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Only a very few Crooked Acres pics today – we had a few overcast and rainy days, so I haven’t been outside with the camera this week. It’s supposed to be sunny for the foreseeable future, so I should have something for next week!

Fred harvested the muscadines last week (muscadines, for those of you not in the know, are grapes native to this area of the country). We ended up with 14 1/2 pounds.

So I made jelly! I got 22 half-pints of muscadine jelly. Next year, I may do a muscadine-jalapeno jelly, just to make things exciting.

Isn’t it pretty?

Dehydrated jalapenos. In the past, I’ve made jalapeno powder from dehydrated jalapenos, but Fred didn’t use it much (and I’m too much of a wimp to use that stuff.)

That’s it for the Crooked Acres pics – like I said, not much this week. I owe you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tony Rocky Magoo + red straw = true love forevah.

“I lubs my straw.”

“I snuggles with my straw and enjoy the sunshine.”

“Straw is yummeh.”

Magoo, dancing with his straw.


Daydreaming about his straw.

Trying to remember where he left his straw. (When he sleeps on this pile of pillows, we call him “King Magoo.”)

Deciding he’ll look for his straw after he takes a nap.

“STRAW! COME HERE! I can’t take a decent nap without you!”

The appointment has been made – the Pickles will be going for their spaying and neutering on October 2nd!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Weeds girls, wondering where the feather teaser went.

Dandelion plays her invisible flute while waiting.

“Please please PLEASE, feather teaser! Come back to play!”


“Feather teaser! Hi! HI! Come play, feather teaser!!! Over here! OVER HERE!”
I think maybe Thistle feels about feather teaser the way Magoo feels about red straw.

It’s kind of hard to make out what’s going on here, but we have Magoo pinning down Thistle and biting on her neck while she growls at him.

Thistle in the sun.

Thistle near the pillows, and Magoo (and Joe) near the cat bed.

Sweet girl.

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To make up for the lack of Crooked Acres pictures, I have a couple of Snack Time videos for you! First, the Weeds, who are little ladies who just meow politely a few times at me.

YouTube link

And THEN, the Pickles, who are loud little hooligans. They were waiting for me outside the foster room door (where I’d been giving the Weeds their snack), and wanted me to get my butt MOVING and give them their snack NOW. They crack me up, the little brats.

YouTube link

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Hello, Gorgeous Joe.


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9-20-12 — 53 Comments

  1. (Makes mental note to get my fosters some straws)

    Love, love, LOVE that photo of Thistle and the feather teaser. Such a crazy look that I thought it was HRH Anthony Michael Picklehead at first. 😉

    • Also, the manners comparison in waiting for their food… Weeds (Adams) and Pickles (Washington). Many more Adams kittens, MUCH less noise in waiting for breakfast.

  2. “LADY. WHY YOU STARVING US?” I know that’s what the Pickles are saying. “PUT DOWN THAT PICTURE THINGY AND FEED! US! NOW! I would do the same just to hear them talk to me. Love it!

      • Boy, for a baby who was so scrawny and unhealthy when he first came to you, Pickelhead sure has a healthy set of lungs on him now! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Made me laugh out loud.

  3. Well, I am back from Italy, baby!!! 🙂

    I have been trying to catch up and now find that Windows Explorer 8 can not play your videos! Whhhaaaa…..

    I am sooooo in love with Dandelion!!!

  4. We are (actually my husband) is making muscadine wine again this year. Last year the grapes didn’t do well enough to have enough.

    My cats look all over for the “babies” when I play a snack time video! LOL!

  5. Have been reading the old posts from 2005. Poor little Sad Eyes. I am so glad he got over his problem and grew up to be handsome Sugarbutt. I love that guy. Does he still purr like crazy?

  6. Snackin’ Time videos!! Love all the hungry hungry kittehs with their various complaints!

    And right as I’m wondering how Mr. Magoo (aka Tony RH Picklepants) compares to Thistle, I scroll down and there they are! Is it just the camera angle or are they about the same size? (Too lazy to go back and find where you posted everyone’s latest weights!)


    • I agree! Why she STARVES those poor wee little kittens and then DOCUMENTS the atrocity is well beyond me!! It must be the effect of all those homegrown jalapenos on a weak mind!!


  7. Your site is such a favorite for my 3 year old daughter JET who likes to sit on my lap and giggle at the cats. I read all the time, but seldom write, so thank you Robin…

  8. I had bacon and jalapeno cornbread a few weeks ago. It was moderate on the bacon and light on the jalapenos and it was pretty awesome. I’m not a huge fan of jalapenos, but they were good in the cornbread. You might try something like that with your extra jalapenos.

  9. Tony and his straw. It has to be a RED straw too that sets off his coat so wonderfully!!!

    I love when kitties curl up on pillows like that. Like they’re crown jewels on a velvet pillow and they know it.

