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Later this morning, Jon Snow will be going off to Petsmart to join his brothers! Neither Hodor nor Brandon was adopted yesterday, but another kitten was adopted, which means that a large cage was opened up, so Hodor, Brandon, and Jon Snow will go into the large cage. I have to admit that while I’m sorry to see Jon Snow go, I’m glad he gets to go be with his brothers for at least a little while longer. Maybe someone will adopt all three of them! Yeah, not holding my breath. But a girl can dream, right?

Hodor and Brandon immediately went into the litter box to hide when I dropped them off at Petsmart yesterday (oh, I hate it so much when they do that!), but by the time adoptions started in the evening, they were out in the cage. Kathie reported that they were doing fine and she got kisses and purrs from them.

The Three Amigos (before Brandon and Hodor went to Petsmart).

Jon Snow and Hodor, atop the bookcase.

Brandon, posin’ prettily.

Jon Snow’s face is killing me. “WHAT THE (BLEEP) IS THAT?!”

And Norbie’s face is killing me, too. “NO, REALLY. WHAT IS THAT?!”

Snuggly brudders in the sun.



“I see what you’re doing there, lady.”

This sequence cracks me up. Jon Snow loves a good stretch, and if he can put his paw in someone’s face, so much the better!


Fingers crossed for adoptions today!

I’ve still got pictures of the Starks to share, so you’ll be seeing them for at least a few days next week.

Also for today: one very short video. I always blame Stefan for starting fights with the kittens, but apparently it’s really not so (I think if I hadn’t been standing there, Stefan would have pinned Jon Snow down and made him squeal, but you can see that he glances over at me before he leaves the room.

YouTube link.

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We put a second cat house in the back yard. The Rubbermaid containers worked for a while, but the ants around here are HORRID, and they colonized the Rubbermaid containers when I wasn’t looking. With these cat houses, I can at least sprinkle a bunch of Diatomaceous Earth under there. Well – I guess I could have done that with the Rubbermaid containers NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT, but that’s not the point (well, it is. But shush, you.)

Sugarbutt goes to check out the new abode.

Apparently it gets the Sugarbutt Seal of Approval.


2012: King Magoo in the sun.
2011: “I have had enough of your picture-taking shenanigans, lady. PET ME.”
2010: Corby and Reacher are pretty sure that if they’re under the foliage, you can’t see them, and thus you can’t yell at them to get inside.
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9-14-13 — 24 Comments

  1. Whatever will we do without Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! to look at? Hope he and the others find wonderful forever homes soon.

    Love those cat houses in the back yard; it’s truly amazing how cats (and dogs) like a bit of their “natural outside” environment at times. But even my dogs also prefer a soft cushion at night to sleep on!

  2. Yes, fingers crossed for the three very handsome musketeers. May they grace the best homes soonest. And isn’t Stefan the sweetest (at least when Robyn’s watching)?!

  3. So clean out the Rubbermaid containers and put the DE under them. You have enough cats to want more than two abodes 🙂

    • The Rubbermaid containers are long gone. Surprisingly, we don’t really have need for more than two houses out there – the cats will occasionally double up if there’s a need for it.

  4. Just Norbie – poor Norbie. I hope his new family can pick him up soon. Not that seeing more pics of his cuteness is a hardship or anything. Good luck to the Stark boys, may they find the perfect homes very quickly.

  5. The DE wouldn’t have worked around the Rubbermaid containers, because science. You may cast aside all lingering feelings of “D’OH!” now; Elayne has spoken. (This technique is what I call Reverse Bitter Grapes, and I use it ALL. THE. TIME. “I spent all this time! – and I could’ve just! – ehn, it never would’ve worked anyway.”)

