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Yesterday morning I was in the foster room, sitting in front of the box, petting kittens. Emmy stood up and walked out of the box, brushing by me, and went to lay down behind the box. She was in such a position that she couldn’t see into the box, though she clearly knew that I could reach the kittens, and instead of sitting and watching me, she flopped over and went to sleep.

I took the opportunity to straighten up the pink pad – which they’d pretty much pushed out of the box – and petted the kittens, and they responded by letting me pet them, and then scooting off to the back of the box where they piled up and went to sleep. She left the box again last night, completely unconcerned that I was right there all prepared to touch her babies (which I did).

Yesterday afternoon, Emmy was in the box and a couple of the babies were nursing. Razzie came over and looked at me, then came out of the box and went off the pink pad onto the floor. Emmy gave me a look as if to say “WHAT THE -?” and then walked out of the box, sniffed at Razzie, and then walked away and sat a few feet away, watching her. Razzie pretty much immediately turned around and went back into the box, but hey – it’s a step forward, right? Before we know it, those babies will be scattered all over the room, exploring!

By the time I went back into the room at bedtime last night, they’d pushed the pink pad out of the box again. Fred suggested that maybe it was too warm for them (that room gets pretty warm, especially with daytime temps in the low 80s), so I replaced it with a smooth fabric pad. They seemed okay with it, so we’ll see if they accept it or if it gets pushed out of the box as well.

2012-03-20 (12)
Sweet baby.

2012-03-20 (13)

2012-03-20 (14)

2012-03-20 (15)
“What babies? I have no babies. I’m free and single and have no worries in the world. (Shhh, let me have my fantasy…)”

2012-03-20 (16)

2012-03-20 (4)
“This is my mama and I love her, you go ‘way.”

2012-03-20 (5)
“I have spoken my piece and counted to three.”

2012-03-20 (6)
Kitten pillows make for the best sleep.

2012-03-20 (7)

2012-03-20 (8)
Rough life, Emmy. I wish I could hang out in a box covered by kittens all day!

2012-03-20 (10)
Bath time!

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2012-03-20 (18)
Gettin’ his loon on.


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3-20-12 — 23 Comments

  1. Emmy brushing by you = Emmy showing you some off-hand affection + trusting you lots!!


    And there’s my love, my Looney Jake!! Do you want some pancakes, Jake?

  2. “I wish I could hang out in a box covered by kittens all day!”
    (if you consider the house a BIG box, you kinda do, Robyn. Just sayin’)

  3. “I wish I could hang out in a box of kittens all day” – I would too, until I remembered your recent comment about how much cleaning up Emmy has to do – eating what they’ve eliminated would definitely put a HUGE damper on the enjoyment. LOL

    • Yes, really small babies do need that sort of assistance. My Philo kitteh came into our lives five years ago, after being abandoned by his mum (after some interference by humans). He was barely two weeks old when we got him, and my hubby got a crash course on fostering. He wasn’t enthusiastic about it at first, but then came the morning that I overheard him in the bathroom, coaxing, “Come on, you can do a poop for me,” and I knew we were smitten by the kitten.

      Philo looks quite a bit like Emmy, incidentally. I love brown tabbies!

      • I’ve always said that orange tabbies are my favorite kind of cat, until along came Corbie. He’s beeeeautiful. I mean, I think ALL my cats are beautiful, of course, but I could sit and stare at Corbie all day long (except that he gets creeped out when I stare at him too much, heh.)

  4. Is it just me or does Emmy looks like she’s smiling in nearly every photo since the kittens were born? Adorable!

  5. Love the description of Razzie’s adventure out. Poor Emmy probably thought they were going to stay tiny babies forever!

  6. Awww. The babies are getting chubby. Such a good mommy who makes sure her babies have warm, full bellies.

  7. Emmy left the babies for some “alone time” after you came into the room? Congratulations! She trusts you to be the babysitter πŸ˜‰

    Razzie is our adventuresome one, isn’t she? Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into!

  8. Razzie out of the box!! Ooh, let the exploring begin… this is gonna be SO fun!! πŸ™‚

  9. Man. These pictures of sleeping kittens and happy mama kitty are like visual Valium. Aaaaaaaaaaah. πŸ™‚

  10. In the last baby picture, (before wonderful loony Jake’s picture) that kitten with the paw on Emmy’s face is too cute! “I had a bath an hour ago, mommy, I don’t need another!”
    Jake! Jake the loony man! Love me some Jake! If I wasnt a freak about travel, I would steal a car, drive to your house in the middle of the night and sneak him away from you. And I’d take Elwood too, because you have to have the matching pair! Well, semi-matching pair, one wide and one narrow, but both adorable!!
    (dont worry though, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just admire them from afar!)

  11. I love ‘I have said my piece and counted to three’, you can just hear the ‘hm!” can’t you. such an adorable bratty pose. “Mama, tell the lady to go away, mama!”
    and ‘gettin’ his loon on’, such a way with a phrase you have Miz Robyn. ’tis mightily appreciated.

  12. I predict that soon Emmy will be – take them, get them out of my fur. I’m done with them! I am starting to get excited because I know in the next week, they babies are going to turn into moving squeeeeeeee!

  13. Hahaha, “I have spoken my piece and counted to three.” Am I the only one who heard that in Holly Hunter’s voice?

    I fostered a mom with five babies once, and I tried to put the heated kitty bed in their cage, but the mama wouldn’t sleep on it. I think she was too hot–and no wonder, with five little bodies snuggled up next to her all the time! She preferred the cooler floor of the cage, even though it was just plain plastic.