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Just in case you skipped Saturday’s post, you might want to go check it out for the good news I posted at the top!

And then, Saturday afternoon?

FINALLY!!!!!!!! Best way to kick off a vacation I can think of!


I am so in love with the pictures in today’s post that I swear I’d marry them if I could. There are no captions, because I think that the pictures stand perfectly well on their own. I’ve looked through this sequence multiple times, and giggled like a dork every single time.


“Is that breakfast? I like breakfast!”


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10-13-14 — 20 Comments

  1. Oh yay for Marshall and Angelo! Great news for them, and Marshall’s new sister.

    I had the theme of the 6 Million Dollar Man running through my head as I looked at that sequence. Then the “Amok Time” episode of the original Star Trek series… LOL PW, trying to write a cheque his wee little self can’t cash.

  2. Wonderful news for all adoptions! I, too, giggled at that sequence. No captions were needed. Thanks for working ahead so we don’t have to go without our Grocers daily fix! Have a great vacation!

  3. Great sequence of pix! Made me think of the OLD still frame movies – needed some Charlie Chaplain music!

    Orlando and I cried a few happy tears for Angelo!!! Finally!!! And so happy for siblings Marshall and Monday too!

  4. The sequence was great. It seemed as if they were trying out for the Olympics and PW was getting coached by Ralph. The comments would be “Watch my moves dude” “Oh-let me try” “More jazz hands PW” and “Dude-you really need to work on your landing”. LOL!

    So happy for all the adoptions and that there are no current adoptees at Petsmart.

  5. So very happy for Marshall, Angelo and Monday! Yay forever homes! I’m joining you in early morning giggles, Robyn…

    • Ditto — and Dennis has asked me Monday really needs to go into the “Adopted in 2014” zone.

    • Ditto — I am just so happy for Angelo! And Dennis insists that Monday make her way into the “Adopted in 2014” zone, next to her forever brother, Marshall. He can, however, wait until you return!

  6. hahaha, it’s like a slo-mo sequence in an action movie – love it!


  7. To the tune of “Girls on Film”

    >click click click click<

    Furs on film (got your picture)
    Furs on film

  8. it’s about time people realized what treasures were at Petsmart. I’m so glad those two boys are with their forever families now.

  9. Fantastic pictures as always Robyn !!!!! Although I think you are going to be very busy when you get back from your holiday. You will have to make a mini movie or something with these pictures !!!

    Is Fred going to share his breakfast plate while you are away ?

  10. The best part about those photos is how the fluffy toy in the foreground looks like a cartoonish puff of dust/ rocket exhaust from kitten lift-off.

  11. Oh my! There is the Ears of Annoyance and then there is the Floofy Red-Headed Ears of ANN-OY-ANCE!!!!!