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In yesterday’s comments, Dan said:

A bit off topic but I think there is another from the cat blog world that could use some encouragement. Not sure if very many folks check her blog anymore, she took a break for awhile. The Crazy Cat Lady is going through some hard times right now.

If y’all could go over and give Kittykye some love and support, I’d appreciate it. Her 18 year-old cat Yoko isn’t doing well, and I think many of us know how that feels.

(Thanks, Dan, for the comment. I’m, as always, woefully behind in my blog reading.)

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2012-02-14 (1)
Miss Sally in the sun. She and Everett look SO much alike – except that Everett’s got the white whiskers, and Sally’s got the white hairs on her chest.

2012-02-14 (2)
Miz Poo likes to watch from a distance.

2012-02-14 (3)
Practicing his high dive for the Olympics.

2012-02-14 (4)
Sugarbutt’s all “Who’s playing with feathers here?!”

2012-02-14 (5)

2012-02-14 (6)
I love Sugarbutt’s whiskers in the sun.

2012-02-14 (7)
Sally again. See the six white hairs on her chest? Too cute!

2012-02-14 (8)
Someone got a bit too close to Alice.

2012-02-14 (10)

2012-02-14 (9)

2012-02-14 (11)
Sugarbutt, if you’re going to get the feather, you’re going to have to work on your swing.

2012-02-14 (12)

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2012-02-14 (14)
I think it’s been quite a while since I shared any pictures of Kara. She tends to spend most of her time outside or on top of the dryer. Lately, she’s been coming in and hanging out on the platform in the kitchen. I think it’s probably warmer than on top of the dryer, which is near the back door.

2012-02-14 (13)
Kara with an attitude.


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2-14-12 — 16 Comments

  1. I love me some Kara. As always, the looks on the other cats faces while in the background while one of them is lunging for the feather cracks me up.

    So. While on the topic of (Sugar)butts. I’ve got one rather chunky lad, an orange tabby named Malcolm, who can’t, um, keep his butt clean for the life of him. Other than ambushing him, plopping him in the sink and washing said butt (which usually results in both of us calling each other names) – any tips? Malcolm looks to be about Sugarbutt’s size, and I’m curious if you need to help him along. I’m really getting tired of skid marks, *sigh*.

    Wow, poop questions at 8am!

    • Hey, it’s Love and Hisses — there aren’t any rules! Some of us discussed this issue the other day. What I do with my fuzzy oldster is to trim his butt a little at a time with sharp scissors. I’ve trained him to eat treats on a shelf and I can usually get several snips in at a time, several times a week. It works for me. Just make sure to not snip his penis, which is a little bit under his anus.

      Other folks have their cats shaved or clipped at the vet. If you google “Love and Hisses” and shaving or clipping, you’ll probably find the discussion pretty easily.

      Good luck!

    • I had a past experience with one of my cats who ate something that resulted in a single episode of serious diarrhea. I put her in the bathtub and washed off her backend and legs. She stood there and didn’t even fuss. A vinyl tub mat will give kitty some traction and more secure standing. He might be happier with the tub than the sink.

    • Like Rachael (down there at the bottom), whenever I have a cat who needs some back end cleaning, I use a baby wipe as well. Sugarbutt actually never has an issue (he’s big, but he’s all muscle), but Elwood needs a helping hand from time to time.

      • Thanks for the tips! It’s definitely not the trots; he really just is a lazy pooper. I think I may try some baby wipes, and see how he tolerates that. And I love the treats idea, to distract him.

        He’s due for his annual checkup at the V-E-T on Thursday, so maybe I’ll ask her to clip his bum a bit.

  2. A warm soapy washcloth to clean and a towel to dry might be easier than the bath for you both.

    If the poop is too soft, you could try something to firm it up – don’t people use pumpkin?

    • Some folks may worry about milk issues, but my vet has always recommended cottage cheese to firm things up. My cats don’t care for pumpkin, but will dive right into the cottage cheese! Jinx had a bit of the runs the other week, and a big tablespoon of cottage cheese had him pooping proper the next day!

      • Is it wrong that “diarrhea remedies” is the topic of discussion that interests me the most? I wish I was joking! Clearly I’m going to have to post on Friday and demand that everyone share their diarrhea remedies to see if I learn anything new. I’d never heard of cottage cheese before! (But had definitely heard of pumpkin.)

  3. Great to see Kara again — I’m so happy that Fred insisted on bringing her back lo those few years ago. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the kitties and their guardians at Crooked Acres. As for the above question, may I also recommend a slow but sure diet? The pudges will thank you in the long run. OK, they won’t, but they also will be at far less of a risk for diabetes and other ailments, and their old bones will stay in better nick. And they probably WILL thank you for no longer going near their botties with sharp objects. I know, few things in life are cuter than the concentrated look cats have on their faces while they’re noshing (let alone the sounds they’re capable of), but…

  4. Fred should put out Everett, Lucy, and Sally collector editions of the No Limit cover (eyes on the top). Then their adoption bios can include “model.”

  5. I also have a big orange tabby who can’t keep his back end clean. I just go after him with baby wipes (the ones with aloe so I don’t irritate his bum too much)

  6. Don’t say “Sally’s got white hairs on her chest”, you’ll give her a complex. She’s a young and impressionable lady, after all. jeeez….

    • Actually the ‘technical’ term for a odd white patch on the chest is a ‘locket’. On the belly it is called a ‘button’.

      • there see, Sally has a white locket, how ladylike is that? heh! How cute would it be if she had a belly-button? awww…
        hey lady, flip her over and show us her belly, ta.