3/19/13 – Babies! — 32 Comments

  1. YAY! Take your time and make mama and babies comfortable first. We’ll get pics soon enough.

  2. One, two, three, four! Four baby kittens, ah, ah, ah!

    Looks like you’ll have to clear out some space on the sidebar again!

  3. Lordy it is soooo hard to see the pics on FB with my phone. Blocked at work. This is torture!!!!

  4. Yes yes yes KITTENS!!!!!
    No better way to start the day. Congrats & hope all Kits & Mom are doing ok. They’re starting their lives in the best possible place on the planet. Looking foward to some pics.

  5. Babies babies babies! Babies babies babies! (do the congo line and kick on the third babies around the room with me!)

  6. Yay the royal bitty kitties are here !!!!!!!!! let the cuddle puddle pictures and videos commence !!!!

    • Don’t you just hate how they think we won’t be working but just looking at baby kitty pics all day! Humph!!!

    • 5 appears to be the final number! It’s been more than two hours and she looks pretty done to me, so unless there are any last-minute surprises, there are five little Royals. 🙂