Bear isn’t limping at all. He’s absolutely fine, and he’s got his crazy eyes back (when he’s very excited, his eyes are perfectly round, and he looks like he’s going to actually bounce off the walls). I was going to let him stay out of the kitten room last night, but he moves around so much in his sleep that I knew there was no way it was going to work, so around midnight I took him into his room and shut the door. I didn’t hear him meow at all, so I think he settled down and went right to sleep.

This morning I walked into the kitchen and saw Mister Boogers standing by the back door, looking out. Bear – who follows me from room to room – saw Mister Boogers too, and went over to look out the back door as well. Then Bear turned and gave Mister Boogers an adoring look, and my heart cracked open and leaked out my belly button. Because it was the CUTEST. THING. EVER. If I’d had the camera, you’d be looking at pictures of the cuteness right now, I guarantee it.

Bear has clearly realized that Mister Boogers is the only cat who’ll play with him – the others hiss and run away like the big wimps they are – and last night they spent the entire evening playing in the dining room. There’s a big piece of bubble wrap on the floor in there, and Bear thinks it’s the best toy EVER. If I think of it, I’ll try to get a picture of him playing in the bubble wrap later.

Yesterday afternoon Fred went out back to read, and took Mister Boogers and Miz Poo with him. Bear looked out the back door and could see everyone out there, and he started howling like a sad little monkey, ’cause he wanted to have fun too. Fred kept an eye on him, and he pretty much stayed on the patio because he didn’t like the feel of grass on his feet. I didn’t get any pictures of that, either – the camera was charging – but maybe later I’ll take him out back and snap some.

Callie thinks America’s Funniest Home Videos is funNY.

“You SAID he was going bye-bye. You made me KISS HIM on the head. WHAT is he still doing here?”

He waits for her to go to sleep, then he sneaks onto the bed with her. And then he snuggles with her, and she wakes up warm and happy and momentarily forgets that he needs to be smacked on the head.

Remember how I mentioned that he follows me around like a little puppy? I left to do some errands, and he followed me to the door. When I got back half an hour later, he was sitting on the desk by the door waiting for me. It probably didn’t hurt that there was a comfy pile of fleece sitting there for him to lay on.

“Fear my SCARY CLAWS!”

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