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“You brought me food!”

“But the babies need to be fed!”

“But there’s food over there!”


Pile o’ babies.

That tuxie with the white stripe on her nose is going to be TROUBLE, I can just feel it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, we’ve got sexes on each of the babies! Susan K, please choose your kitten and email me with the kitten number (or color description) and the name you want to use. (My email: mizrobyn (at) gmail (dot) com ) No big rush, just if you could get that info to me by the end of the weekend, I’m planning on introducing the kittens by name in Monday’s entry.

I also weighed them yesterday, their weights are below each picture.

#1 – Tabby White Stripe – is a GIRL. And she weighed 4 1/4 ounces.

#2 – Tuxie White Stripe – is also a GIRL. And she weighed 4 1/2 ounces.

#3 – Tuxie No White Stripe – is a BOY. He weighed a whopping 5 ounces.

#4 – Tabby No White Stripe – is also a BOY. He weighed 4 1/2 ounces.

#5 – All Black – is also a BOY. He weighed 4 1/8 ounces.

So, I think they’re all nice, healthy weights. I don’t remember how much Emmy or Maggie or Kara’s babies weighed, but a quick conversation with Google says that the typical kitten weighs about 3.5 ounces at birth.

I have a video for you! Kate went off to see what I’d brought for her, food-wise, so I made a video of the kittens. Who were somehow rolling around in a big ball of kittens. I’m not quite sure how they were doing that, actually. Kate would eat and then look at the kittens – you can hear her make an unhappy growly sound around 33 seconds – she wasn’t crazy about the way those babies were rolling around. She prefers them to lay, unmoving, until she gets back into the bed with them!

Can you handle the cute?

YouTube link.

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Sugarbutt thinks that the cat bed stuffed into a basket is the best invention since catnip.


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3-21-13 — 62 Comments

  1. Love the look of Kate’s messed up hair in that 2nd pic, LOL. She looks like she doesn’t have a damn minute to herself, thank you very much babies.

    How cute are they?!! #’s 3 and 5 boys look like they’re gonna end up being total Momma’s boys.

      • To be completely fair to poor Kate, I looked more rumpled than that on Monday… and I took time to do my hair… and my youngest is 11 years old. πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree with GD! How can you not smile at this entry?!

    I can’t pick a favourite kitten so good luck to Susan K to pick one to name! I love them all!

    Kate is just gorgeous too!

  3. OMG Robyn. That video slays me. Slays me I tell you. You have a litter of little hellions on your hands, and I SO envy you.

    • Odd thought for royal names, but it popped to mind on seeing these itty bitty teeny tiny babies – Thumbelina.

      • You got a LOL out of this girl gamer, AB! (And wouldn’t “Cosmos” be a great name for a kitten?)

        • Depends. Great for a kitten, but if I had a golden retriever, he’d have to be Cosmos (ever seen what one enthusiastic tail swipe can do?) and the kitten would have to me Katamari. (Pun not entirely intentional.)

  4. KITTEN MOSH PIT!!! Tabby kitten waves his legs in the air like he don’t care. Oh dear Lord, I could watch that all day.

    I understand Kate’s irritation. I wish my children would just stay quiet and still where I left them, too. Darn kids came without an off switch.

  5. In the video, the kittens were just practicing a Rugby scrum, thank you very much. Kate-the-coach was just concerned that they hadn’t learned the fundamentals yet, so wanted them to stop. It was interesting to see that they did calm down after she talked to them.

    They are all so cute! I don’t know how you keep your hands off (maybe Kate has something to do with it). I do like how reassuringly you talk to Kate. She definitely was talking to the kits and not to you!

    P.S. That’s a great photo of Sugarbutt. He’s happy to not have 5 squirmers nursing on him, I’m sure!

  6. My boyfriend’s beloved old-man FIV shelter cat, Raisin, died suddenly yesterday. We are both broken hearted. Little #5, with his all-black fur and grumpy little face, reminds me of him and it is just so sad.

    I’m glad, though, that Kate and her babies don’t have to languish in a shelter the way Raisin did before my boyfriend found him. You’re doing such an amazing thing getting them started on the right track, with love and comfort and safety. Raisin was an old man before he found any of that.

    • So sorry about Raisin. It sounds like he was a lucky boy to have people who loved him, even if that love came later in life.

    • I am so sorry about Raisin. It does break your heart. At least he got the love and security he so deserved in his later years. Good on both of you for providing a good home for him.

    • I’m so sorry for Raisin and sorry also for you and your boyfriend but you gave me a good life and a happy one.

    • I am so sorry about Raisin. Thank goodness there are people like your boyfriend, willing to love an older cat and give him a good life.

    • So sorry to hear about Raisin. I know how you’re feeling as I had to put one of my old ladycats down this past Feb 27. Just remember that he had good life while he was with you. They’re all waiting at the bridge for us.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Raisin. They just break your hearts sometimes, don’t they? I’m glad though, that you and your boyfriend loved him the way I know you did, before he passed. I’m sure he was a happy kitty in the end.

  7. The little tabby face at the end of the video is just the cutest. What a good, protective momma Kate is. Her little growl is kind of adorable — our two growl so rarely, I had forgotten what that noise sounds like. Our Snack, who passed away a couple of years ago, used to growl constantly (mainly at the other two). She was a cranky old lady, but she loved her humans.

