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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2012-03-22 (1)
We had thunderstorms last week, and I did my level best to get a good picture of the lightning. If you look in the middle of the picture, behind the tree, you can just barely see it.

2012-03-22 (2)
After the storm, the light was kind of odd.

2012-03-22 (3)
And then we got a rainbow!

2012-03-22 (4)
Daffodils are my favorite flower.

2012-03-22 (6)

2012-03-22 (7)

2012-03-22 (5)
Also blooming is the Wisteria, which smells fantastic.

2012-03-22 (10)
These little flowers, which I don’t know the name of (though Fred insists that “weeds” works well enough) are all over the place.

2012-03-22 (12)
Blueberry bushes are coming back (maybe this year we’ll get more than a few blueberries!)

2012-03-22 (13)
I cut the catnip way back in December, expecting it to die off, and it never got cold enough. No complaints from me!

2012-03-22 (14)
The cabbage, which I planted last Fall, are still meandering along. Maybe by NEXT Fall they’ll be big enough to eat?

2012-03-22 (15)
This rooster was slated to go off to freezer camp last weekend, but he escaped Fred’s clutches, and so he lives on. He and that little hen escape the back forty every day and wander the property, clean up the bird seed under the feeders, and just go wherever they want. I have to admit, I like seeing them wander around.

2012-03-22 (17)

2012-03-22 (8)
Happy little grapevine.

2012-03-22 (18)
We’re getting well over two dozen eggs a day right now.

2012-03-22 (19)
Duck egg on the left, chicken egg on the right.

2012-03-22 (20)
Duck egg on the left, chicken egg on the right!

2012-03-22 (25)
The girl ducks, having pushed their way into the maternity yard to lay their eggs, now have no idea how to get out. We have to let them out every single day because the fence they’re pushing their way under is pretty impossible for us to reach.

2012-03-22 (26)

2012-03-22 (27)
The wanderers, wandering along on the wrong side of the fence.

2012-03-22 (21)

2012-03-22 (22)
“Pssst! George!”

2012-03-22 (23)
“Close your mouth! You look like an idiot!”

2012-03-22 (24)
“Good lord, I hope I don’t look half as dorky as you when I’m waiting to get my treat.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-03-22 (28)
“Go ‘way, lady.”

2012-03-22 (29)
“You put goopy stuff in my eye and I don’t like you.”

2012-03-22 (30)

2012-03-22 (31)
“Well, THIS is fancy. Where’d the pink thing go??”

2012-03-22 (32)
Oy, the stripes.

2012-03-22 (33)
“OMG, you guys, help! HELP! This claw is attacking me! HALP!”

2012-03-22 (34)
“OMG, one claw is going up my nostril and it hurts O LAWD SAVE ME, Y’ALL!”

2012-03-22 (35)
“What are you bellowing about over here?”
“Did you see that claw? It was GETTING me!”
“What claw?”
“I don’t know, I guess it ran away!”

2012-03-22 (36)
“Maybe it’s over there by Logie.”
“I think there was no claw. I think you made it up so you could be loud and obnoxious and bellowy.”

2012-03-22 (37)
“I don’t see it. But I bet it’s over there!”

2012-03-22 (38)
“You look in that corner, I’ll look in this corner.”

2012-03-22 (39)
“There it is! I’m going to bite it and make it go away!”

2012-03-22 (40)
“I don’t even want to know what’s going on over there.”

2012-03-22 (41)
That’s the smooth-fabric pad I put in the box for them to lay on. They’re not impressed with it and keep pushing it out. I think I may have to accept that they prefer to lay on hard wood because they’re little bitty weirdos.

Wee kitty movie. The other three were busy nursing or snoozing, but Newbery was loaded for bear and wanted to PLAY. He finally gave up, but not before annoying his mother as much as possible. (I don’t know why it’s doing that weird pixelating in some places, but it doesn’t really ruin the movie, so I’m leaving it up.)

YouTube link

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-03-22 (42)
Is Joe Bob not the happiest boy you’ve ever seen? SO happy.

2012-03-22 (43)
Last month, Andrea posted a comment saying Ever hear the song Jolene by Dolly Parton?? When I see Jo Bob, I hear β€œJo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob,” But I dont know what the next line should be.. MOL love me some Jo Bob!

And before I knew it, GD had written an entire theme song for Joe Bob, which I’ve been meaning to post, but am just now getting around to it, a month later. I think you’ll agree it’s hilarious!

Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob
Im begging of you please don’t take my tin (of catnip)
Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob
Please don’t take it just because you can
Your fuzzy face is beyond compare
With smokey locks of super soft hair
With two toned fur and eyes of emerald green
Your purr is like a breath of spring
Your meow is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Jo Bob.

I dream of catnip in my sleep
There’s nothing I can do to keep
From crying when I think it may be gone, Jo Bob

And I can easily understand
How you could easily take my tin
But you don’t know what it means to me, Jo Bob

Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob
Im begging of you please don’t take my tin (of catnip)
Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob
Please don’t take it just because you can

You could have your choice of treats
But I could never subsitute it with meat
It’s the only thing for me, Jo Bob

I had to have this talk with you
My happiness depends on you
And whatever you decide to do, Jo Bob

Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob
Im begging of you please don’t take my tin (of catnip)
Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Bob, Jo Boooob
Please don’t take it even though you can
Jo Bob, Jo Bob

(Thanks, GD, I laughed again when I read through it!)


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3-22-12 — 25 Comments

  1. I think the ‘weed’ might be a form of veronica — the flowers are the right shape, although where I grew up they were more blue (there’s a lot of different kinds, though, I think). Definitely a weed, though πŸ™‚

  2. LOL, that’s so funny!

    Wow, that’s quite the sweet little spot the cats have out back there with their little house. It’s all nice and green and bushy around it, private and perfect for kitty stalking, LOL.

