3-19-13 – Meet the Royals

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That is correct, Kate has had her babies! I suspected last night, when she wanted to hang out in the bed I’d set up for her, that it was going to be soon. I thought about sleeping in the foster room with her, but Fred gave me a Look when I suggested it, so I went off to my own bed.

I made Fred promise to look in on her when he got up, and to wake me up if she had had the babies or was in labor. When he woke me up to say goodbye before he left for work, I said “No babies?”

“Yep! Four!” he said, but he was just kidding. He told me that all she’d wanted to do was hang out in her bed. That was at almost 4:30.

I rolled out of bed around 5:30, and headed up to check on her. She was laying in her bed, and though there were no babies yet, she was very obviously in labor. I ran around in circles for a moment, then went and got dressed and grabbed my cameras and iPad.

All she wanted was for me to pet her, so I obliged, and after a few minutes of pushing, out came baby #1 at 6:21. I could hear it squalling, but couldn’t see it. Finally, after much cleaning on her part, I was able to see it. It looked like it was all black with white “gloves”, but then I saw it roll over, and glimpsed a white belly. Baby #2 came at 6:59, and again looked like it was a black and white tuxie. I actually had no idea that #3 had arrived until I heard the distinctive sound of Kate chewing through the cord – that was at 7:26. This one looked like another tuxie, but I think it’s actually a brown or gray tabby. #4 came along at 8:12. I had decided that there were only (“only”!) going to be 4, so after a while of waiting, I went off to take a shower.

I went into the room to check on Kate and the babies after my shower, and she had that pursed-lip “I’m pushing!” look on her face. A few minutes later out came number five, at 9:24. It was awfully sweet of her to wait until after my shower, wasn’t it?

It’s been two hours and I’ve been up to check on her multiple times. There are still five babies present, so I’m thinking she’s done.

Kate and babies are doing really well. Kate, as I suspected she would be, is a great mother, and the babies are all vigorous and have well-developed lungs. I thought for a while that they were all black and white tuxies, but I think we’ve got at least a couple of gray or brown tabbies. I’ll get up there this afternoon, with Fred’s help, and get a picture of each of them, as long as Kate doesn’t mind.

And now, the pics! It was pretty dark in that room, in that bed, and it’s not easy to get pictures of dark kittens against a dark mother, so they’re not the best pictures ever – but I think you’ll like them! (There will, of course, be more pictures tomorrow!)

Baby #1. Awww, the little tail and foot!

“Why is this kitten climbing on me?” Kate wonders.

“Hey, bartender, you got any milk on tap?”

Two babies!

The first two.

And three!

Hallo, stripey little legs.

Taking a breather.

Sensing that she’s not quite done…

There might be four here, I can’t quite tell.

Baby ears!

The one in front – the one that looks really wet – is #4, I believe.

Cannot wait to get my hands on these babies. I’m trying to be respectful of Kate and not get all grabby with her babies.

Have you ever? Couldn’t you just? I mean, HONESTLY.

Gearing up for the last one.

That one up high is a climber.

Toes, and stripey leg.

You can’t necessarily see them all, but all five are present in this pic.

More pics tomorrow!!!


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3-19-13 – Meet the Royals — 56 Comments

    That is so exciting! Soooooo cute! I might be almost as excited as when I had my own baby! LOL!!!
    Yaaayyyy kittens!
    I can only imagine the rest of the furr-hold… “oh, yay, more kids…sheesh…”

  2. Oh, stripes and gloves and little pink toes! I’m so happy everything went smoothly and everyone is doing well.
    I can’t wait to see more photos of the Royal babies!

  3. Oooooh squeeeeeee…. in the 15th picture… those little stripey legs and that little stripey belleh of that one on his/her back in front!!!! I could.. and am… melting!!! Is it too early to ‘see stripes’? Oooohhhh i am sooo very happy! Congratulations! Well done, Kate (and Robyn)! Thank you!

  4. Good job, Kate!! And thanks, Robyn, for getting a post up so quickly! It’s good to know the monarchy has such cute new heirs!



