9-13-14 – Breaking news!

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Possibly y’all have never heard this stunning news before, but let us be the first to inform you:

Cats. Like. Boxes. Like, a lot. A LOT.

Who knew, right?

Tommy had no idea.

Stefan was clueless.

And then he was clueless in a smaller box.

Corbie was annoyed that he had never heard this tidbit of information before (also annoyed that we couldn’t cram that sprig of catnip into the box with him. That is one FULL box.)

Newt had to knock over the box that was sitting by the side door (on its way to the garage to join the other recycling) and climb inside to fully process this information.

Maxi wants to be alone while she thinks about this.

Spread the word and tell your friends – you heard it here first!


PS: It’s rumored that they also like sinks.

Orlando thinks that’s just silly gossip, though.


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  1. LOL… I’ll be sure to share that info with Orlando and Pickles! But I might have to get her out of one of her many boxes around the house, placed just for her fun, to tell her! 😉 Oh my goodness, the pix I’ve taken of Pickles and boxes! Orlando has only ventured into a couple of them so far, not long enough for a photo shoot.

  2. Haha, this was a great post! Tommy ::THLURRP::-ing, Stefan ::LOUNGE::-ing, and Orlando ::SINK::-ing.

    Also, I read the link to your post about Maddy and just about keeled over from the utter adorable cuteness of her being bottle-fed. SO CUTE!

  3. When I saw the photo with “Breaking News” on my phone’s Facebook feed, I instantly thought the breaking news was that the box broke. That’s an awful lot of kitty in that box (Sorry, Tommy).

  4. Cat traps, we call them, and have fun setting a new box out and seeing how long it takes for Ellie to find and hop into it! Lizzy, not so much for some reason.
    Hoping the next bulletin is all about adoptions from today’s event…but all bulletins are welcome of course.

  5. This is one of the best posts !!!! Great way to start the day and cheer a person up !!! My Max loved boxes so much !!! I wouldn’t even have it on the floor and he was trying to climb in it !! Sniff sniff good memories !!!

    Give a cuddle and a scritch to all the kitties for me !!!!!

  6. HA! I saw the title “Breaking News” and thought ‘Yay! Must be an adoption!’ But I was called away before I could open the link…when I got back, I found that I was right — WAY TO GO, Tricki’s new family! But only in reading the comments, I realize that the headline was meant to ironically refer to the great box pictures.

    Happy news, anyway, all around! Angelo’s and Marshall’s families are coming soon, I bet! Have fun, beautiful Tricki!

  7. I was thrilled to hear about all the recent adoptions, but I am over the moon about TRICKI!!!! YAY!! I hope her new people give her tons o’ love and appreciate what a little gem of a kitty they have!!

  8. Tricki!! That’s wonderful news. She is just a beautiful cat I hope she fits in well with her new family. I think several of us here have had our fingers crossed for a long time hoping Tricki would find a forever home. Please let us know if & when you get new info from her family.
    Again I am just so tickled she finally got adopted.

  9. OK I thought had missed something very important !!!! I just read the post before you edited it !!!

    So happy for sweet Tricki !!! Now she will have new fingers to keep clean !! I hope you get lots of updates too !!!

  10. Yay Tricki!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A favorite of mine, found several years ago on the internet, was “how to catch a cat.” I can’t find it now, but it was a photo of a driveway with empty boxes randomly placed and then a photo of the boxes filled with cats.

  11. I’m so glad an adopter finally came along who appreciates Tricki! I wish her a happy, healthy life in a kind and loving home.

  12. Yay Tricki! I knew you’d find your forever home soon. *big smile*

    I told my guys about the box thing, and they were all: “Dude, no way! Lemme go try that out…Whoa…this is nice…comfy… Hey, can I get a pillow over here?”. And in my experience, the paper bag will do in a pinch too.

  13. WOOHOO!!! So happy for Tricki and her new family.
    Paper bags and boxes are part of the decor (aka furniture) in our living room. At present we have 3 box pieces(remnants from one special box that needs to be replaced) and 3 paper bag bottoms (cut from when the kids had to cover school books) that are being used by Oreo. She also of course sits in/on all the regular furniture like couches and tables and chairs. 🙂 the joys of owning a cat

  14. if a box is opened but totally filled-up with stuff, will cats jump into box (and be annoyed) ? haha