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“Nothin’ much. Just sitting here bein’ pregnant.”

“Oh! What was that?! I think I’m going into labor!”

“HA. Just kidding. You should have seen your face, lady!”

“Humans. So gullible.”

She loves to lay against me and doze. I just sit there and watch her belly move.

Speaking of watching her belly move, I have a video for y’all! There’s lots of belly movement. It’s not as constant as on the Emmy video, but there’s plenty of baby-moving going on.

YouTube link.

If you have the ability, the belly movement is especially awesome when viewed large. Fred kind of cringes when he sees those babies rolling around in there. (Please ignore my ugly, desperately-needing-a-pedicure foot behind her (Fred said it looks like a shark fin, ha), I didn’t realize it was showing!)

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In Friday’s comments, Laney said:

Ahem. Excuse me! I haz a complaint and my complaint is that we haven’t seen a picture of Maxi for 2 months, and Stinkerbelle for a month! Miz Poo and Jake haven’t been seen for 2 weeks!!!

Also, we always see Stinkerbelle on top of the cabinets, but you say she loves Fred. Could we see a cuddling picture?

I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to make a schedule and stick to it so that all the cats get the proper amount of attention (Fridays will, of course, continue to be Corbie days). I tend not to have the camera in the living room when Stinkerbelle comes around, but I took some pictures with my iPad the other night. I also went through the pictures on Fred’s Nexus and stole a couple of them, so here are your Stinkerbelle snuggling pics.

(Bonus Spanky in the background!)


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3-18-13 — 22 Comments

  1. Thank you for those Stinkerbelle pictures!! It’s great to see she gets lovin’ from time to time. Plus, she’s beautiful!

    I love the baby movement video, also. Keep on feeding Kate so they’re healthy (as if you’re going to forget to feed her because you’re readers aren’t reminding you every 5 minutes)!

    • Call it a hunch, but somehow I think Robyn would remember even if we didn’t remind her. Something about babies?

  2. Oh Kate, you should have seen MY face when I read that caption! Guess I’m one of those gullible humans too. After the video, I will now give in and admit that she is pregnant though. Either that or she ate some of that Watergate Salad. ;P

    Awwwww, Miss Belle! I know she loves her Daddy, but I still always imagined that someone would draw back a nub if they touched her like that.

  3. I adore Spanky, so much. He’s a handsome boy!

    These are wonderful pictures of Stinkerbelle. She clearly has a thing for the menfolk 🙂

  4. Wonderful pictures of Stinkerbelle! So happy she’s happy! And thanks for the Spanky bonus pix! Such a good boy!
    I did go full screen on the baby movement video and was so intent watching Kate’s belly that I jumped halfway through when I noticed your foot, Robyn!

  5. Seriously? no babies yet?? My goodness how long has it been?? Is she not intending to let them go until they are ready to go to college??

  6. I just realized that Batman and Robin are still in your side bar and aren’t adopted yet! Why has no one adopted those awesome boys?! Hmph.

  7. That video was just mesmerizing! Poor sweet Kate; there is just NO WAY that’s comfortable. 🙁

  8. Stop apologizing for things we wouldn’t even notice unless you pointed it out! 🙂 🙂 🙂 First rule of speechmaking, and I think blog writing. 🙂 I was so intent on belleh movements that I would never have noticed your foot. 😉

  9. Love the alien belly !!!! But now I just want to see the kittens !!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of the permanents maybe even possibly video !!! I am sure you have loads of time to just sit around and take pictures and videos 24/7 !!!

  10. Thank you So Much for those Stinkerbelle snuggling photos (they’re so very touching) — and I hope that young Kate is popping out those sprogs right now.

  11. I just watched the baby video on a 32″ screen. Awesome! I think she’s baking at least a half dozen in there. Can’t wait to see what flavors they all come out as (please don’t all be black – I love black kitties but they took FOREVER to be adopted!).

    Love the Stinkerbelle photos because I’m so used to seeing her up high. It’s heartwarming to see her getting cuddle time.

    • Also, can you imagine how hard it’d be to tell them apart? “That Ivan sure is a – wait, no, that’s Nikolai… I mean Babum… or maybe it’s Nefertiti? Whoever it is, it sure was cute!”