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Edited to add: Kate had her babies! See the update and pictures, here.


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Look at that smug face. “I have the babies and YOU do NOT!”

As of 8:15 Monday evening (you guys know I write my posts the night before and schedule them to post at 5 am, right? Because there’s no way I’m getting up that early to write a post. I’m a morning person, but not THAT much of a morning person!), no babies. But she didn’t touch her canned food much yesterday at all, she kept checking out the birthing bed I’ve set up for her, and all she wanted was to lay and be petted. I felt plenty of baby movement. I’m thinking it won’t be long!


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Spanky just has the purtiest eyes. He’s doing really well lately – he’s bright-eyed and interested in eating, and just doing great. I tell y’all, that Liqui-Tinic has worked miracles on him.



3/19/13 — 11 Comments

    • Oh you and your wishful thinking! I think it’s his pink leeps! No matter what, though, I think we can all agree that Spanky’s pink nose is outstanding.

      And not to be a perv, Robyn, but what are Kate’s nipples like? Are they popped out yet? No matter what, though, I hope everyone is healthy and Kate has an easy birth.

      • Well, it was about an hour before the first kitten was born, so I imagine Kate’s nipples were popped out! It’s always nice to be able to answer your own questions…

  1. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already, but Kate is almost the spitting image of my parents’ cat, except female and my parents’ cat doesn’t have the wee spot of white hairs on his chest. Does she also have a teeny weeny triangle of a face under all the fur?

  2. So excited that there will be babies soon! 🙂
    I appreciate your early post as I am at work by 6 am. This is an important part of my day! 🙂

  3. I absolutely ADORE Sparky. That is a GORGEOUS picture of him! I am thrilled that the Liqui-tinic is working so well for him – as it is for my 19 year old Tortie.

    A-hem. Would I be out of line to suggest folks might want to keep paying attention to your Facebook feed today? 🙂

  4. Robyn, I’d like to retroactively put in my spreadsheet bet for March 19th at 6:21 a.m. Got a hunch that I’m feeling pretty good about. Let’s go with 4 or 5 kittens as my tiebreaker. 😉 YAY, BABIES!!!!

    Seeing Spanky look so good is making my Grinchy heart grow three sizes this morning. (Editing to remove my attempt to make a heart that apparently doesn’t work on this platform, which gives me a sad…. Gentle hugs for Spanky)