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“Lady, I find your food offerings tasty, but I’m not quite sure they’re good enough to induce me to provide little squalling poop machines for you just yet. I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

No babies yet – BUT, I can report that between Saturday and Sunday, I went from being able to feel faint movement in Maggie’s abdomen, to being able to feel very strong movement. I can also see her belly moving if I watch very closely.

Her appetite MAY have dropped off some. Fred and I were in there with her for a while yesterday afternoon, and she just let him rub her belly and never went over to the food bowl to eat. That’s a first!

So, we’ll see. I’m hoping it’s soon, but I’m not holding my breath!

Saturday, I tested out the camcorder function on my new phone. Takes a pretty good video, as it turns out.

YouTube link

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I’m not sure why it is, but if I go in to visit with Rufus during the day, it only takes a minute or two for him to get up and come over to me and flop against me. However, if I go in to visit with him at night, he just lays where he is – usually under the bed – and watches me. Doesn’t come to me. MIGHT allow me to pet him, but then again maybe not. I’m not sure what’s going on in that little head of his.

“I likes to keep you guessing, lady.”

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I really think Miz Poo has a bit of a crush on Alice. The two of them can be found play-fighting, and I always thought Alice was the instigator, but the other morning Miz Poo kept following Alice around…


Alice flopped down for a bath, and Miz Poo flopped down next to her.

Then Miz Poo got flirty.

Then Miz Poo got grabby.

Then Miz Poo got all “I AM THE BOSS OF YOU!” and stomped off.

Later, Miz Poo was laying in the middle of the living room watching House with me (she really likes Wilson, and I can’t say as I blame her, hubba hubba) and Alice came running into the room, threw herself at Miz Poo, sat on her head, bit her on the shoulder, and then ran off while Miz Poo was still flailing around trying to figure out what happened.

I’m pretty sure the lesson here is that you don’t go messing with Alice or she’ll get you back when you least expect it.


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3-21-11 — 5 Comments

  1. That Rufus is such a handsome guy! It’s a good thing geography keeps me far from your house…And the detected motion on Maggie rules out a giant hairball there. Keepin’ us all on pins and needles, she is.
    Maybe we should have a guessing pool??

  2. It’s always good to see photos of Maggie having just finished eating! She’s going to need all those calories soon! (and yes, I’m conceding that just maybe she actually is pregnant)

    As for Rufus, perhaps he is just a morning person… er… cat?

  3. Awwwww Mamma Maggie is so ready to pop!! What a cutie and what an amazing voice she has!! She’s lovely! And so is adorable Rufus!! Awwwwwww!!!

    Yay for Miz Poo and Alice!! take care