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Is HRH Kate still eating like crazy? I need a hint to make more guesses. πŸ™‚

She is indeed eating very well still. She gets a can of cat food in the morning and another in the evening, and has dry food available to her at all times. As of yesterday, she’s still eating both cans of food, and snacking on the dry food in between. Her appetite hasn’t dropped off at all – yet!

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Robyn, I’m wondering how you’re giving the Liqui-Tinic to Spanky. I ordered some for my 20 year old cat and put a dropper full on his wet food and he snubbed it. In fact, he moved to the bowl next to his that didn’t have the stuff added to it. It’s got animal digest in it, so it should taste good to him. Do you have any suggestions?

Fred squirts the Liqui-Tinic directly in Spanky’s mouth using an oral syringe. Spanky doesn’t love it, but he tolerates it well enough. If your cat is too freaked out by that (or fights too much), you might want to try “hiding” the Liqui-Tinic in the canned food – put half the serving on the plate/bowl, put the Liqui-Tinic on that, and then cover it with the rest of the food. (Might not work, but could be worth the try!)

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Google Reader is going away July 1st. Is there another reader that is just as good? What do you use??

I WAS using Google Reader until I read on Twitter that it was going away. Whereupon I got frantic (even though, y’know, July 1st is a long time away), tried to register for NewsBlur, finally gave up, and gave Feedly a try. Feedly is okay (and they promise that when Google Reader shuts down, there’ll be a pain-free transition), so I’ll probably stick with it, at least for the time being.

I found this post at LifeHacker to be helpful.

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Any idea yet of what breed Arnold is?

I’m pretty certain s/he’s a Black Cochin.

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I’ll try to keep my backstory short and to the point, but I’m on drugs again*, so who knows.

SO. I was strolling along Memory Lane, laughing myself into a coughing fit over Emmy’s potty math about a year ago, then cruised your “all former fosters” page. I squee’d again at several of the littles, patted myself on the back for having suggested the Firefly naming theme for Kara’s babies, then wandered away to some other part of the web (probably the part that nobody else ever admits to going to). Because my brain is in top form these days, about two minutes later I realized I couldn’t remember what you’d named Kara’s babies. Well, not ALL the names – I remembered three, but not the fourth. Then I realized that the only other Firefly name I could remember at ALL was Mal, and I knew that hadn’t been one of the names.

I knew if I went back to their page I’d get sucked into the Inescapable Vortex of Cute (again) so I decided instead to see if Google would give me the rest of the names, without me having to click through anywhere, if I typed in the ones I knew. So I googled “river kaylee zoe” – and would you believe that, out of all the Firefly fandom out there, out of all the jabillions of sites** dedicated to Firefly, when you type “river kaylee zoe” into Google, the THIRD response you get is this very website here?

That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.***

*For bronchitis! What were YOU thinking?!

**Okay, well, fourteen at least.

***Which you didn’t, but when has that ever stopped me from sharing my thoughts in their horrifying entirety?

One day, no matter WHAT you Google, Love & Hisses will be the first 10 results. It’s part of my plan to take over the internet.

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Saw this and thought of you (or at least Kate)

SO cute!

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I haven’t been reading here long, but the pictures and videos sometimes remind me of Maru, the Japanese cat. Have you seen the YouTube videos? One of my favorites is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHwntRpLobU .

Of course, I love Maru! I’m pretty sure that if you fail to love Maru, they kick you off the internet.

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Murkin get groomed by kittens.

(YouTube link)

I love Murkin!

Another long-suffering dog who puts up with kittens and their antics? Charlie. I lubs him. (This is probably my favorite Charlie post. He sure is a patient guy!)

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Cat lovers, you MUST read this.

Warning: you’ll need your tissues for this one!

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Geez. Are my cats the only ones that have no use for Da Bird? Big cat runs and hides when he sees it and the kitten will watch it, but won’t move a muscle to get it. You know who uses it daily? The dog. In fact, we’ve had to hide it from the dog because he goes INSANE when he sees it. He’s half Shiba Inu, which are bird dogs, and I’ve seen him snatch a bird out of the air from our yard, so it sort of makes sense, but I swear I bought that thing for the cats!

