The feed and seed store we love so much in Elkmont, Alabama has a dog looking for a home.

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She just showed up at the store about ten days ago. The guy who owns the store is taking care of her, but he doesn’t need any more dogs, so he’s looking for a home for her. She’s friendly and very, very high energy.

Let me say that again so I can be sure you saw it:


He said that she’ll chase anything that runs from her (but if whatever she’s chasing stops and faces her down, she’ll back right off).

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He said that she’s mostly house-trained – that is, if he’s careful to take her out every few hours, she’s fine. Otherwise, she might have an accident. He’s brought her home with him a few nights, and she’ll dive right under the covers and sleep at his feet.

I don’t have any idea how old she is, but she strikes me as a young dog. Very inquisitive, very active, very friendly. Pretty small, too – if she’s a much more than a foot tall, I’d be surprised. (Fred said “A foot at the shoulder, three feet at the ear!” Heh.)

Live in the area and need a dog? Know someone who does? Email me ( mizrobyn (at) gmail (dot) com ) or leave me a comment, and I’ll send you the guy’s name and number!

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