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I love this picture so hard, I just can’t even tell you. Alice showing Sally Peppers who the boss is with that outstretched paw just kills me DEAD.

2012-02-15 (2)
Then she gives her the Alice Mo Glare of Death, like “I am NOT kidding you!”

2012-02-15 (3)
Got it!

2012-02-15 (4)
And now that she’s got it, she’s never going to let it go.

2012-02-15 (5)

2012-02-15 (6)
Sometimes it gets away from her despite her determination.

2012-02-15 (7)

2012-02-15 (8)

2012-02-15 (9)
An entirely different day, she still keeps her eye on the birdie.

2012-02-15 (10)
Got it!


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In the evenings, when Fred is sitting in the front room reading, the cats like to gather around. First Alice gets on her heating pad, and then eventually Tommy shows up. He loves the blanket that the heating pad is sitting on so very much that he goes into a trance. He kneads. And kneads. And kneads and kneads and kneads. I call it “the long march to nowhere.”

It annoys Alice Mo to no end when Tommy marches.

2012-02-15 (14)
She glares at him in disbelief.

2012-02-15 (13)
And annoyance and dislike.

2012-02-15 (12)
Tommy just pretends she isn’t there, and he marches and marches and marches forever.


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2-15-12 — 15 Comments

  1. Alice catches some serious air, and hands out some serious glare. You go, girl! As for Tommy’s evening activity, “the long march to nowhere” really made me laugh, not least because my girl subjects fleecy blankets to the same thing — once she was getting down from the top of the couch and started kneading in handstand mode. Impressive and comical at once. Alas, she’s never done it again.

  2. Alice is soooo cutely chunky!!! LOL. Yay for Tommy! Keep marching boy!!! Fleece rules in my house!

  3. Aw thanks for posting Trooper’s story, Robyn šŸ™‚
    I still can’t believe how big wee lil Alice is. This wasn’t supposed to happen lol.

  4. I laughed at Tommy’s long march to nowhere.

    I, too, have a marcher to nowhere. When I cover myself up with my red fleece blanket it doesn’t take long for my Kaz to hop up on me and start kneading. And meowing. And purring. It’s the only time I hear her purr, and she doesn’t really like being touched, so I cherish it.

  5. I totally love how Alice is giving the smack down and the glare of death and Sally ignores her totally. And then she gives Tommy mega-stink-eye and he totally ignores her. Poor girl, no wonder she goes zombie shopping! (good one Connie!) I think she could be one of those obsessive extreme couponers! “Where’s the nip? Clear the shelf! I’ve got 52 coupons and I get a free Da Bird refill!”

  6. ::sigh:: I love Alice so much. Thanks for dedicating a whole post to her, it made my day. I love all the pics for different reasons but the one of her sitting pretty in the sunshine (I call it “Illuminated Whiskers”) is so sweeeet. My next fave is “JUMP!” (I’m a sucker for spread out kitty toes), and then “BRAAAAAAAAAINS.” (because it makes her belly look very inviting). I just want to snorfle her tummy!

  7. Oh, Alice, girl, that boy doesn’t even know you’re there. The glare is priceless. I’m pretty sure Zorro would march and march and march if I let him but as he likes to march in my lap with his needle sharp little nails extended…I may get a fleecy blankie and see how that works for the boys. The “brains” photo is cute – she could get some brains while shopping, surely?

  8. Then she gives her the Alice Mo Glare of Death, like ā€œI am NOT kidding you!ā€ and Sally isn’t. even. looking!

  9. LMAO @ alice zombie cat — i seriously laughed so loud people from the other cubicals (work in a call center) wondered what was going on.

    lol @ Tommy going into a trance on his march to nowhere – my brucey does that too when he finds the sherpa blanket laying about.