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In case you missed it in Saturday’s post (I had to go back and add this bit of information, so if you read the post early, you might not have seen this), this FINALLY happened:

When I talked to Winnie (Tricki’s first foster momma) I found out that it was three days shy of a year since Tricki had gone to Petsmart for the first time. She got breaks from Petsmart, of course – that’s how y’all got to meet her, when she came here for a while – but that’s an awfully long time for a wee goofy girl to wait for her home. I’m just beyond thrilled that her people finally came along. Hopefully we’ll get an update about her.


Look who it is!

Any guesses? Maybe these pictures from a year ago (well, a year and a couple of months) will refresh your memory.

Yes, that is correct – that’s sweet Daisy, who was Arya when she was with us last year. She came to us with her brothers Brandon, Hodor, and Jon Snow as bottle babies, and then she went off to South Carolina with Kathy and Mike and her new big brother Buddy. She has grown up to be a knockout (obviously), and Kathy had this to say:

Well, Daisy (aka Crazy Daisy) is doing great. She LOVES the screened-in porch, she would live out there if she could. She also loves to play with her big brother, especially now that she is almost as big as him. I will get her weight when she goes to the vet later this month, but let’s just say when she rolls on her back I have a tendency to call her “Pork Belleh”. Girl loves to eat! I would say she is at least 11 pounds now.

Her voice never totally recovered from whatever was wrong with her throat when we got her. She has kind of a squeaky meow, I believe you can hear it in the video I attached here. She also still snores. It is actually pretty cute!

One other trait she never lost from when she was little is the licking. She licks EVERYTHING. Walks into a room, licks the doorjamb. Sees a stray piece of mulch on the porch, licks it (sometimes she eats that too). Her favorite thing to lick is ME. You can see that in another video I attached. I don’t mind it too much, but that tongue can hurt if she licks somewhere like my face (which she does every morning at 5:30am)!

Mike and I are both so happy we decided to get Daisy, she truly has been a joy this past year. Looking forward to many more years to come!

YouTube link.

Thank you so much for the update and pictures, Kathy! And give that girl a kiss from all of us.


Newt usually snoozes in various out of the way places through the house, so it’s unusual to see him up on a cat tree, especially when there were kittens around.

That picture is from mid-July, so that kitten on the platform below him is Gilbert (despite the fact that the lighting in this picture kinda makes it look like a dilute torti), and the reflection in the window must be from the kitten on the platform behind him – either Marshall or Blaster, would be my guess.


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9-15-14 — 12 Comments

  1. Kathy, thank you for the Arya update! I knew it was her the instant I saw her picture. Such a beauty!!! Thank you for taking such great care of her for us. Also, Buddy…wow…what a stunner! Handsome boy!!!

  2. TRICKIIIIII! YESSSSSS!!!! FINALLYYYYYY!!! (sorry for shouting, but I’m so happy for this lovely girl and her people.) Out of a sudden, I’m sooooo happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ And Daisy/Arya – how awesome is she?!!! Kathy, thank you so much for the update!

  3. Wow Arya/Daisy is such a beauty! She looks so plush..living in the Holy City must agree with her! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So so happy for Tricki!!! I hope we can get an update on her and her new family soon!

  4. Oh, sweet Daisy looks like she’s having so much fun rolling around in sunbeams and giving her forever home parents all the licking they can handle!

    And of course I’m really happy that Tricki finally got a forever home too! Here’s hoping she’s being pampered like the tiny little slinky princess she is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Daisy is GORGEOUS !!!!!! She should be a Cat Fancy cover model or something !!!! She looks so happy !!!

  6. I am SO thrilled for Tricki!!!! I hope that goofy girl has truly found her forever home.

    And Arya/Daisy — GORGEOUS! Great update!!

  7. I would love to give my kitties a screened in porch or catio. Lucky Daisy, looks like she’s making do living in the lap of luxury.

    I hope we get some pictures of Tricki with her new family, I hope they realize how lucky they are!!!