Happy Valentine’s Day. You are hereby ordered to be my valentine, whether you like it or not.


Bad, bad Joe Bob Brown (he’s the baddest cat in the whole darn town!) didn’t get a chance to escape the back yard yesterday. It was cold, never got out of the 20s (yeah, I know your heart is BREAKING for me), so I didn’t let the cats out into the back yard. Maybe later today – it’s supposed to get up into the low 50s, so having the back door open won’t be so painful.

Fred reinforced the two spots we think Joe Bob is getting over, so hopefully that’ll stop the escapes. We shall see.

Planning his escape.

The chickens escaped yesterday, actually. I didn’t latch the gate after I checked for eggs, and round about early afternoon my attention was caught by McLovin getting some Buff Orpington lovin’ (that link leads to a picture of a Buff Orpington, not chicken lovin’. In case you were worried.) and I realized that the chickens were out of their yard and exploring. All I had to do was get a cup of cracked corn, carry it into the chicken yard, and call them. They were so excited that there was food to be had that they flocked around me, so I didn’t have to chase any of them around to get them back in their yard.

I imagine that when we have 40 chickens, it will be a wee bit more difficult to coax them back into their yard after they’ve escaped.


He don’t need no stinkin’ valentine.


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