After I read this comment, I got out Da Bird to see if Molly would go after it. If I flew the feathers so close that they touched her, she’d snap at it, but for the most part she was not impressed. I wonder what George and Gracie would do!

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My parents (and Molly!) left yesterday morning, headed back to SC. It was a lot of fun having them here. Well, for the humans it was – the cats never really did warm up to Molly.

Remember those stuffed long-legged Cheetahs I bought at Petsmart around Christmas? I gave one to Molly. She grabbed it and shook it all over the place. I’m thinking maybe she has some terrier in her.

My father tied it around Molly’s neck. Molly was not impressed.

It cracked me up every time Molly lay like this. Shih-Tzu rug, anyone?

Come back soon, Molly (and Mom and Dad!)

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“That’s right, rub the belly.”

Pretty girl.

“Stop staring at my belly. It makes me self-conscious.”

Kate enjoys a good chin rub.

Another attempt to show how big and round her belly has gotten.

So, her appetite is still going strong. Fred thinks she’s gotten friendlier, but she’s always been friendlier toward me than she is toward him (she sees me more often, so I think it makes sense). Fred claimed that he can tell that her milk sacs around the nipples closest to her back legs are starting to fill up. I’ve felt around them, but I don’t feel anything so it could be wishful thinking on his part.

I can assure you that I’ve definitely felt the babies moving. In fact, they were so active on Tuesday that I could see them moving, and I was just about positive that Wednesday morning would bring us babies. But no luck. SIGH.

(I tried to make a video of the moving belly, but the camera was being difficult.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Okay, so, like… I DID stay behind the freezer in the laundry room the entire time Molly was here.”

“But, you know, those freezers are big and wily. They can go rogue at any moment.”

“SOMEONE had to keep an eye on it!”


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3-15-13 — 33 Comments

  1. Don’t worry about being a chicken, Corbie, you’re GORGEOUS!! That’s enough. I hope all the cats return to their normal routines now that Molly is gone and Kate gives birth soon! Have a good weekend, everyone!

    • I have it on excellent authority that Corbie referred to his hideout (or funk hole, to use World War II terminology) as Freezer Camp. Further, he insists he was merely resting up for his next battle royale with Da Bird.

  2. My bet is that the kittens in the Murkin video are going to be exactly what Kate’s babies are going to look like. (Hopefully just as many, too!)

    • I would so love if Kate’s babies looked like her! I love black kitties and I double love black floofy ones.

  3. Charlie IS an excellent dog. I lubs him too… except when he’s digging in the trash or bouncing on an invisible pogo stick at the back door before 6 a.m. πŸ˜‰ Other that that, he is clearly full of awesome.

    I swear that I saw Bear and Levi in the Murkin video…

    And with search results? I like to type in the names of my foster kittens at Google Images and see how many pages it takes to find a kitten picture. The clear winner is Willie Rae Jefferson. No wonder I kept her πŸ˜‰

  4. Off topic…what do you do during the cold winter and hot summer for George and Gracie so they stay comfortable?

  5. So I’m watching the murkin video, and I’m thinking Robyn so needs to see this.. I seriously almost hit myself in the head when I remembered I was watching it on your page.. (seriously, it is 11AM, you would THINK I would be awake by now!!) I totally love the font they used on the opener, and the putting of the kitten on his head – I can so see you doing that (heck I can so see me doing that)

    nope, I do not believe Kate has babies.. she is Faker McFakerson and she can’t prove otherwise. Nope. No babies there. Not happenin, she’s a liar and a a faker and she’s just using you for belly rubs. yup, that’s it, end of story, out she goes..

