3-21-16 Monday

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Last summer, we had in residence a large number of bottle babies. One of them was this little muffin, who I am sure you’ll recognize.

That, of course, is Pattypan, who was adopted and renamed Peanut. Well, here she is today!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Kim said: Wanted to send you a picture and show you how much Peanut has grown. I can’t get over how she sleeps. Her and our 9 year old chihuahua are starting to get along. She brings so much joy to our family.

Thank you so much for the update, Kim!


One of the OTHER sweet little muffins who was in residence last August was this little girl.

That’s Torres, the only girl in the Swimmers litter. This is what she looks like today.

Isn’t she a beautiful, glossy, sleek House Panther?

Goose said: Here’s a picture of my Sasha, AKA Torres, at just under 8 months old. BTW, the hassock she is lying upon is 38″ across diagonally.

Thanks for the update, Goose (and letting me steal these pictures to post!)


Ken Adams found that Bert Macklin made a very comfy bed. And then….

Princess Consuela said “Move over!” I don’t know how kittens can breathe with their siblings laying directly on their faces, but Bert Macklin survived just fine.

Susie would like to know just what I think I’m doing.

I swear, I could just squeeze the marshmallow fluff right out of her.

Lined up and ready for squeezing. Front to back: Chanandler Bong, Art Vandelay, Princess Consuela.

Lineup #2. Left to right: Bert Macklin, Ken Adams, Susie.

Happy little faces.

::Hiss:: said Chanandler Bong. ::HISS!::

::HISS!:: agreed Ken Adams.

And then Ken Adams was very pleased with himself.

Pile o’ kittens, with a yawning Art Vandelay on top.

Pile o’ cute.

“What do you MEAN I’ve got another couple of weeks before they can feed themselves?!”


“Hall-LO, laydeez!” That Newt, such a charmer.


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3-21-16 Monday — 17 Comments

  1. Chanandler Bong has quite the round belleh!!

    Pattypan!!!! You grew up to be such a pretty pretty girl! Dear Torres, I love that you sit on your daddy’s shoulder. What a sleek girl you have become! I adore updates. 🙂 I think that when you get updates, the cat/dog is dearly loved and the owner enjoys showing them off! YAY!!

  2. Aw, thanks for the photos of Pattypan/Peanut and Torres/Sasha. I loved watching them grow up, especially Pattypan with her ouchy leg. They look happy and healthy. It is amazing to me who the little black kitties grow up to be such beauties. I love the sheen on Sashas’ coat.
    I am definitely the bottom kitty on the kitten pile around here. At night they do try to smother me by covering all but one tiny air space when we go to bed. I told hubby if they find me dead one morning it will be be from smothering and the CSI guys will find cat hair in my lungs and airways.

    • HA!

      I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled cat hair out of my eye lashes or nostril. One of my cats has spider web fine hair. You will inhale it in a second…and feel it tickling your noes.

    • Me too. And after commenting the other day about how every night I have a minimum of two cats on or around my head/face last night I had none. It was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. LOL I still woke up a couple times throughout the night and one of them I realized there wasn’t even one cat with me. I was very surprised and a little sad by it but also relieved as I was able to breath freely and fall asleep quicker than normal.

      • My Lola wakes me up every morning at 2:30 am (she must have a watch on her wrist cuz she is bang on every night) for pets and mama time. I am always tired in the am. However, lately, I’ve noticed she has been waking me up at 3:30 am. (Yes, I tell her to GO TO SLEEP) Anyway, I realized that she did not move her clock forward, so for her, it is still 2:30 am. How do they do that???!!! LOL. She licks my nose and paws at my hand as she “merps” at me. You cannot ignore her (and no matter how tired I am, she always makes me smile cuz she oozes sweetness). I have to put my head under the sheet to get my point across.

  3. Peanut and Sasha are gorgeous!!!!! It’s so awesome to see the tiny babies grown up!!! LOVE updates!! Thanks pawrents!!!! And oh my,the cute in this new bunch… absolutely adorable, and Mama is so pretty!!! Helloooo Newt!! 🙂

  4. Always love seeing the grown and smug/happy kittehs! Their good beginnings allow them to travel far, and develop into loving, healthy pets (all thanks to you and Fred’s great foster care)!

  5. The Pile o’ cute photo looks like they’re in a football huddle planning how they’re going to overtake the world.

    Yay for updates! Thanks for sharing. They both have grown up to be such lovely kitties.

  6. Love love getting updates !!!! It must make your day when you see how your foster babies are doing !!!! Peanut and Sasha look very happy and loved !!!!

    ****SWOON**** Oh Newt you are such a charmer !!!!!!

    Tell the Fakers they need to slow down a bit in their growing up !!!!

  7. Mama Regina already looks so thin! HOW is she going to survive another two weeks of sucking little monsters draining the life out of her?

  8. When kitten ears pop up, does it make a sound?

    Yeah, Mama Regina does look like she’s having the life sucked out of her, only to be put right onto those chubby little kittens of hers! I know she’s getting a ton of snacks! How many snacks does she get per day?

    Oh, Newt I could just kiss your sweet face!!!

  9. Love love love that picture of exotic Sasha/Torres on her daddy’s shoulder with a look that shouts “MINE!” And Pattypan all grown up beautiful! Sweet babies of Regina, but she is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I adore the updates! What lovely cats they’re growing into!

    And can I borrow a pile of cute for my desk?