9-13-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

It seems like all of a sudden the kittens – Rambo, especially – have gone from little and round to long and lanky. I guess they’re not babies anymore. They’re adolescents!

They also want to be let out of their room as soon as they hear anyone moving around. Some mornings they hear Fred coming upstairs after working out, and they start howling. Other mornings, as soon as they hear me walk by their door or start laundry, they start howling. What’s funny is that not only do they want out of their room, but the other cats want them out of there, too. Mister Boogers mostly wants a playmate, and the other cats just want to get in there and eat some Science Diet Kitten food.

They both – but especially Rambo – see Mister Boogers go outside (I’ll let him out if he makes it clear that he wants out by batting at the blinds on the back door and being a general pain) and want to go out, too. Usually if I open the door for Mister Boogers to go out, I have to catch Rambo so he doesn’t go outside as well.

They also get really excited when I open the cat door for Mister Boogers to come inside. I open the cat door, let Mister Boogers in, then close it again, and they run over to sniff at the cat door, like they’re thinking “I KNOW there’s a way out of here…” Our cats, at least, tend to run away when someone rings the doorbell, but Rambo and Jodie prefer to make a break for it. So far we’ve been lucky. I hope our luck holds up!

I put the cat bed on the floor, because I just couldn’t stand the sound of Rambo sucking on it. I’m not trying to make him stop, I just don’t want him doing it right in my ear, you know? He’s a loud sucker. Anyway, he “discovered” the bed and immediately climbed in and started sucking. Jodie climbed in after him, and actually tried to make him stop with the sucking – see her paw, under his face? – but to no avail.

Judging by the size of her paws, I think Jodie’s going to be a big cat.

Mister Boogers and Miz Poo face off.

What is it with kitties loving to chew on wet hair?

Rambo in the play cube.

Rambo does yoga.

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