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In case you missed it over the weekend, Saturday I posted updated weights and pictures of the Noms, and Sunday was just all kinds of lazy.


Emmy and the Noms are doing just fine. The last few times I’ve gone into the room and she was out of the box, she kept an eye on me until I got down on the floor, but she was willing to stay out of the box. I even petted the kittens a few times without her running over to get into the box with them, so that’s pretty awesome!

2012-03-19 (1)
They certainly do love their mama.

2012-03-19 (2)

2012-03-19 (3)

2012-03-19 (4)

2012-03-19 (5)
I love it when they pile up and sleep.

2012-03-19 (6)
“What the- ?”

2012-03-19 (7)
Fred thinks that the kitten right next to Emmy (I think it’s Razzie, but can’t swear to it) looks like Cartman whining “Mooooooom!”

2012-03-19 (8)
“But Mooooooooom!”

2012-03-19 (9)
It’s a three-kitten-pillow nap.

2012-03-19 (11)
I snapped this through the foster room window. Is it just me or does that middle cloud look like a dog’s head?


2012-03-19 (13)

2012-03-19 (12)

Poor Miz Poo, she’s just getting over being sick (an upper respiratory infection). She had to go to the vet TWICE in the past two weeks, and let us just say that she is NO fan of the vet. She’s finally getting back to her old self, including carrying a toy through the house keening at the top of her lungs the entire way.


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3-19-12 — 31 Comments

  1. I’m so impressed by Emmy. Not only is she raising four constantly wiggling and demanding kittens, but she is learning how to trust you and Fred. What a trouper she’s been!!

    I’m glad to hear Miz Poo is getting better. It’s impossible to carry a toy around in your mouth and screech your lungs out while your nose is all plugged up!! !

  2. LOL! Poor Miz Poo! I thought it was just my dorky Atticus that walked around the house with a demolished toy in his mouth keening at the top of his lungs. I’m pretty sure the neighbours think I’m starving them or something.

    That does look like Cartman! Any time he squints his eyes shut and swears.

    So, on the topic of starving. I’ve always wondered how you manage to get 14 sets of snacks out during Snackin’! Time!? I usually feel like a zebra being stalked by a hungry herd of lions when I’m putting dinner out for my 4 guys. I’m pretty sure, no, make that quite sure, I’ll be footage on Nat Geo one of these days…

    • I have to feed my three in separate corners of the kitchen so everyone “keeps their eyes on their own bowls”. Norman, especially, is too curious about what everyone else is eating. The other two just want to eat in peace. I can’t imagine having to find 14 defined spaces for kitty feeding. The drama produced between the feeding of the first and the feeding of the third is ridiculous (and only takes a few seconds!).

      • My baby (I have 3)….well let’s just say, she wouldn’t be the baby bird that gets pushed out of the nest…nor the runt! She gobbles her snacks down then charges in fast and low on the others’ treats! W-I-N-N-I-N-G! LOL

    • We are actually in a no-snack period right now (which the cats do not agree with!) But when snack time is going on, they do gather around and act like they’re going to take me down. I’m going to save this question for Friday, I’m pretty sure I’ve got some video that can illustrate it. 🙂

  3. Poor Miz Poo. The horrors of being taken to the vet twice in a short period of time! My late great Einstein was such a fan of the vet that the vet actually offered that she didn’t have to come in to the office unless she was deathly ill. He made house calls just for her (and for me… the stress of worry about her illness plus her behavior in the vet office was enough to give me a nervous breakdown. I thought she was ready to give herself a stroke at any moment!)

    I think the cloud looks like Snoopy on two legs in mid-dance. See his ears flopping out to the side? Just so you know, the other kids always gave me crap in childhood because I was able to see Snoopy in every cloud formation. Not even that big of a Peanuts fan. It’s just a fact that Snoopy is in every.single.cloud. 😉

  4. I have to tell you that I bought the barking deal thing with the cat toys you posted a week or so ago. They arrived in the mail and I got them out of the post office last night.

