3-21-10- Maura & the Bookworms.

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Happy second day of Spring!

It was partly sunny for our first day of Spring, but today it’s gray and rainy and colllld. We’re staying inside where it’s nice and warm.

Still no babies. Last night, Fred was rubbing Maura’s side and said “Feel this! I think this is a kitten!” So I felt that, and I said “I think that’s her hip.” Apparently whatever Fred felt moved before I could feel it.

We feel bad for Maura, being in that room by herself, worry that she’ll get bored, but she’s always happy to see us come in, and never seems too terribly sad to see us leave. I spent a long time with her yesterday morning, petting her as she sat in my lap, and then when I came back downstairs, I could hear her racing around upstairs, playing. I guess she knows how to entertain herself!

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This was the first day I offered them canned food, with kibble sprinkled on the side of the plate. Corbett bellied up, but the others weren’t interested.

This litter is kind of blowing me away – they’ve given up the bottle on their own terms – Friday morning, they showed little interest in the bottle, and by Friday night, they just squirmed away when we tried to bottle-feed them. They’ll drink from the bowls of formula I offer them three times a day, but they don’t finish off what I give them. They show little interest in canned food, but they’re all eating kibble. They’re all gaining weight, and occasionally someone will eat the canned food I leave for them, but for the most part, I guess they’re weaned. They’re all using the litter boxes, and I haven’t found any accidents anywhere except for a puddle under the bed on the second day we had them.

They’re always happy to see us, run right over and climb up on me and purr. Corbett is the snuggly one of the bunch, but they’ll all allow me to pick them up and kiss them. After some snuggling, they run off and play with the toys that are scattered around the room, pounce on each other, and then occasionally wander close enough that I can grab and snuggle them.

I love me some Bookworms, if that wasn’t already obvious!

Corbett (and Fred’s hairy knee).

Bolitar, in my lap. (He had a goopy eye for a day, but after a dab of Terramycin, it’s completely fine.)

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Kara, enjoying the sunshine.


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3-21-10- Maura & the Bookworms. — 5 Comments

  1. Ohhhh… now you’ve gone and done it again Robyn… I’ve got to wipe lip prints off my monitor! That pic of Corbett is soooo cute! (And it has a great backdrop… tiny, slightly apprehensive ball of fluff, next to big manly knee.) I see why you love yourself so Bookworms. Glad the weaning went (is going) well and everyone is packing on the ounces!!

    Hugs and purrs to Miss Maura! We have a co-worker almost ready to give birth so every day I’m wait for news of bean or fur babies! 😉

  2. Maura is going to keep you guessing, isn’t she? What a tease!

    Good to hear the kittens are doing well. It’s not surprising the Bookworms have captured your heart, they’re the epitomy of cuteness… I just want to nom little Reacher’s ears!

  3. Awwwww Maura – you are positively glowing!!!!

    And the kittens – oh goodness they are so, so beautiful and so grown!

    Take care

  4. Maura is a gorgeous mama! I hope she has at least one beautiful, shiny all-black baby. I love those.

    And those Bookworms are the cutest little munchkins right now! Little fuzzes… and all grown up like!