    • I have been thinking the same thing. The underground railroad has spread the info to all kitties that if you pretend you are preggers and go to Robyn’s house you will get a massive amount of noms and become completely spoiled. Till I see babies…she is a gorgeous faker! πŸ™‚

    • Well, I DO give a good belly rub! If she were faking (which she isn’t!), you could hardly blame her. πŸ™‚

  6. Ahem. Excuse me! I haz a complaint and my complaint is that we haven’t seen a picture of Maxi for 2 months, and Stinkerbelle for a month! Miz Poo and Jake haven’t been seen for 2 weeks!!!

    You could do something like this to keep up with the permanent residents blog features: http://pinterest.com/pin/15199717464630724/
    All Fridays would be Corbie days, of course.

    Also, we always see Stinkerbelle on top of the cabinets, but you say she loves Fred. Could we see a cuddling picture?

    That’s all… for now.


    • Yeah, I know – I need to make a schedule and stick to it!

      And I’ll see what I can do about the Stinkerbelle snuggling pics. πŸ™‚

  7. My niece had a Shih Zu (sp?). She got very offended when I suggested that we should take up a collection for braces. The dog was a doll, one that I used to carry around and sing to !

      • That’s been addressed at some point or another. No, they didn’t know what a “merkin” was, they just liked the name (hence the different spelling). They were somewhat embarrassed to learn what it meant, but by then the dog was used to his name. πŸ˜€

        • LOL not everyone knows, my daughters face when she googled it was hilarious! I only found out about two/three years ago, they are not exactly a common place item!

          • Oh. My. I had to Google ‘merkin” too. Your blog is … er … educational, Robyn, as well as entertaining!

  8. In my teens, my family had a Kerry Blue Terrier. Shawn laid on a floor, similar to Molly’s position.

    Sure do miss that dog!

  9. I love when dogs lay in that position too. It’s as cute on the Big Ones-Ollie the 75 lb. Basset Hound -he’s big but he’d old and fat too-as it is when Ruby the 25 lb. Cocker Spaniel does it. She’s small and stocky. My sister’s Cocker is tall and skinny-nicknamed Bony Pony. She’s a Molly too. It’s funny how they are all different but similar too.

    Don’t know if anyone will recall how Ruby the Cocker Spaniel was chasing Elphaba our Tortie cat unmercifully? Well major progress has been made! Ruby and Elphaba have cuddled on the same quilt on the couch recently. Last night they were both hanging out with me on the couch. Elph was on my pillow and Ruby was on the pillow next to it. We have a beat up old leather sectional and all of the animals fight over the corner wedge. My husband and I lie at either end, me on the shorter one. They can get the most attention in the wedge, especially from me. I bust DH and tell him “Not The Mama” (From Dinosaurs) when they are fighting over me a lot.It happens the most if I was gone a bit that day. I got my husband to get a phone pic last night. Ruby and Elph have glowing eyes and I have no makeup and unstyled hair but I may try to get it on my facebook photos anyway. Ruby still chases her if she has a dog biscuit but she does that to Ollie too. Ol is very gentle where Elph is concerned. He is an old gent.

  10. Da Bird came in the mail yesterday, and our cats love it! We have two old cats, and one kitten and they were all going nuts over it. I was afraid they would be all “ho hum”, but they are suitably impressed with the purchase πŸ™‚

    Our Belgian Malinois lies in the “froggy” position-we think it is adorable when she does it.

  11. Lurker here, slowly wading in to the commenting pool…. I read your blog religiously (it’s the first thing I open when I get to work — yay proCATination) I need the help of some experienced cat owners!

    My 3 yr old tuxie, Delilah, thinks she’s a dog (it’s my fault… she’s my first cat. Leash trained and gives high fives when asked. Anyway, I digress). In the past 24 hours, she has tried to kill my bf and me twice. Last night she chewed through his laptop power cord and caused the computer to short out. Today, I went to dry my hair and was supremely startled when sparks and smoke starting shooting out all over, the fire alarm went off, and, luckily, the breaker tripped.