    I had opened the bag but not taken them out, put the packaged on the hall table, and went to unpack the car from a travel weekend. After I got settled in the house, I noticed some of them were on the floor. And one is missing. Not because they didn’t send it, because my fat privileged babies took them out of the shipping bag, out of the packaging bag and has toted one of them off to play with still attached to the card. I honestly can’t find it. One of them is hording it somewhere.

    I think they are a hit. What do you think?

  5. My elderly calico does the carrying-things-in-her-mouth-and-keening thing. I hadn’t known the word to describe it, but “keening” is perfect. She doesn’t fetch, exactly: she decides what you need and she brings it to you. It’s usually small things like tubes of lip balm, or ballpoint pens, but one memorable time she brought a fairly heavy plastic-handled screwdriver down the hall, and she’s not a big cat.

    Miz Poo is gorgeous. How did she get her name?

    • Screwdriver! That must have been one determined girl. Maybe something needed fixing and she wanted you to get to it!

      I honestly can’t remember how Miz Poo got her name. She was originally named “Scrappy” (at the time we were going with an “S” theme when it came to cats’ names), and then I’m sure that in the course of baby-talking to her and calling to her, she became “Pooh” and then graduated to “Miz Poo.” (When I call for her, it’s usually “Miiiiiiiz PootiePootiePootie!”) For a while I was getting reminders from the vet and had to stop and think “Who on earth is SCRAPPY?!” before I remember that that’s her “real” name. The vet now has her listed as “Scrappy/ Miz Poo.” Heh.

  6. Very glad to hear that Miz Poo has returned to her keening ways — seeing a congested kitty breathing through her mouth is NO FUN! But seeing beautiful sleeping kittens and their mama most definitely is. Thanks, Robyn. Wishing Miz Poo and all her housemates continued good health.

      • Hugs, too, please! Also, not seeing the dog in the cloud picture. I, do, however, see someone scooping cat litter.

  7. Hugs to Miz Poo – it’s no fun having an URI! I’ve been hearing some sneezing out of my crew lately, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the nasty pollen since the windows have been open and they LOVE to sit in them.

    I just love seeing the Noms and can’t wait til my wee ones open their eyes, too!! LOL at the Cartman reference!! Though I’m betting Logie will be the first one to say “Screw you guys, I’m taking my cat toy and going home!”. ;0

    • It is so much fun when they open their eyes – but the best part is when they can actually focus. They can actually see me now, and they just stare up at me with the big bright eyes – SO CUTE.

  8. Ah, love to see Emmy and kitten pictures. But the icing on the cake were the pictures of Miz Poo! Glad she’s feeling better!

  9. Glad Miz Poo is getting better (have a real soft spot for torties). Just curious… what antibiotic does your vet prescribe for a URI. Last year I treated several semi-feral kittens at my workplace with Clavamox from my vet, & almost every time it took two rounds of it to get them over it. Some of them were pretty sick, and the Clavamox did work, but I wondered if there was another med that would have worked better (quicker).

    • Our vet gave us Clindamycin, though I should add that she’s on her second round of it because the first round didn’t completely get her over it. He also gave her a shot for her allergies (I don’t honestly know what the shot was, it’s listed on the receipt as “allergy shot”, and I didn’t think to ask) on Friday, which may have something to do with the fact that she got a LOT better over the weekend.

  10. Hope Miz Poo gets better!! Glad she’s getting back to her old self now!

    Awwww Emmy and her babies!!

    🙂 Take care

  11. Oh, feel better Miz Poo. You could give miz poo some echinacea to help strengthen her immune system. or olive leaf extract…or vitamin c or…colloidal silver to clear the infection.
    Emmy & her babies are sweet.
    And I think it’s just you, you know, no doggie in them clouds from where I’m sitting. But maybe the angle’s not right all the way from australia…(wink).
    Though I may concur with Kelly and say yep, Snoopy is in all clouds, even I agree with that!