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I really think that one of these days I’m going to squeeze Petey ’til his head pops off.

Percy toes.

Joe and Petey took over Jake’s favorite place to hang out.

And then Joe took it over completely.

Rough life, Pickle Joe.

Like all good Southern kittens, Magoo enjoys some fresh okra.

“Please go ‘way, we having important meeting about this red straw.”

“Most important, number one thing to keep in mind: red straw is mine.”

Smug kitten is smug.

Magoo and the giant okra.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thistle has no idea that behind her, Dandelion is Macarena-ing like mad.

“HEY. What you doin’ back there?”

Flailing Dandelion and her pink, pink belly.

She’s such a little goof.

Thistle and Dandelion, trying to determine who the boss is (the joke’s on them; Purslane is totally the head girl in charge of that room!)

Thistle got all bitey, so I had to pick her up and hold her so she’d STOP BITING. She immediately gave me the “Yeah, WHATEVS, lady.” attitude.

Dandelion’s developing some real ear floof, isn’t she?

This would have been an excellent shot if you could see Purslane’s face.

And this would have been good if Thistle was looking forward.

And again, seriously. SO close to perfect and yet not there. Hmph.

The Weeds are getting a lot of time out of their room, but they have very little desire to actually come downstairs. If they hear my voice or Fred’s at the bottom of the stairs, they’ll come down to see what’s going on, but 9 times out of 10, they turn around and mosey back up the stairs. I don’t think they dislike the downstairs, they just don’t see what the big fuss is. Though last night, Fred was sitting in the living room with his laptop, and he called to me. I went to see what he wanted, and found that he had all three Weeds AND Joe Pickle, that charmer, all sitting in his lap and purring up a storm. I tend to forget that it takes a while for kittens to get comfortable enough to spread through the entire house. The Pickles were so instantly at home and in all corners of the house 10 seconds after I let them into Gen Pop, that I expected the Weeds to be the same.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alice Mo recommends that you bring out the ham or there’s gonna be TROUBLE.


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9-19-12 — 59 Comments

  1. Oh, you made my heart skip a bit! You filed today’s post under “Peppers Gang” and I really thought you had an update from the Peppers! (Well, for an instant I thought Peppers v.2 and I got so, so excited! I loved those guys!) πŸ˜€

    Well, since there are no Peppers, could you be so kind and take a request? Could you kiss that pink dandellion belly for me? Pretty please?

  2. Hello Alice – *Gently boops her nose and gives her a scritch* My you have grown into a lovely ladycat!

  3. I am in love with Dandelion. All of the Weeds are looking so good and healthy.

    I went ahead and clicked 2005’s entry and read, and then I got to the part where you talked about “all four of our cats,” and I laughed and laughed. You’ve come a long way, baby.

    • I know, right? What’s even funnier is that I had a hard time convincing Fred that we needed a kitten (who turned out to be Spanky) way back in ’96 because we had two cats, and Fred was all “We’ll be crazy cat people!”

      • I’ve heard the same thing from Brian. Apparently I am a crazy cat lady just because there are 13 cats in the house. Only two of them share our last name…. and he has issues with them having his last name too πŸ˜‰

        • You may be able to wear him down, Kelly – back then, Fred cared DEEPLY that people would think we were nuts. These days, he doesn’t care at all – in fact, he was trying to convince me we should keep Tony Rocky Magoo. We’ve done quite the flip in the last 7 years, I used to be the one who wanted to keep one or two from every litter, now it’s him. πŸ™‚

          • (Though I should add that it wasn’t ’til my daughter moved to Rhode Island that the permanent residents number climbed. I’m pretty sure one kid = 7-8 cats. πŸ™‚ )

          • Oh dear Lord, that means I have 21-24 cats in addition to 11 fosters and 2 permanents. 34-37 cats??? No wonder my allergies are acting up πŸ˜‰

          • Um…YEAH, you should be keeping Magoo Pickleface! If my hub suggested such a thing, I’d probably think he’d just had an aneurysm.

            P.S. My cat Rufus just had a leg amputated due to cancer (F U Cancer!!!), would peeps mind sending some optimistic thoughts that the doc got it all? =^.^=

  4. …dandelion is macarena’ing like mad. I laughed and laughed at that…and the look on her adorable face says it all!

  5. Totally off-topic, but since I was up at an ungodly hour this morning, I decided to make your individual cream cheese danishes. I had just put the last blob of filling into the dough cups, and licked a little bit off my finger. That’s when I realized I hadn’t put the effin’ sugar in the filling. *fume* And if you don’t think I didn’t painstakingly scrape the filling out of every single little dough cup, put it back in the mixing bowl, add sugar then put it BACK in the dough cups, you can think again!

    It’s my own fault, though. I had JUST thought to myself “Wow…how much easier can this be?”

  6. Wow, Alice really has beautiful eyes, doesn’t she?

    And who was that smug kitten looking smug? Was that Percy? I can’t remember who has that collar.

  7. a spotted belly and Pursulane’s face…what more can a girl ask for? smug kitten of course! love all the babies…lucky Fred with a lap full of kittens…

  8. Mmmm. Nom Percytoes. So yummy. *omnomnom*

    This post made my four-hour commute a little bit better. Thank you.

    And Alice, my what lovely eyes you have.

  9. The Pickles are getting all long and leggy! It’s so sweet to see them starting to look like bigger cats.

  10. OMG, Percy toes! Frame that photo, add it to the banner, submit to Cute Overload. Totally smooch-worthy toes.

  11. Has Purslane started talking to you yet? Don’t know if it’s a Tortie trait or not, but all the Torties I’ve known were regular chatterboxes.
    And thanks for Wednesday dose of kitty toes. Nothing cuter.

    • She’s starting to find her voice! Usually it’s kind of a chirp, where she’s somewhere in the house and isn’t sure where everyone else is. As soon as I call her, she comes running. She’s certainly the talkiest and snuggliest of the Weeds girls. πŸ™‚

  12. I am laying on the floor, because Percy’s toes almost killed me, and then Thistle’s “whatevs” face did me in! I laughed out loud at the completely disgusted look!

    I want eyes the color of Alice Mo. So pretty.

  13. The macarena seems to be a theme in my week. As I was driving my son home from football practice the other day, I looked at a little girl on the sidewalk who was just macarena-ing her heart out. Cute, but Dandelion does it better. ((And it looks like she continues it in the following three pictures too))

    And, Thistle… You have perfected the look that my dear Henry used to give me. Perhaps the worrying kitchen inspector needs a dastardly assistant.

  14. Wow, gorgeous and adorable photos today! Alice’s eyes are so purty! And jelly bean toes! And all three Weeds! And Tony Magoo Horror Pickle who’s starting to look like a real kitten!

  15. Robyn-I may be getting a cute little kitten from my neighbor. I also posted over with Kelly. I have a question for you if you don’t mind me posting some random pictures I found using Google. I can’t decide on which kitten to pick. I’d love to just take them off the guy’s hands but I really can’t. Also the mom is similar in coloring to Brandywine, so question, if the one kitten is pretty dilute now will she get darker? Here are the pics from Google:

    • The dilute will likely get a bit darker – I imagine when she’s an adult her colors will be similar to my sister’s dilute calico, Punki (pic here.

      So hard to make a decision, isn’t it? When you bring your new baby home, I expect to see pictures! πŸ™‚

  16. I just read the 2005 post – so THAT’s where Sugarbutt got his name!!

    Also, I love Purslane’s perpetual pout. I’m glad she’s not as sad as she looks!