2-14-10 – the Magnolias!!!

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Awesome news – yesterday, Ouiser, Drum AND Clairee were all adopted!

Drum and Clairee went together, Ouiser went on her own. AND I got a comment from Drum & Clairee’s new family letting me know that they already adore Drum & Clairee! Which doesn’t surprise me, of course.

Hey, Drum & Clairee’s new family – we’d love love love to hear updates about how they’re doing in the future, if you get a chance! (And give them a smooch from me!)

We actually watched Steel Magnolias last night, and when it was over, I checked my email before bed to find the email from Susan letting me know. It seems like our last few litters have found their new homes pretty quickly. I love that!

(I am doing fine recovering from surgery, spending a lot of time on the couch, watching TV and snoozing!)

Won’t you be my Val-LOON-tine?


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2-14-10 – the Magnolias!!! — 12 Comments

  1. Oh this was the best Valentine’s Day gift! So happy that they’ve all been adopted! Yay for happy forever-homes πŸ™‚

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Fred and all the furbabies πŸ™‚

  2. Great Valentine news – but I am not surprised. Those kittens are irresistable! Think of all the love they are getting and giving in their forever homes!
    Glad you are doing well after the op! Let the gen pop help nurse you back to tip-top shape!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Wow, great news for the kitties! So happy for them and you — and keep hanging in there, your recovery seems to be going well too.

  4. I’m glad you are doing well after the ol’ snip-snip. Since you won’t be having any babies in the house for a while, can I ask a question? You may have answered this in another post, but after searching, I couldn’t find it. How do you deal with all of the cat hair in your house? I swear, I’ll spend an hour in my tiny house cleaning up after my two cats, and then a tumbleweed of cat fur goes rolling by me. I can’t even imagine how much cat hair all your kitties leave around! And in all of your pictures, your house looks so clean! What dark magic do you do??? πŸ˜€

  5. YAY FOR THE KITTENS! Such great news!!

    And it’s great to hear that you are recovering well… I’m sure your cats are helping you stay warm and making sure you are stuck in bed and cannot move and exhaust yourself πŸ˜‰

    I second the cat hair question… With four cats in a two-bedroom apartment, the hair issue gets pretty intense at times, so I’m interested in learning the magic spell!!

  6. I’m interested in what Robyn will say, since she has a house and more cats than I.

    5 cats in a 5 room apartment, here.

    I vacuum so frequently that everyone I know thinks I have OCD.
    Which I probably have, because I enjoy vacuuming! The running joke in my family is that my vacuum has more miles on it than my car.Not only that, the vacuum doesn’t bother my cats at all. I can vacuum around them.
    You’ve got to stay ahead of it to stay on top of it.
    The couch and rugs gets vacuumed every day, the blankets get washed every week. I sweep twice a day, and then follow up with the vacuum. I have the bagless version so I can see exactly what I’m picking up. I should have bought stock in Tape Rollers. I generally burn out a vacuum every 18 months πŸ™‚
    3 of the 5 hate being brushed, so that’s not helpful.
    I always LOL at people that say “cats are so neat!”

  7. Glad to hear the good news about the Magnolias… I will miss seeing pictures of silly (complaining.. just like a male) Drum though!

    I miss the daily kitten pictures, but am so glad you are recovering well.

  8. I’m curious to hear other cleaning tips, especially since I only have 3 cats and I feel like I’m always cleaning up cat hair. The most helpful thing for me is that where I’m currently living is completely hardwood (except for 1 bedroom), so sweeping (and using a reusable “swiffer” type broom as well) keeps most of it under control. For the carpeted areas I have a Roomba, and it is able to get under beds and get all those hard to reach areas. πŸ™‚