3-22-17 Wednesday

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This boy right here…

Dennis, the gorgeous boy with the gorgeous eyes, loves to be kissed. LOVES it.

In fact, if I lean down to kiss him, he tilts his head up to make it easier for me.

And then he kisses me back!


Of course, now I’m reminded of Silvio, who wouldn’t let me kiss him (but I did steal a kiss there at the end!)

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As you can see, Jake is keeping his loons well-tuned.

Maybe it’s because he’s such a ‘niphead. That boy LOVES him some catnip.

Feed him catnip, keep him warm, and the loons shall follow.

One basket o’ loons.


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3-22-17 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. Oh my, that is like my Sidney. He loves to be loved on and kissed. He will lift his head repeatedly to make you kiss him over and over and over again. I love it. He is a complete doll! What Silvio did is what I say, “he gave you the stiff arm”. 🙂

  2. I can’t remember if this has been said here before, but if I were to imagine Jake as a human being, he’d be the kind of laid-back surfer dude with a slightly spaced out look to him 😉 I do adore that Jakey <3

  3. L&H is now one of the most frequently visited sites suggested to me by the ever helpful Google every time I open a new tab in my browser here at work!

    (And really, why have it any other way?)

    So, I just opened a new tab and yay! Sunny Dennis’ sweet little face nestled between proprietary software login screens and tech security sites. (And as I type this, Skinny Pete and Badger are gazing down and judging my use of company time.)

  4. I love kissy kitties! My Jinx will lift his face for a kiss if I say “give kiss”. And slowly I’m getting Sabrina to do it, too!! 🙂

  5. Isn’t it sweet that Dennis likes to be kissed so much? And if I had myself a Loony Jake, I would be sure to keep him sufficently nourished with catnip.