3-22-10 – The Bookworms and Maura

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Check out this video – it made me laugh out loud. (You’ve probably already seen it over at The Adventures of Space Paws, but in case you haven’t – and even if you have, it’s worth a second look, am I right?)

YouTube link

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The Bookworms are doing just fine. They’re down to getting a bowl of (watered-down) formula two times a day now. They could probably go without, but I want to be sure, since they’re not eating canned food, that they get enough liquid in. There’s a bowl of water in the room, and they’ve all sniffed at it, but they’re not terribly interested in it just yet. (Note: They also have kibble available to them at all times. I didn’t want you to think I was starving the babies!)

They are just the sweetest little guys, I can barely stand it!

Corbett, considering whether he wants to climb up into my lap.

Active little monkeys – Reacher’s biting the stuffed Mama cat. Rhyme is biting the bed. And Bolitar is fighting with the carrier.

Bolitar, scaling the carrier. They ADORE this carrier – they like to hang out inside and fight with each other. They also like to climb up to the top of it and then go back down the other side. It’s particularly funny when three of them are hanging off the carrier.

Sweet, innocent little face. Don’t be fooled!

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“What babies?”

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Sugarbutt and Tommy: brudderly love.


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3-22-10 – The Bookworms and Maura — 10 Comments

  1. I LOVE the video!!! It should be shown to er… everyone!!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this – would you mind if I show it on my blog too? It’s so,so, good and so true and everyone should be singing it and doing what the lyrics say! LOL!

    Awwwwww, Maura is looking lovely and the Bookworms are just… just… too much! Too cute, too cuddly, too, too, too sweet! I love em!

    Sugarbutt (awwww!) and Tommy are beautiful!

    Take care

  2. Old Kitty – Absolutely, feel free to share it. The more people who see it, the better! 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting the vid, Robyn!! And YAY!!!! on everybody reposting and sending! Let’s take this viral!! 🙂 If just one less litter is born because someone sees it and says, “Yeah, I’ve got to do that NOW!” we’ve made a difference!

    OMG, I am totally in love with Corbett. There is something about that winsome face… it doesn’t even need to be showcased against a hairy knee to smite me! 😉

    Purrrrrs, Miss Maura… soon, they’re coming soon!

  4. The Bookworms are soooooo beautiful – there’s something about their wee little tails when they are this age that makes me fall down dead from the cute. *thud*

    What a sweet pic of Tommy and Sugarbutt, too – do they snuggle like this a lot?

  5. Karen: It goes in cycles with Tommy and Sugarbutt – they’ll go weeks without even rubbing up against each other, then for a while it seems that every time you look at them, they’re sleeping in the same bed. I love it when they snuggle and groom each other – they’re almost 5 years old (born from the same litter), and when they were little, I wondered if they’d always snuggle together. Turns out that brudderly love very well may last their lifetime. 🙂

  6. Love the Tommy/Sugarbutt snuggle phots-our first two cats were the same colors and cuddlers too-brings back fond memories. The video was great. All the bookworms are adorable and Maura is a beauty.

  7. Sugarbutt and Tommy are just the sweetest loves, aren’t they?!? I love cuddly kitties.

    And that innocent one… That much cute in one kitty is nothin’ but trouble. 🙂