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Kate and the babies are doing well – Kate’s been eating like a horse, and the kittens are nursing like little champions, and so far, so good!

I got shots of each of the kittens, though they’re not that great – Kate was getting nervous, so I just snapped a picture or two, then we changed out the bedding (which was wet), and got out of her hair. There’ll be better pictures of their little faces in the future, I’m sure. (They’re in order of Fred picking them up rather than in order of birth.)

#1 – Tabby with white nose stripe.

#2 – Tuxie with white diamond.

#3 – Tuxie, no white on nose.

#4 – Tabby, no white on nose.

#5 – Black all over.

Mama and babies (before we changed out the bedding).

“Oh lord, how am I going to pay for college for all five of them at the same time?!”

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – wee baby kittens just never stop squirming.

Exploring (Kate was nearby, eating.)

Toes ‘n nose ‘n little ears ‘n stripes!

“Is Mama over HERE?”


Pile of CUTE.

Kate, watching while Fred handles the babies (we put them on a bed on the floor while we were changing out the bedding).

Later, I went up by myself in an attempt to get better pictures of the babies. I got some good shots of #3 (Tuxie, no white on nose).

“Hall-O, you come here often?”

Then s/he got a little screamy, and Kate stomped out of her bed, grabbed him (her?) by the nape of the neck and carted him (her?) back to the bed. I apologized profusely, but she just looked at me.

“I can’t stand to hear a baby yelling, lady. STOP THAT.”

I don’t know the sexes of the babies yet. I was planning to wait a few days and then let Fred (who’s better at this than I am) take a look. Then we’ll start thinking about names – I imagine by the time they’re a week old, we’ll have them named.

Which reminds me! The winner of the baby-naming pool is Susan K! She was the only one who had a guess for yesterday; once the babies are sexed, she’ll choose the baby she wants to name, and we’ll go from there.

Also, I meant to mention this yesterday – last Thursday, Fred and I were talking about whether Kate was EVER going to have her babies. I predicted she’d have them this past Saturday. Fred predicted yesterday. There’ll be just no living with him next time we have a pregnant cat!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“NOT sure why you think we need more babies up in this house, lady. Not sure at ALL.”


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3-20-13 — 66 Comments

  1. oh they are so sweet! and Kates is such a good Mummy for baking so many little sweeties!

  2. I can’t believe I get to name a kitten! I was telling my family about the birthday pool and they looked at me like I was nuts. 🙂

  3. How very obliging of Kate to have five kittens that can all be easily distinguished from each other! Was wondering how you would manage telling five jet black darlings apart hehe.

    • It is rare that you can’t tell two apart on sight, and when you do have twins, there are some easy ways to mark them so you know.

      • The Cosmo Fosters on the kitten cam have exactly this problem – there are two black boys that are very difficult to tell apart and they’re just now old enough for paper collars.

    • I was relieved that she didn’t have five jet black babies – I know I would have eventually been able to tell them apart, but this way I can already tell them apart easily, and it’s nice. 🙂

  4. Katie is such a good mama, though her eyes still express some shock and awe! And the babies are adorable! I had been wondering if I had seen a tortie in the mix, but I think it must have been little brown tabby keeping my hopes up. And Miz Poo, you can’t fool us – you just can’t wait until those babies are big enough to come over and hang out with you!

    Congrats Susan K – you may be nuts, but so are we all here. 🙂

  5. Not sure I’ve ever seen anything as cute as a newborn tuxie! Thanks for the pictures!

  6. And here you were, Robyn, thinking you’d have to buy collars for the kittens! Nope! Is it me or are they big kittens? It doesn’t matter, but if you weigh them…

    So, congratulations on another litter of little squirmers who will entertain us all for the next two months or so. Hooray!!

    • I weighed them this evening, and they’re between 4 1/8 ounces, and 5 ounces. I don’t remember what the other newborns I’ve had in the past weighed, but Google says that kittens typically weigh about 3 1/2 ounces at birth, so I think they’re bigger than the typical kitten. I guess Kate did a good job of eating enough to make ’em grow. 🙂

  7. First 3 days tend to be easier for sexing, after that it gets confusing until about 4 weeks. At birth a colon is a boy and an upside down semi-colon is a girl. Long hairs can be tricky, but for most kittens this works.

    • Should it bother me I had to air-draw the colon and upside-down semicolon before I could visualize them? But I’ve got it now in case I am surprised by day-old kittens 🙂 Thanks!

    • We sexed them tonight – well, Fred did – and I’ll announce what we’ve got in tomorrow’s post. 🙂

  8. Soooooooo cute! I can’t wait to see each baby as they get more distinctive. And Kate has the most beautiful eyes! I love her look in the “hi Mama” picture!

    • Hee hee. I read “distinctive” as “destructive”. I guess that applies as they get bigger also!

  9. I’m SO excited about the babies!! and it’s so great how you take so many pictures. I love the one of Fred’s hands holding the baby and Kate in the background with her wide yellow eyes. She looks like she’s thinking “ok two more seconds and then I am going to ATTACK HIS HEAD.” I know black kittens are harder to adopt than ohters…. it’s not fair, but I will confess I was a little relieved to see there was only one all black one, esp since batman and robin still aren’t adopted. they are precious, precious, precious. omg.

