3-21-17 Tuesday

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Wherein SOME kitties are 100% over my nonsense and would like me to just go away.

“Really, lady?”
(Side note: doesn’t Alice have beautiful eyes?)

“SIGH.” (Frankie)

“Lady, seriously.” (Dewey)

Stefan’s super duper over my shenanigans.

“Thinking about putting a hit out on you, lady.” (Maxi)

::pthppppthppth:: (Newt. So rude.)

“Sometimes when you’re sleeping, I sit and think about how easy it would be to smother you. You’d never know what happened and the coroner would just assume all the cat fur in your lungs is due to the fact that you have 11 cats.” Thanks, Archie. Good to know.

“Lady, I know I’m beautiful. Now you go away.” (Dennis)

“I mean, SERIOUSLY?!” (Dewey again)


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3-21-17 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. LOL… the Maxi face (and caption) is my favourite in this post!

    Also, you should consider yourself lucky that Archie doesn’t offer you the same fate as those dastardly dishtowels and is instead willing to let you go …uhh… quietly in your sleep.

    Stefan’s “blep” made me morning 🙂

  2. I can understand why you think Archie is your spirit animal. I can certainly understand his attitude if not his motives.

    Well, I get that too. He wants to decide everything in his little world and wants to strike out at anyone who stops his (diabolical) plans. He’s like Stewie from Family Guy, openly planning world domination, starting with his domestic dictators.

  3. This post and all the pics and captions made me LOL! Excellent start for a Tuesday – thank you! Looks like you are having an excellent time on your trip! Keep us posted! Enjoy!

  4. I love Archie’s commentary. You better be careful when you get back.
    P.S. Gypsy went to “play Spades” today at the vet. At least I THINK that’s what she signed up for. Pretty sure it was something to do with a spade. Ooh maybe a gardening class now that it’s spring. Anyway, wish her well.

  5. This one goes in the favorites — and all the photos go in the favorite photos. Please heed my wish: I have both Archie and Maxi on speed deal (powered by tuna and treats). Thanking you in advance, and I hope you had a great break!