    Point is, the girl is a chewer. That bitter grapefruit spray doesn’t work. Nor does wrapping things in tin foil. Or coating them in pepper.(She chews tinfoil and loves pepper!). I’ve tried giving her things to chew on (even dog toys) and nothing works. Any suggestions for 1) getting her to stop eating the electric cords and 2) a good chew toy or diversion for her chewing obsession?

    Thanks! I’ll stop lurking and start commenting, ya’ll are a friendly bunch πŸ™‚

    Delilah’s (and Jezebel’s) Mom

    • I think Robyn (or one of the commenters, I can’t remember) mentioned some hard plastic cord covers that you can wrap cords in. That’d probably work for the laptop cord. For the hairdryer and other portable items, I’d recommend putting them away securely between uses to minimize the chances of her getting at them. (also, less plastic cord covers to buy ;))

    • You can read this post here – there are my suggestions in the post itself, and then be sure to check out the comments too, I believe there are more suggestions there. (One day, I’m going to get myself organized, and get that information put on a page by itself so it’ll be easy to find! πŸ™‚ )

  12. I need some help from fellow cat lovers, or maybe I just need to vent. I have four cats: Cookie, 12, spayed female; Xena: Warrior Calico, 5, spayed female; Marmalade, 5, neutered male; and Valentino, 3, neutered male. Xena hates male cats and she particularly hates Marmalade, which is disappointing because I bought her as a companion to Marmalade when he was six months old and was driving Cookie crazy with his overly boisterous playing/attacking. I used to let them out while I was at work (usually 1 to 9 p.m. shift). Two years ago, I found a stray cat in my driveway, dead and partially eaten, possibly by a coyote. I live 2 miles from downtown, so it was pretty shocking. There have also been pit bulls who roam my area. I went into overprotective mama mode and started only letting the cats out on weekends during daylight hours. Xena and Marmalade starting fighting all the time and Xena was miserable. So, I started letting her out, alone, when I went to work. Marmalade was NOT happy about this. I chose to let Xena out because she was aptly named, a fierce, street smart warrior whom I trusted would be OK. Over the past six months, Marmalade has been retaliating by spraying inside the house. He is now spraying all the time. I just ordered Feliway plug-ins and spray. No cats have been killed lately in my area. The question is: Do I let Marmalade, and possibly Cookie and Valentino, out during the day? Marmalade is lovable, but not the brightest bulb in the candelabra. If a coyote or pit bulls were still around, at 16 pounds, he would be a desirable target. But then again, I get home at 9 p.m. and bring all the cats in then. What should I do?

    • I’m going to have to think about this (and I’ll post it in next Friday’s post), but for the most part if there are coyotes and possibly dogs around, I’d do my best to keep the cats inside. Which I understand is a whole lot easier said than done! Are there places in your house where Xena can get away from the other cats? (Cat trees, tops of bookcases, like that?) Is there any way to make an enclosed area outside where they could go? I know that if our cats couldn’t go into the backyard during the day, we’d be having serious issues!

      I wonder if putting Marmalade on kitty Xanax (or something like that) would help.

      I know I’m not being much help here, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. Just know that I sympathize, because there’s nothing as frustrating as a cat who sprays!

  13. Well, this Liquitinic stuff sure does work fast. The first day I squirted a little into 15-year old Velcro’s mouth. She has a hard time getting around, mostly lays in one place or another all day. The second day she snarled a little when I came with the dropper and I think I got half of it on my jeans. The third day she RAN off. Miracle! The only problem now is how to get more down her. She won’t eat her food if there’s a molecule of it mixed in. I may need to resort to mixing it with Chicken of the Sea tuna instead of cat food.

    • Fred sneaks up on Spanky and squirts it in his mouth – I think that Spanky is pretty much resigned to it, so doesn’t fight (but then, Fred is also ninja-sneaky when he wants to be!). I hope mixing it with tuna works for Velcro (and I love that name!!!)

    • I wish she would HAVE THOSE KITTENS already. She’s driving me crazy. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re back – hope you had a good time!