    • Oh, I know – I was glad that there was just the one all-black one, too. I’d hate to have any of Kate’s babies sit for long at Petsmart (and I HATE that Batman and Robin still haven’t been adopted!)

  10. Kate is such a good mama and obviously shell shocked at being a new mom which makes her even more adorable.

  11. Oh my, I’m dying of the cute! Thank you for the awesome pictures. What a great way to start my day!

  12. Ohhh!! Have mercy. The dear wee things!!! And Kate is a beautiful and watchful momma indeed.

    Incidentally, I wasn’t too eager to get out of bed this morning, until I remembered… OH YES THE KITTENS ARE HERE!!! That got me up in a hurry so I could run right over to the computer 🙂

    • Me too. I purposely held off reading until I had a nice work break, fresh coffee and yummy bagel. All in all a perfect start to any day.

    • Me too! I did not want to get up until I remembered there were kittens to look at. I hoped out of bed and rushed to my computer! Of course, I had to wait – darn computer was hung up trying to install updates. Grrr! So cute and I was thinking so big and I guess I was right on both accounts!

  13. Babies babies babies! babies babies babies! (Yes, I’m still conga-ing. Hop on!)

  14. I guess there is a tabby dad running around somewhere avoiding child support. I was surprised at how quickly the one baby is already climbing ” Mama Mountain” And they do look big to me also. So so sweet. I am so happy all went well. It never ceases to amaze me that these kitty moms know just what to do. I wonder if there is a calming hormone that surges during labor so that mama does not panic and freak out?

  15. Picture #17 on today’s post… I can’t stop imagining a little top hat on the kitty’s head…

  16. Kate looks a bit…shell shocked in some of the pictures. I have never met a mama cat that wasn’t protective and caring for her kittens. Too bad all humans can’t be like mama cats.

    Assorted colors/mixes will be fun to watch as they get bigger. Also, you have to wonder what it “feels” like to NOT have your eyes open but getting all that touching from humans. I believe it conditions them to be the BEST pet cats ever!

    Hang in there!

  17. 😀 OMGBABIESBABIESBABIES!!! How did I miss the birthin’ yesterday?!!

    Congratulations Kate, you look suitably stressed. Just wait ’til they’re walking…

  18. The white whiskers on that tuxie are killer. Kate is such a good mom but she does trust you and Fred, no matter what her brats squawk.

  19. They all look like they have good body-weight, maybe a little plump even. Good sign they’ll be healthy. You’re going to have a rowdy crew on your hands, I think. Can’t wait for the ‘fun’ to begin.

  20. Thank you for all the great pictures of the cute! Glad everything is looking good for mama and babies. I wonder if any of the babies will have long hair like their mama.

  21. Clever Mama Kate … these are Beautifully Baked Babies!!!

    I kept checking all day yesterday for updates … thanks so much Robyn for posting the photos yesterday and today.

    Long time reader; first time commenting.

    LOOOOOVE Miz Poo …give her a SMOOCH from one of her Internet stalkers

  22. I luf you, Mis Poo!

    They are all so dear. Good job, Mama Kate!

    The eyebrow/whisker sprays on the white diamond tuxie’s little face are just slaying me!

  23. Was there ever any doubt at how adorable Miss Kate’s babies would be. They are going to be absolutely gorgeous cats. Some interesting markings. Kate is going to be a wonderful mama. I can say that you have a lot of followers who are so jealous of you and Fred. The next few months are going to be spectacular. Thank goodness you are so good at keeping us in the loop. Tiny kitten kisses and snuggles to Kate.

    Miz Poo you are a beautiful girl. Chin scritches to you !!!

  24. Awwwwww. I think my heart just exploded from cuteness upon seeing #2’s eensy weensy whiskers!

  25. The cuteness is overwhelming!
    Can’t beleive I was just one day off in the pool! Oh well, at least I will not have to endure the agony of trying to pick a favorite to name! How could one pick a favorite, they are all gorgeous!

  26. All the wee baby kitteh cuteness is about to kill me dead!! I want to reach through the screen and squeeze those little shits!!

  27. Kate sounds like such a good mama! And two tuxies — I do love tuxies! My first tuxie was Charlotte, which seems like a very royal name to me. And my current tuxie is Alice, another name with royal connections. Of course, I guess those names would work if the tuxies are boys!

    • Oh, I LOVE the name Charlotte (and Alice too, for that matter!), but they’ve unfortunately been used by the shelter in the past. Wah!

  28. Yes, those ARE some fairly good-sized kittens it looks like; for day-old kittens. Perhaps all this time Kate was “baking babies” she had her eye on **exceptionally well done / slightly overbaked** ones (not that that’s a bad thing 😀 ).

    Is it possible to get some kitten weights; or would Kate object? 😉 I’d be interested to see!

  29. Yay, babies! Well done, Kate!

    And now we have 5 teeny cuties to get to know and love! I can’t wait to see their purr-sonalities start shining through.

    Oh, and I have another potential royal name for the list: Akasha (“Queen of the Damned” by Anne Rice). I don’t mean it to be morbid, I just think it’s a really beautiful name!