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Love & Hisses now has its own Facebook page, here. If I did it right, you can see it without having a Facebook account or being Facebook friends with me (not that I don’t think you should be FB friends with me, just not everyone wants to be friends with everyone, or so I’ve heard.)

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Do you see this face?


And this?


He looks SO relaxed, but we couldn’t lure that boy out of the guest bedroom for anything. I’ve let cats in to visit with him (Alice spent pretty much the entire day in there with him yesterday and Corbie went in several times) and he seems to like seeing them. So when I left the door open yesterday afternoon, I expected he’d be out exploring in no time.

Not so much. In fact, he stayed as far away from that door as he possibly could, and even though I left it wide open for two hours, he stayed on his bed and just watched the cats come and go.

Last night I said to Fred “I think I’m going to just leave the door open all day tomorrow and see if he’ll venture out.” What Fred heard was “Please open the door before you leave for work tomorrow morning and don’t tell me that you’ve done so, so that when I get up, I’ll see the door open and go on a frantic search for Rufus, finally finding him huddled under the couch.”

He’s still under the couch at the moment. If he’s still there in a couple of hours, I’ll pull him out and make sure he knows where his room (ie, the litter box and food bowls) is located. Hopefully he’ll see the other cats running around and won’t be able to stop himself from coming out to play with them.

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Oh, Maggie. When you gonna give us those babies?




She certainly likes the belly rubs, but I always feel bad for her when she flops over on her side and I immediately put my hand on her belly to feel the babies moving. She’s more than a baby machine, you know! She has hopes (“You’ll bring me snacks?”) and dreams (“You’ll hold the scratcher so it doesn’t slide while I sharpen my claws?”) too!

“This is so undignified. Just for that, I’m going to hold on to these babies for another week!”

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Tommy (left) and Elwood (right) snuggle up for the evening.


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3-22-11 — 19 Comments

  1. When I saw all those !!!!!!!! at the beginning of the post…I thought – awesome! Babies!


    Not taking away from the awesomeness that are the other grown-up babies of course.

  2. Poor little panicking Rufus! I’m sure he’ll recover and be frolicking with the general population any day now. Good for Alice and Corbie to be friendly to him.

    As for Maggie, lol on her hopes and dreams! Surely they must include treats and catnip toys, also! The photos of her are awesome. Is Fred lying on the floor next to her in that first one?

    • Yeah, Fred was laying there next to her rubbing her belly, and she was rolling back and forth enjoying it. 🙂

  3. Adorable pictures! I can’t wait for babies!!
    I have a question for the cat lovers here (and the cat toy shoppers too). We found some toys that our cats LOVE (at PetCo), but they are hard to find. They are made of paper woven together into a long (2″ish) log shaped thing. My husband & I call them the cat’s “poop”. We’d love to get more of them because our cats love them, but I don’t know where to find them – can any of you help?

    • Angie, that doesn’t sound familiar – do you have (or could you take) a picture of one?

      • I sure can! I remembered that you’re a cat toy lover too so I thought you might have seen them! 🙂 I LOVE shopping for kitty toys!

  4. I had to go through facebook to get to your page!! I’m so excited about Mamma about to give birth!! LOL!! But I’ve read what the problem is now so that’s ok (I normally link from my email but for a couple of days now, the link has been “broken”!).

    Awwww Mamma Maggie is looking ever so big!!

    Sweet Rufus – taking his time to come out of his shell – awwwww!!! Lovely Elwood and Tommy! take care x

  5. You know, that doesn’t look like Tommy and Elwood to me unless you’ve been kidding us all this time.

    • Kidding about what, Gerri? I’m 99% sure that’s Tommy and Elwood, but maybe I oughta check with Fred. 🙂

  6. I’ve just told a friend of mine about Maggie just about to drop (is that the correct technical term?) and that it would likely be very educational for their kids….

    So tell Maggie she has to perform SOON!

    Rufus is sooo gorgeous – Can I eat him up a little bit?

    • We like to stay “Stand back! She’s gonna blow!” in hopes that it’ll encourage her to give us those babies, so far no luck. Not only is Rufus beauuuuuuuutiful, he’s a very, very sweet boy. He’s recently (as in, tonight was the first time) allowed us to hold him like a baby. He’s going to make a sweet lapcat for someone!

  7. The photo session and commentary with Maggie made me laugh! Thank you! Her belly is about to pop – kittens that is!

  8. Hey, I got to your facebook page from the the link thingy you did up there but when I went to give you a ‘thumbs up’ it said I had to be a FB member – the nerve! so now i’ll go log into my account, look you (L&H) up (and maybe you, too, robyn) and we can be magic interwebs friends!
    Maggie looks pretty cute. All roly-poly, not fussed at all. Unlike the commentator…
    Rufus continues to be cute. He’s not a big cat, is he?
    And you know, while I didn’t doubt you when you said this is tommy & elwood, when doubt was raised I went and looked again and y’know, tommy looks kinds like miz poo but I reckon that’s the way the light is hitting them.
    PS: Oh, why is Corbie over on the right hand side of the page? cheeky Robyn…I know, I know, he deserves his very own furever home where he won’t be one of 27 cats but the center of attention. still…

    • Rufus is definitely not a big cat. He’s estimated to be about 7 months old, so I suppose he still has some growing to do.

      Yeah, it’s the light that makes Tommy look like more of a tortie than all-black – it was night, and the only light was coming from a lamp in the corner of the room. I did try using the flash, but it was awful so I went with the non-flash version.

      I’m working on making Corbie a permanent, I’ve just gotta convince Fred! 🙂

  9. evil website is evil – can definitely “hear the beep-beep-beep of the money truck backing up” for sure soon as it opened lol

    I will have to check out the facebook page
    I cant wait for kitty babies! hurry up maggie lol