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Charlie and Patty Peppers are doing better and better every day. Charlie will meow at me when I go into the room, and if I sit on the floor, he comes right over to be petted, will sit in my lap, and purrs constantly. Patty’s still a little shy. She’ll eventually come over to be petted, but if I make any sudden movements, she scurries away to hide. They’re both playing a lot, and Saturday night Patty knocked Charlie over onto the floor on his back, pinned him down, and bit his neck. She’s no shy, retiring violet when it comes to kicking her brother’s butt!

In the two weeks we’ve had them, Charlie’s gained about eight ounces, and Patty has exactly doubled her body weight. She’s only four ounces smaller than Charlie now. They still get a bit of canned food in the morning and again in the evening, and they finish every last bite.

2011-09-19 (11)

2011-09-19 (10)

2011-09-19 (9)

2011-09-19 (8)
“Why you not pettin’ me, lady?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-19 (7)
She ain’t too proud to beg.

2011-09-19 (6)

2011-09-19 (5)

2011-09-19 (4)
Sleepy Harlan.

2011-09-19 (3)

2011-09-19 (2)
Shower Inspector inspects again. He’s very thorough!

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2011-09-19 (12)
Loony Jake in the sun, looking not so loony.


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9-19-11 — 12 Comments

  1. I love sunny kitty pictures.

    I’m so happy that Charlie and Patty are healthy now! They look so bright and cheerful, and they’ve got some serious kitten fuzz happening.

  2. I can totally see the difference now with Charlie and Patty Peppers from a few days ago! They’re both really looking good and healthy! Yay!

    Hooorah for the rest of the Peppers too!

    Loony Jake – you are just too amazing! Take care

  3. Loony Jake — you look kinda angry in that picture.

    The “little” peppers sure are cute but I am in love with that little splotch on charlies nose/face — it gives him character!

    Molly sure is a sassy little thing isn’t she hah

  4. I am so pleased with the weight gain! Oh…that begg’n picture makes me want to steal that baby and kiss her all over!!!

    Jake looks “matter of factly”. Love it!

  5. Everyone is looking sublime — and Jake seems to have suddenly got hold of a large dose of dignity from somewhere. But I’ve no doubt that it’s all worn off and he’s back to cuddling with an exhausted youngster or two. He’s a special fellow. Pats to him and all concerned.

  6. I think Jake looks a bit devious there. Very different for him.

    I LOLed at “She ain’t too proud to beg.” I downloaded that the other day for my iPod. HAHAHA.

  7. Loving the baby Peppers! They’re so adorable. I just want to pick them up and squish the marshmallow fluff out of them.

    So I have a question. My boyfriend and I rescued a kitten from outside about two months ago. We’ve had him checked and all that stuff. He’s about 5 months old. He’s a great cat except for one thing. Whenever we eat food, he sits and meows insistently. He’ll crawl around trying to get on the table and chairs and stuff to get our food. We feed him lots, both wet and dry food. It doesn’t matter what we eat- cereal, chicken, pasta, a sandwich, a salad- he’ll sit there and meow like he’s never eaten.
    How do we get him to stop meowing? Aside from locking him out of the room when we’re eating, we can;t think of anything. It’s annoying. And we worry about people who come over and hear his meow and feed him. We don’t want them to encourage him. We never feed him from our plates. He’s done this since we got him.

    • Chelsea, I’d suggest keeping a can of compressed air or a spray bottle of water at the table with you while you eat, and the instant he starts howling, shoot it at him. Be consistent, don’t put up with the howling (I know, it’s hard to be mean to them when they’re so darn cute) and eventually if you’re consistent, he’ll get the message.

      And then smack anyone who feeds him from their plates!

  8. Better not send the shower inpector to my house, having one from the 60’s it looks old no matter what I do. (Not that I do that much, to be honest, but it could try!) And surely that’s not a ‘glare’ look? I thought it was more…well…blonde. Like trying to work out the square root of…ah… something square-rooty. 🙂

  9. Love that last pic, of Loony Jake in the sun. Look at those hips/knees/whatever-part-of-the-legs sticking up above his back! We call it “drumsticks” when they do that, like the drumsticks on a roast chicken.