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I’m off the grid at the moment – visiting my parents in Myrtle Beach, SC where they have a timeshare. I’ve scheduled entries to post every morning at 6 am (central US time) Monday through Friday, so you won’t have to go without your daily entertainment courtesy of moi. They’re all picture (mostly cat) entries, high on pictures, low on words. Just the way you like it!

I don’t expect to be able to check my email or Facebook or anything, but I’ll probably post to Twitter every now and again, so you can check there. Be good, and if you can’t be good, take notes and tell me all about it when I get back! πŸ™‚

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-10-13 (1)
Dem pups.

2011-10-13 (2)
Ducks. They’ve grown so much since we got them!

2011-10-13 (3)
They’re always this close together. I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking we’ve got four girl duckies, here. (Yay!)

2011-10-13 (5)
Mama hen and her babies.

2011-10-13 (12)

2011-10-13 (8)
Someone asked what the daddy of all those babies looks like. This is him, the only grown rooster we have. He’s a big boy, and apparently QUITE fertile.

2011-10-13 (11)
Two mamas and a gaggle of babies.

2011-10-13 (14)

2011-10-13 (16)

2011-10-13 (17)
Snoozin’ pigs.

2011-10-13 (18)

2011-10-13 (20)

2011-10-13 (21)

2011-10-13 (22)
“You has cookies?”

2011-10-13 (24)
Stampeding tires a girl out.

2011-10-13 (25)
Silkie. I call her the angry Muppet.

2011-10-13 (26)
Ducks like tomatoes too. Go figure.

2011-10-13 (27)

2011-10-13 (28)

2011-10-13 (29)

2011-10-13 (31)
Crested Golden Polish (ie, The Rock Star) is the prettiest chicken we have, if you ask me.

2011-10-13 (30)
Not quacking yet, but he’s getting there.

2011-10-13 (32)

2011-10-13 (36)
Caught in the act of taking a dust bath. Doesn’t she look guilty?

2011-10-13 (33)

2011-10-13 (34)
Lone duck, separated from the other three.

2011-10-13 (35)
The volunteer tomato plant at the edge of the chicken yard. It didn’t get very big (it wasn’t watered very often), but it’s still producing!

2011-10-13 (37)
Wee baby chick.

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Harlan has a crush.

2011-10-13 (41)
“Hey, mister!”

2011-10-13 (42)

2011-10-13 (43)

2011-10-13 (39)

2011-10-13 (40)
“What was THAT?”


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10-13-11 — 6 Comments

  1. Do you ever find feathers from The Rock Star laying around? I’d want to pluck her-she’s got gorgeous feathers! πŸ™‚

  2. What an adorable smooch!
    I’m curious–there’s only one rooster, so all the babies are his. When the babies grow up, do you keep them? and if so, aren’t they all inbreeding after that?

  3. Awww, smoochy Harlan! Very cute. I can just hear his little ‘hey, mister’ voice, too. πŸ™‚
    JP, I think in the past Robyn has said the any junior roosters go to “the farm” when they get to a certain age but as to the rest of the “inbreeding’…um…?
    (pardon me…pssst! Dorfy – tell your mum to put an update up, purlease?!! I looks every day and since you turned into the incredible Dorfy, well, nothin’!)

  4. Wow “The Rock star” is gorgeous! I’ve never seen a chicken like that. Also, LOL @ the angry muppet — definitely what I would call her too LOL

    Pretty sure those are all girl duckies — if they were boys I would think that they would have more striking colors.

    Aw harlan smooches — too cute!