  10. I have fallen in love with Purslane and her sweet kissable cheeks and the adorable tip of her tail. I have such a weak spot for torties. Dandelion is a hot mess and Thistle is precious. I would adopt that trio in a heartbeat. <3

  11. Can’t stop laughing at the starvin’ kittens videos. The nomming sounds in the second one are truly impressive. It’s great to see the Horrible One looking so healthy, even if he is still smaller than his siblings. Good job, Robyn!


    • I love it when kittens are at that age where their meows just split their little heads in twain, they have to open their mouths so wide! Makes me think of the old commercial (toothbrush?) about the flip-top head.

      Those poor babies aren’t just HUNGRY, they’ve never even HEARD of food!

  12. Watching those Pickles cry for their food was hysterical ~ I know, how beastly of me… but they acted like they hadn’t seen food in weeks! And your tres clever litter boxes that were featured in the video… (the big tubs) how smart! I have thought of fostering and I’m amazed at the wealth of ‘ideas’ to keep a litter (or 3) contained and clean! Thanks for the daily fix!

  13. *sigh* kittens who get food and then eat it all up.. you are so lucky. The fab five take a nom then run off and play. If they stumble across food while they are playing they might take another nom..

  14. Thank you for those wonderful videos. I can’t have cats as pets due to extreme allergies and the videos make me feel “right there”!

  15. Bless their sweet STarViNg little hearts !!
    “So hongery they don’t know where they gonna sleep tonite”… that was one of my Daddys sayings…

  16. The Pickles continuous “Meow” chorus is adorable. Even cuter, the way ALL become silent when you;re placing their kitteh buffet on the floor. Complete SILENCE…except for nom-nom-nom sounds.

    BTW, I’m in love with Purslane.

  17. Someday when you look at that Weeds video you are going to be very confused to see the September 2011 date!

    I love the constantly singing Pickles, those squeaky little voices!

  18. Like usual, a video of loud-mouthed kittens brings my two cats over to find out why there are starving babies screaming for food and where the heck I’m keeping them. And their food. So that they can steal it.

  19. I just love little Thistle. I want to drive to Alabama and scoop up her and Dingwall Scotty. Sigh. However, the current feline residents of my house would not appreciate it. Neither would my husband.

  20. THANK YOU for the snackin’ time videos – I really needed them today to get the job nuttiness off of me. Got to remember to look at things from a STAAARRRRRVIN’ kitty’s perspective. Robyn, please give kisses to all for me, please!

  21. By the way, Robyn and friends – You may want to know that Andy Carvin, a NPR journalist, found a 6 1/2 week old kitten in the street Wednesday night…took it to the vet and then took it home in a Hail Mary effort to save it. Sadly, the kitten, who the Carvin family named August, did not survive. But Andy has a very large following on Twitter as @acarvin. He asked that Augie be memorialized, if people wished to do so, by donations to their local no-kill shelters. Dozens of people here and abroad did so – see the hashtag #gave4kitty. There was at least one contribution to Challenger’s House and I intend to make one as well. What a tribute – and what proof that even the tiniest of lives can have a tremendous impact!
    Check out the @acarvin timeline on Twitter…very moving.

  22. Robyn, what will you do with those dehydrated jalapenos then, Robyn? Thanks for the TrhP Show — he’s looking all stretched out now. And I, too, have been caught up in the Sugarbutt saga — that poor little fellow, not that either of those adjectives applies any longer!

  23. Heee, by necessity I had to watch with sound muted but our Lucky makes about as much noise as a passel (passal?) of kittens so can well provide a mental soundtrack. Anyhoo, while watching when you set the camera down I was all, “OH Noes! The Pickles have lost all patience and have taken her down!!! Who’ll save Miz Robyn????” 😉 you can imagine my relief when you were able to escape their cute clutches.

    On another note, my internet access at work has been severely curtailed but I have a great friend Brinn who forwards me your rss emails. I amuse myself and make myself feel happy by sometimes taking key pics and making them my desktop. Usually I just have one, and for added fun make an attempt to match the background either to the dominate background color of the picture or even more challenging I try to match the kittie’s eyes.

    My latest version of this little happiness oasis at work is for me to imagine things that the kitties are staring at, and this was my latest result: Miz Polly Pickle has obviously given my usually dauntless son a reason to reconsider his imagined profession of noble Knight. 🙂

    • …teach me how to type.

      What I originally wanted to say was somebody please PLEASE teach me how to get the sound from the Pickles’ video as a ringtone on my (ancient) phone. I could not stop laughing there at the end. It would at least give me something to look forward to when the telemarketers and bill collectors call!

  24. I introduced Philo to a red plastic straw tonight, and he was all, “Where have you BEEN all my life?!”

  25. C’mon, fess up, Robyn, you like teasing them Pickles and hearing their itty-bitty voices. Naaaw!!! and just so everyone knows, plastic straws are loved in our house BUT plastic spoons go down a treat, too. We get red ones when we get KFC take away. Hey, maybe it’s all about the colour? Red goes fast after all…