  3. Thank you for posting Wisteria its one of my favorites but mine is only just starting to wake up after winter, we do have Dafodils and Hyacinthes though.
    Those kitty comic strips are just so funny, you should publish them ( oh yeah this IS publishing!!)
    thank you had some annoying bad news so a cheer up was needed Loving seeing all your stuff πŸ™‚

  4. i want to come live there!! I can’t tell you how jealous I am. beautiful home, gorgeous dogs, adorable kittens, … let the rooster go free please! no freezer farms!!

    do duck eggs taste different from chicken eggs??

  5. The Claw! Omgosh, I laughed out loud. Now MY cats think I am a nut. As always, you never fail to impress. Have you ever thought of opening a B and B? The Love and Hisses B and B. You could get the guests to do all your farmwork for you πŸ™‚

    I was wondering if you were going to have baby ducks, guess not? But duck eggs are so good for baking!!

  6. Found your blog last week and have been visiting every day since for a daily ‘aww’ and chuckle!
    ‘the claw’ gets my kitties everytime!
    and I lol’d reading the ‘freezer camp’ comment!
    lurve it!

  7. Looks like your freezer camp escapee is setting up his own little flock! Isn’t instinct great?

    Thanks for the shots of the wisteria and vegetation. We’re just starting Spring up here, although we’ve had and are going to have several too-warm days. I hope that wildlife and plants don’t suffer too much. Global climate change is scary, isn’t it?

    As for the kittens, they’re as adorable as usual. THE CLAW!! THE CLAW!!

    Skritch Joe Bob (my love, my love) for me!!

  8. My brother, who definitely got the green thumb in the family, says that a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. So even if that flower is a weed, it’s still beautiful!

  9. love the lightning shot, and the lighting shot.. *whine mode on*and you have wisteria that blooms?!?!*/whine mode* mine does nothing but grow.. I keep trimming it.. hopefully this year *sigh*

    and flowers that bloom on weeds are still flowers and are still pretty (says the woman who loves dandelions)

    and I have those plates (under the eggs)

    My four are sick and tired of walking practice and every time I take them out of the basket to give it a shot they just toddle back to the basket and look in it and complain.. I know the day is coming that they’ll want to be out exploring, and I am so anxious for it..

    • Make sure the wisteria is old enough to bloom (5-7 years isn’t unusual). If it’s old enough, make sure itisn’t gettting excess nitrogen from fertilizers. Also, you can try pruning the roots way back to get it to bloom, but only attempt that if it’s a really healthy planet. Prune the roots by sinking a shovel into the ground in a ~2′ diameter circle around the plant. If that doesn’t work, you may just have a vine which won’t bloom — it’s called a mule. That happens especially if you started the plant from seeds.

      If you want the shade, keep the vine. If not, start again with a nursery plant. Try and find American Wistera just to keep the species alive and nursery keepers ledgers!

  10. Dear Noms, the fancy yellow sheet with its kitty print is just so festive and comfy looking! How can you push it away? But Tabitha keeps dragging her babies off the multitude of soft surfaces I have provided and putting them on the hardwood floor. Maybe it is the warm weather…80’s in March…good gosh we zoomed right past the 70’s without even a how-dee-do!!

    THE CLAW!!! Oh, the horrors of the teeny tiny toes of terror!! Love it!

    And I think the Wanderer deserves amnesty. Having been sentenced to freezer camp and yet surviving by his wits ought to be worth a pardon from Fred! πŸ™‚

  11. OMG, how are you not CONTINUALLY picking up those kittens and kissing them and squeezing them and snuggling them?! They are IRRESISTIBLE! I think I would just be completely paralyzed by cuteness if I lived in your house.

  12. Well, you can’t blame the poor Wanderer for going on the lam with his lady friend. Freezer camp doesn’t sound like much fun at all. And you’ve got to hand it to him, he settled the rooster overpopulation problem by creating his own “frontier”. He’s cleaning up after those messy birds too. Smart guy like that needs to stick around… he might find the solution to global warming or world peace too.

    The Joe Bob song is now an earworm firmly settled in my right ear. It’s so catchy that the left is considering adopting it as well.

    Kitten action shots! Emmy had better rest up now because pandemonium is coming…. YIPPEE!!!!!

  13. Who the heck is that landmass in front of Emmy’s face hiding her nose? Boy, they’ve suddenly doubled in size and look like fat knockwurst.

  14. George and Gracie are making me smile. I love Great Pyrenees’ faces.

    As for the kittens…yeah, I don’t know how you get anything done, either. I think you need to set up a live KittenCam. πŸ™‚

  15. This may be a dumb question but seeing as how i’ve never in my life have eaten anything duck…do the duck eggs and chicken eggs taste any different?

    aw joe bob song!


  16. Duck eggs are far superior: check out the beautiful orange yolk. Altogether an excellent thing. Robyn, how are you feeling about them? There are far too many wonderful plants and animals to exclaim about in this post!

  17. Do either of the doggies get upset when they see two of their flock outside the fence? The Claw saga was captivating and funny, nicely narrated. and that baby newberry was determined to stick his paws in mama’s face and squirm and roll and finally he just magically plonks in front of a teat. excellent.

  18. Joe Bob Joe Bob Joe Bob Joe Boooob! You finally got yourself a song!
    Love it!
    I know I’m commenting late, but if anyone who asked is still reading comments, duck eggs are stronger, like a bolder tasting egg. I personally like them. My mother always tried to pass them off as regular large eggs served as deviled eggs, everyone knew…
    The Claw! All I could think of was the movie Liar Liar with Jim Carry playing The Claw with his kid, lol!