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Someone noticed yesterday that Logie had a bit of green goop in one of her eyes. That picture was taken a couple of days ago, and after a few applications of ointment, her eye is much better. Darwin, on the other hand, poked herself in the eye (I actually saw it happen), and so she’s got one squinty eye now. It’s always something, I tell ya.

2012-03-21 (1)

2012-03-21 (2)
“I am so smart, I can wash my own paw. What HUMAN 2 1/2 week old can do such a thing?”

2012-03-21 (3)
“Wait… there are TWO of them?!”

2012-03-21 (4)

2012-03-21 (5)
“I lub my mama.”

2012-03-21 (6)
“Whatcha got there, lady?”

2012-03-21 (7)
Mama Emmy and her monkeys.

2012-03-21 (8)

2012-03-21 (9)

2012-03-21 (10)
Newbery works on his ear rotation.

2012-03-21 (11)
Emmy checks to see just what Razzie thinks she’s doing.

2012-03-21 (12)

2012-03-21 (13)

2012-03-21 (14)
“I think I’ve done enough exploring for now. I need a NAP.”

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Short video of the Noms, shot yesterday. Emmy was doing her best to clean those babies but they just would NOT sit still!

YouTube link

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2012-03-21 (15)
Sugarbutt likes to keep things aired out.


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3-21-12 — 30 Comments

  1. Sugarbutt…we all do! LOL

    β€œWait… there are TWO of them?!” – that cracked me up!

  2. The picture of Emmy and a kitten sleeping…I’ve no words to say how beautiful it is <3

  3. Lovely kitten update, Emmy looks like shes saying well why dont you grab one and start licking? during that video.
    …does Sugarbutt think hes a dog?? cos thats how my dogs relax πŸ™‚

    • Ha, that’s right – Emmy’s like “Why are you just sitting there? Grab one and get ’em done!” πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you so much for publishing your blog. I look forward everyday to seeing the kittens and the other fur family. You start my day off with a smile.:)

  5. Such fuzzy little heads… *sigh*

    OK, so I see that they’re sitting up now. Are they starting to stand on their own 4 feet yet, and taking those first few wobbly steps? Or is it too soon?

    • They are starting to take wobbly steps! I haven’t been able to catch it on video just yet, but I’m going to keep trying. The best part is when they stand there, all wobbly, and then tip over. SO CUTE!

      • Oh. As an aside…every time I read “I am so smart…” (anywhere really), all I can think about his Homer Simpson.

        “I am so smart! S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T…”

  6. How much does motherhood become Emmy. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! And it sounds as though the kittens are learning to sheathe their claws just in time. They are cuteness and — judging from the vid — busyness personified. Meanwhile, Sugarbutt reminds me of many a man on the New York subways. Note to menfolk taking up half of the seat next to you when there’s someone already sitting in it: It’s exponentially cuter in pussycats.

  7. Uh oh…Darwin was the one that poked herself in the eye? Poor baby, I can hear the jokes now!

    And Sugie knows it’s Spring and time to let the fresh air in! Plus the pollen won’t show up on him like it will the darker cats…I swear Jinx had a yellow tinge from just sitting in the window yesterday! πŸ˜‰

  8. Ooohhh, such cuteness. I have to say, Logie is my favorite. But, she’s quite the pushy “little” thing, isn’t she? Is she showing signs of bossiness too?

    • She does seem as though she’s going to be a bossy one. She doesn’t let any of her siblings stand in her way! πŸ™‚

  9. Aww the Noms are SO WRIGGLY!! Love how Logie just bundled in there like some furry cute bulldozer – kittydozer?!!?

    Sugarbutt!! It’s good to let things hang out now and again! LOL!

    Take care

    • I’m going to save this for Friday’s post, because it gives me an excuse to post some pics of Maggie and her babies! πŸ˜€

  10. Ohhh, fat little kittenpants! So cute! It’s going to be so much fun watching them discover the world around them.

    LOL at Sugarbutt. My female Husky does the same thing. I tell her it’s not ladylike, and she just looks at me like, “YOU try wearing a fur coat year-round, missy.”

  11. the second picture, and the attacking paws in the video — I just died from the cuteness. Thank you!

  12. I can’t wait until our precocious little peanut discovers the second set of paws behind her. FOUR? Amazing! My son can’t manage to keep two hands clean with regular access to soap and water.

    We’ve had several 80+ degree days up here in Michigan (in March! We’re waiting for the inevitable blizzard, but I digress). My kitties have been “doing the Sugarbutt” in front of open windows all day. I tried reminding them of their modesty, but it appears they do not care one bit about flashing their bits for the world to see.

  13. β€œI am so smart, I can wash my own paw. What HUMAN 2 1/2 week old can do such a thing?” … I’d show you but i gotta have a nap now. been awake for well on 7 minutes!