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We have gotten all four of the kittens to purr. Yay!

Delmar seems to be a total love bug – yesterday when I was petting him, he ended up on his back, kneading the air, purring to beat the band. I’ve picked him up several times and he likes being held, but apparently considers the cat tree to be his “safe place.” If I step away from the cat tree while holding him, he gets nervous. Yesterday afternoon I carried him across the room and sat down on the floor while holding him, and he jumped down to the floor, slunk across the room, and climbed back up on the cat tree.

Baby steps, I guess.

It was our biggest victory, getting Claudette to purr. She’s the most scared of the four and will let us pet her, but hadn’t seemed to be enjoying it. Fred got her to purr this morning, and when I went in to see the kittens and started petting them, she gave up and started purring right away.

Now if I could just get them all to come down off the cat tree while I’m in there! I’d like to see them play, too. Fred got them briefly interested in the laser pointer last night, but not to the point of chasing it around. Delmar meowed at it, though. That’s progress!

2008-10-13 (7)
Claudette disapproves of this “petting” nonsense.

2008-10-13 (6)

2008-10-13 (5)

2008-10-13 (4)

2008-10-13 (3)
Marion says “Humans. BLEH!”

2008-10-13 (2)
I love the way Delmar’s whiskers are black for the first half an inch and then white the rest of the way.

2008-10-13 (1)


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10-13-08 — 3 Comments

  1. You know when the kitty butt raises to more fully enjoy the pet, that is some true happiness.

  2. I love your new site and especially got a kick out of the name. “Love and Hisses” smile

    So glad you have more foster kitties. I really enjoy all the pictures and updates on each of them. You and Fred are one in a million, the best. Like angels but living here on earth. I could go on an on about all the wonderful things I love about you both, but there isn’t enough room here to list all of them πŸ™‚

  3. Mary beat me to it! I like your new journal also. More Robyn/kitty goodness. No wonder yellow is your favorite color. You spread sunshine everywhere you go. πŸ™‚