    Oh wow!!! Well done mum!!! Awwwwww!! They are beautiful!!!

    Take care

  6. Awwwwwww…. Tabby Legs With White Socks is officially my favorite Royal (at least until I get a good look at another one of them tomorrow).

    Jolly good show, Kate. Thanks for letting the paparazzi record your day for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. AWWW! Well done Princess Kate! Well done Robyn too! Looking forward to getting to know them all over the next few months! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay for babies!

  8. And in a few months we will look back and think…how could they ever have been so tiny! Looking forward to pictures and names.

  9. The second to the last pic, all I can think is Kate’s expression seems to be “fine. Babies. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??”

    Congrats to Kate (and Robyn!)

  10. Awww 5 little Royals!!! Good job Mama Kate! And I laughed that the first thing you did was run around the room in circles! I remember that feeling! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes!! it’s all wonderful, the part about running around in circles cracked me up tho…they’re too cute for words….

  11. BERBEHS!!! (You know, like ermehrgerd?) Adorable!!!! I love the looks she has in her eyes in some of the pictures.. like oh.my.gosh. This was not what I had in mind for my new comfy bed!!!

  12. Kate, you did a wonderful job and your babies just just precious. Yep, Robyn, it would be very hard to not be all grabby with her babies. Thank you soooo much for posting pics for us poor suckers at work and can’t get on FB. Can’t wait to see what they will look like when they are a bit bigger and their colors are more distinct! Fred’s gonna be miffed that he missed all the hoopla!

  13. Ohmygosh so cute! Great job on the pics, I know it can be hard with a dark mama and babies!

  14. Look at all those little white feet!!!!! I’m all exploding head here! Each baby is cuter than the last! Oh my gosh the one with only the toes in white! That’s going to be the cutest thing ever! Good show Kate! You’ve done very well! Oh man, how do you NOT just reach in there and grab up them babies for their first kisses??

  15. Thank you so much for the update! This just made my afternoon so much more fun! Facebook is blocked at work, so I’m so happy you updated over here!

    Yay! Baby kitties!

  16. Many congratulations to the new mum and gran — and a big thank-you for the happy update!

  17. Baby kittens! Good job, Kate! I think you’re right about there being some tabbies Robyn. Let’s hope Kate’s namesake is as good a mum as she is. And again, good job Kate and welcome baby kittens! (I figured she deserved two “good jobs” after 5 babies.)

  18. Aww welcome to the world little ones. Bravo Miss Kate. I bet it was scary at first but then you saw Miz Robyn and knew you were okay. Well maybe once she stopped spinning in circles in the room. Once she stopped that it was okay. Thanks for the pictures and updated Robyn. It is so nice to have something sweet and good to focus on. I cannot wait to watch these little ones grow up. I sense an Indy – Alabama roadtrip in the June timeframe.

  19. Happy Birthday, Babies! I can’t wait to hear what the babies are going to be named. Oh how exciting!

  20. oh my cod! just too cute! I remember when our baby boy was born… was something very special indeed. now for names! and if I lived close I’d call first dibs on any grey ones. but im on da other side of the continent ๐Ÿ™

  21. Congratulations! Good job Kate & Robyn, and thanks for putting up the pics for us so quickly. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are all healthy and no problems develope. Looking foward to watching them grow up.
    Back on Feb 26 I guessed 5 kittens… looks like I won the pot, but you get the 5 prizes. LOL

  22. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

    The pic labeled “The first two” – does that baybee on the left have a thumb???

  23. YAY! Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. Congratrulations, Kate, and a STRIPEYPANTS! <3

    I shared this post with a friend of mine who buried her father today, and was struck by a song some of you might remember – Lightning Crashes. Pretty powerful "wow" moment for me.

    • Lightning Crashes by Live? Love that song and it’s a very powerful song given the circumstances. The words fit exactly. (if it is the same song). Thoughts and condolences to your friend.

  24. Pink toed beebees!!! Killing me! Good Mama, Miss Kate. Glad that everyone is doing well.

  25. Don’t check in one day and the babies appear! Welcome little royals and what a great joib, Mama Kate!