10-13-09 – True Blood 6, and the Wonkas.

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Have you ever seen a happier cat?

I love it when they snuggle up to sleep – and they ALWAYS snuggle up to sleep!


“A COMPLAINT, DO YOU HEAR ME?!” (In the foreground, Bill’s all “Yeah, what’s NEW?”)

Tommy snuggles up with Lafayette and Hoyt.

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webbthistle mentioned in yesterday’s comments that the Wonkas’ eyes are changing. They are, indeed. They’re no longer that deep, dark, almost purple, blue. They’ve changed to a really pretty greenish blue, on the way (I’m sure) to shades of green.

I had a long discussion with Veruca last night, and she finally agreed that she’s a big girl now and doesn’t need the bottle. Then she “convinced” the rest of the gang that they don’t need it, either. They’re a little nervous about this no-bottle thing, but I’ll give them formula in bowls in the morning and evening for a few more days, and there’s always crunchy food available in a small dish, so they shouldn’t starve.

I’ve noticed that Gus and Mike are more interested in the crunchy food, and the girls prefer the canned stuff, though Violet will occasionally eat some crunchy stuff, too. Judging by the amount of crunchy food that ends up scattered across the floor, they also enjoy a good swim through the crunchy food.

There doesn’t appear to be any danger of these babies starving to death, in any case.

“How’m I gonna tell Mom that I failed Gym? She’s gonna KILL me!”

Count Verucula.

I love me some Mike.


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10-13-09 – True Blood 6, and the Wonkas. — 11 Comments

  1. Good strategy with the Wonkas. If I were going to implement a change, I’d want to make sure I had Veruca’s support in advance!

  2. <3s for hoyt!

    and thanks for putting the vote button on each post, otherwise i’d totally forget. πŸ™‚

    i have a question, and please don’t think i’m criticizing. i’m relatively new to love and hisses (via ibkc/space paws/etc) and curious. you say “pet store” when you talk about the kittens finding forever homes. why do you take them to a pet store and not a shelter? this makes me a little nervous about the tb6, because they are so special – i’m afraid your average pet store crowd would “ew” at their eyes and pass them up based purely on their appearance, where your shelter crowd tends to be more open to a less than perfect (looking) baby. will you post their stories, or stay with them throughout the day to tell it?

    i just realized as i was writing this, is this like a petsmart or something with an adoption center?

    like i said, i’m just asking out of curiosity, not criticism or anything like that! i love you and your kitties to bits!!

  3. I love Miss Veruca’s little nose freckle, it really is adorable!
    Casting my vote each day for you and the babies – you sure deserve to win!

  4. Like Angie, I’ve also been a little nervous about the True Bloods. I keep hoping that you will keep them!

    I have a cat that has an eye condition very similar to the babies but his wasn’t bad enough that our vet thought surgery was needed. People always comment on his eyes when they first meet him though. πŸ™

  5. I love that Hoyt is complaining as usual. Barney is getting to be quite a complainer too. His eyes are still about the color of Veruca’s right now so I am curious if they will keep going – they look pretty cool right now on both him and Veruca!

    We did a mix with the formula and canned food for the little guys when we got them but we were lucky because they had already learned to eat that themselves (even though they were still very young to do so).

    I love the pic of Gus though – the look on his face is too cute. And Mike just looks like “yeah, what” in his picture – he just looks a bit more teen-ager-y in that one for some reason.

  6. I have a cat who, like Hoyt, crinkles up her face and meows a complaint every time our eyes meet and every time I say a word to her. I love the mouthy ones!

    Hey, are the Wonkas fully socialized or does anyone spit or hiss anymore? I must say that 1.2 pounds of hissing, spitting kitten is just about the funniest thing to me!

  7. Count Verucula – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is absolutely hilarious. πŸ™‚

    I love the kitty babies. (Oh, and I’m voting for you, so as long as you post every day, then I’ll remember to vote every day!)

  8. Those “complaint” pictures make me giddy! They are so sweet!

    Also, I’ve been totally cheating with my voting… I vote once during the day while I’m at work, and then once again when I get home! I hope you win!

  9. So cute all those kitties! I like kittykye’s idea – vote at home (which I have been) and at work! I shall start that tomorrow! Good luck – hope you win!

  10. Yes, guys, by “pet store” she means an adoption center run by the shelter she fosters for. I adopted my cat Colby from a Petsmart adoption center, and I can assure you they run a tight ship. The volenteers who run the shelter (it’s not run by the kids in the blue shirts who man the registers, don’t worry) are great people, and know the cats and their needs very well.

    The shelter I adopted from also posts ‘their’ cats on Petfinder, and it appears Challenger’s House does the same.

    These sweet True Blood kittens will make their forever owners very happy.