  8. I swear those kittens have grown significantly since yesterday! That mosh-pit rugby scrum video is a perfect start for the day. It should be edited into an endless loop and put on a cable channel of its own! I love Mr. Brown Tabby’s look of contentment at the end.

    I think you are right about Ms. Tuxie White Stripe (and awesome white whiskers) being trouble – but she is CUTE! That will help her get away with a lot of mischief.

    Lora, my condolences to you and your boyfriend on Raisin’s passing. I am sure the love he was surrounded with in his later years all but erased his memories of the shelter. {{hugs}}

  9. At the end of the video, little stripey face is peering (with closed eyes) over the edge and I could almost hear the thought, “What is going ON out there?!” Ha!

    So cute! And per usual, Kate is a good, attentive mama. But isn’t it the BEST feeling in the world to have a mama cat TRUST you with her beebees? Taking good care of her for the time before the births establishes that trust, and then you can get the kittens used to trusting humans — which makes them the bestest pets ever!

    • It’s definitely nice to have her trust us! When Fred and I were in there handling her babies and getting pictures of each of them, she was watching us, and certainly attentive, but not at all worried.

  10. Awesome video! I showed the babies to my little girl yesterday and of course we both looked and on the count of 3 went Awwwww!

    • I say “awww!” an awful lot when I’m sitting in there watching them sleep or squirm or nurse – pretty much whatever they’re doing is awww-worthy. πŸ™‚

    • Me too! Every time I look at that little whisker face, I smile. They are just perfect little sprays of white. And the little pink yelling mouf is melting me into a ball of goo!

  11. I have two tuxies with white stripes on their noses, and I like to say that an angel kissed them on their nosies! πŸ™‚ But the little solid black boy – is that a biscuit head in the making or what!?!

    {{Hugs}} to you and your boyfriend, Lora. It’s obvious that Raisin was much loved and I’m sure he knew that!

  12. awww….the girls have stripes and the boys don’t. What an easy way to tell them apart! πŸ™‚
    They are all so precious!!

  13. That was indeed, a rolling ball of kitteh goodness. That little boy tabby’s face at the end slays me. /sigh

  14. love the bed in the basket – makes it twice as cozy πŸ™‚

    squirming kittens crack me up – always one kitt on the bottom, upside down, with flailing feet trying to get out

  15. How did you keep yourself from kissing #4 on the head at the end of that video!

    I so needed this right now.. thanks!!

  16. I love, love, love how #4 (I think?) started out on his back being squashed and trampled, but then managed to make his way to safety at the edge of the bad by the end. It always surprises me, how strong they are when they’re just born. I feel for the mama cats – can you imagine having five kittens, each nearly strong enough to move him/herself across a Kitten-King of siblings and a cat bed, all bundled up inside your belly and anxious to get out?! And with those claws, it always amazes me that the mothers survive the gestation process without having their innards lacerated!

    Totally adorable – and I don’t know how you managed to keep your hands off of them for the filming of the video. I’d have all five of them down the front of my bra, and only give them back to Kate for nursing and potty-time. (See: this guy, tempted to keep baby bears.)

    • Yes! Totally a Kitten King, which, while I don’t mind rats all that much, is much cuter than a Rat King.

      (Love the comment about stuffing kittens into your bra too.)

    • I totally feel for mama’s during the gestation period. I had twin boys that were constantly knocking each other around in my belly! I couldn’t imagine five!!

  17. Oh the cuteness!!!!

    I have a little black tuxie girl and let me tell you she is trouble!! The two male cats always look at her in bewilderment at what she gets up to (and gets away with!). It’s good trouble though.

  18. These pictures are just too cute today! Everytime I see a Tuxedo cat, I think of President Clinton’s cat, Socks. πŸ™‚

  19. Love the writhing ball of kitten goodness! Too cute!
    Sleep peacefully now, Sugarbutt, it really wont be long before those five little ankle biters (or is that tail biters for kittens?) will be running around the house like little demons!

  20. I am just loving all the kitten pics and am thrilled that there are some tuxies. My first and now dearly departed cat was a tuxie, and she was a personality-and-a-half packed into 7 pounds of cat(by the time she passed after four years of chronic renal failure she was just 5 pounds). It’s been nine months now that I lost her, and I find myself paying extra special attention to female tuxies up for adoption.

    Kate did look shell-shocked as one comment-er observed yesterday. Today, she just looks royally annoyed!

    BTW, a PSA to all FB users — there’s a bad Facebook scam going around called “Experience Facbook Black”; read all about it here http://www.crn.com/news/security/240151212/facebook-black-scam-spreading-quickly-symantec-warns.htm and stay safe.

  21. Kate’s worried you’re using the Rollover Ray app on your soul-stealing machine. *growl*

  22. Wow, at this age, the extra half ounce makes a huge difference in size-appearance on baby-cat #3 versus the rest! (@ least it looks like it does; perhaps it is just the photo angles)

    • Yeah, there’s definitely a big difference – when they’re that tiny, half an ounce is a big percentage of their body weight!

  23. I watched this video several times on my Kindle Fire, and finally on my desktop PC, making the video fullscreen on my 22″ monitor, so that the kittens were life-size. OMG.