House stuff is going well – I think I need to get dark curtains for the master bedroom, and I still need to get the trim in the guest bedroom painted, and the entire house needs to have the floor scrubbed (we’ve had a lot of delivery people traipsing in and out lately), and the pipe to the shower head in the downstairs bathroom cracked and needs to be replaced, so I’ve got to shower in the upstairs bathroom for the time being, and the “cold” knob in the upstairs shower keeps falling off, but other than that, it’s going well.

Mister Boogers makes himself at home.

Mister Boogers has adjusted the best of all the cats – he seems to think this whole thing is quite the adventure – but he’s been waking me up at 5:30 every morning with his incessant howling, so I’m about ready to kick him out the door. I bet the country cats would kick his butt all over the yard, though. He talks a good game, but he’s really a wimpy little brat.

I’m coming back to you, my darlings. Though, fair warning: updating will undoubtedly be spotty for a little while. I’ll still write every day, Monday through Friday, but I may not be able to get them all posted on the day they’re written for, because there are going to be the occasional days when I stay in Crooked Acres all day. So you might get a day or two of no entries, followed by multiple entries at a time. Once we have an accepted offer on the house, Fred promises we’ll get internet in Crooked Acres.

In fact, this might be the last entry posted until the end of the week. It all depends on the painters (in Madison) and when they decide to come, and how long it takes them to finish.

Until then, I’ll play 63,000 games of Snood (I hadn’t played it in years, but when I was bored and not in the mood to read, I realized I had Snood on the laptop, so I sat in the living room and played game after game after game. I’m getting better – I got so frustrated at how poorly I was doing that I turned the difficulty level to “child”, just so I could win one game!), do chores around the house, read, and watch TV shows I’ve downloaded from iTunes.

Thank God for iTunes.

I absolutely adore this bedspread I got for the guest bed, it’s too bad it doesn’t come in some shade of purple as well.

“You tawkin’ to me?”

“I’ll call YOU breakfast, YOU lunch, and YOU dinner!”


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