  6. Three together is possible, I often get that many rescues (up to four) when looking for barn kitties; of course that is partly because while we live a long ways from the road, barn kitties still have a higher risk than indoor kitties but also because all kittens are not happy as barn cats and I always try to to re-home the darlings who really hate it outside, either as indoor pets here in the house or with their very own new Mommy or Daddy to snuggle with. Once in awhile, they re-home themselves, Eric the Red did that by crossing a busy road and then enticing someone’s German relative to fall in love with him. When he came home brushed, fluffed and washed we put a collar on him and got a phone call – the end of that story was a kitty who was born under a tractor going to Germany to become a local village icon as he was walked in his harness no less, every day at exactly 3pm…I still have an all Eric calender somewhere that his owner put out for friends and villagers…Cats, they often make up their own minds about things…

  7. Also, foster batch names suggestions: Names from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian (and entirely too plausible) MaddAddam trilogy, including but not limited to:

    Oryx, f
    Crake, m
    Snowman-the-Jimmy, m
    Toby or Tobiatha, f
    Pilar, f
    Zeb or Zebulon, m
    MaddAddam, group (so litter collective title)
    Ren, f
    Shackleton, Crozier, and Oates, all m
    Lucerne, Fenella, Nuala, Amanda, Rebecca, Trudy, all f
    a lot of unusual animal names, most extinct or nearly so
    a lot of names of important historical figures, bestowed at random upon childlike bioengineered better-than humans
    the F-word, promoted (via misunderstanding with the childlike quasihumans) to the status of a demigod

    Good reading if nothing else. (I still think Adam was in on it all along.)

  8. When the tiger kitten settled into the crouching position,I felt this PRIMAL reaction of fear. Maybe I was a native of India in another life and I had to wear one of those anti-tiger masks on the back of my head!

  9. Looks like Jon Snow has his paw in Hodor’s face on top of the bookcase, too!

    Best wishes to the Three Amigos that they find their forever homes soon. And count me among those that hope against hope they might all be adopted together!

    Love those … er… cathouses!

  10. I just found DE this year & love it. Works like a champ at keeping ants out of feral food. I buy Food Grade DE, then I don’t worry if ferals ingest it. Have heard it’s not as effective after a rain but since I’m in the desert; no summer rain, no problems.

  11. NOOO!!! Not Jon Snow! Say it ain’t SOOO!!! But, but, but – you can’t send him! He’s just a baby! What will we do without his beautiful blue eyes to look at? And that stripey tail? ::whine-sigh-sob-tears::

    I thought he’d stay forever, and ever, and you’d hug him, and squeeze him, and call him, ummm, Jon Snow! (Since George is already taken).

    And so yet another kitty we’ve fallen into internet love with is gone, thrust into the “cold, cruel world” of Petsmart to seek a new family, never to be seen again. (Oh woe is me. A great gnashing of teeth and great melodrama ensues… Where’s my fainting couch?)

    So… when are you getting another litter?

    (Annnnd I think I might have had more than enough coffee today. What do you think?)

    (OK, in all seriousness now.) So, I’ve fallen a “little” bit in love with the blue-eyed boy, and I will miss seeing him every morning. Good luck Jon Snow!

  12. So confused…you say you took Jon Snow off to Petsmart yet the sidebar says he’s been adopted? Hmmmm…what to make of this?

  13. Ha! I love that Hodor was “hodorpted”! I will miss these babies – usually, I get really attached (from afar) to one or maybe two, but I loved every single one of this litter. And poor Norbie, all alone! I know his family is coming for him, but it seems like some sort of cycle, the way he started life out all alone and now he’ll be all alone again…. Well, except for Stefan and the other permanent residents, so that’s really not alone, so no reason for me to get all verklempt!

  14. Hodorpted !!!!! Love it !!!! How many people noticed you did that ?

    So very happy for all the kitties. You can say this was a good batch of fosters. Most of the last three foster sets were adopted quickly, plus you are getting great updates !!

  15. I so want those little boys to get adopted soon. They’re so amazing, I bet they’re snapped up quickly!!!

  16. Ugh, fire ants are the WORST. Even those non-stinging sugar ants can be a pain if they start swarming everywhere.

    Also, a question: I eventually want to adopt a cat or 2, but I think I may be slightly allergic.

    I went to the local shelter and spent some time in their cat colony (6 cats together in one room), and my eyes were itchy when I came out. I had this reaction before when I was taking care of a friend’s cat for a week, but I wanted to be absolutely sure, and so I spent about an hour in there with the cats.

    I have heard that some people can get used to this over time, and fortunately itchy eyes were the only reaction I had. Any suggestions on how to mitigate this?