love checking your actual website for all these at work, you’re one of my happy breaks during the work day. 😀

      • Sixthed – and I agree – a weekend post would be FABULOUS.

        Love The Grocers – what a mix of cuteness!

        And am I the only one who has to play the Alice-Mo the Calico song every time it appears with her beautiful picture?

  3. That pic of Jack Frost is hilarious! And it’s pretty amazing how much these kitties resemble those other kitties!

  4. I have been seeing the pics on FB Robyn but of course I still wouldn’t mind seeing more of them 😉
    Kelly-if you are reading this (or Robyn can pass on to you), some of these new kittens remind me of some of YOUR oldies. Von=Bear; and you had a lilac point but I can’t remember the name. Can Robyn “borrow” some pics or can YOU do a throwback post of some of your cuties?

    • Wow! Isn’t it fortuitous that I’m sitting I a salon waiting for my daughter’s nails to be done for senior pictures at this very moment.

      My lilac point was Roxie (aka Roxie Roker the sister poker). She was part of the Roo’s litter. Can’t do a throwback for at least a few days, but I will try….

  5. I’m voting for a weekly roundup also! I don’t do Instagram – and can’t do it or FB from work which is when I get my kitty fixes.

    and I also LOVE StinkerBill! Fred’s a funny dude. 🙂

  6. Oh, and I have to say – I’ve currently got 4 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment which is 3 too many for one of them, and 2 too many for 2 of them, so I’m trying to find good homes for at least 2 of them and NOT adding any – but lord-a-mercy I want want want Trader Joe.

  7. Hate to be the bearer of “bad” news, but I don’t think Fred was joking! Hi, Stinkerbill! 🙂

  8. I’m all for the weekly roundup. I also don’t do either of those other things.

    I absolutely love that pic of Russet. He’s got such deep thoughts going on.

    Well hello there mister Stinkerbill. Hopefully your namemate will take a liking to you but if not there is always loony Jake or sweet sweet Tommy.

  9. I didn’t know you had Instagram! I’ll have to try to find you. I’m fine seeing kitten pics on Facebook or here. I’ll take kitten pics any way they come. 🙂

  10. weekly round up !!!!!! yes yes yes !!!! I can never get enough of your kitty pictures !!! Bring em on !!!!

    Sinkerbill !!!!!!!!

  11. I don’t use Facebook or even have an account, so that’s right out for me. I come right here to the site for kitteny goodness.