10-14-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette


Last night (though I got no pictures of the momentous occasion), we got the kittens down off the cat tree. The boys stayed down on the floor with us for the longest time, rubbing back and forth and purring like crazy. In what I considered a giant step forward, Delmar got back up on the cat tree, saw Lem purring and rubbing on Fred, and then jumped down off the cat tree and came over for some more love.

Marion had no desire to be off the cat tree. Fred picked her up and walked across the room to hand her to me, and she ran back to the cat tree and shot him dirty looks. Claudette, on the other hand, stayed in my arms for several minutes, purring and watching her brothers ask to be petted.

Both Lem and Delmar have meowed at us, Delmar the most. You know how you pet a kitten and then you stop and the kitten meows at you like “Why’d you STOP?!”? That’s how he was meowing.

These kittens are adorable. Now I’d like to see them come down off the cat tree of their own accord, and then I’d like to see them play!

2008-10-14 (1)
Delmar, asleep atop the cat tree.

2008-10-14 (2)
Marion has such a delicate little face.

2008-10-14 (3)
“Why aren’t you over here petting me?”

2008-10-14 (4)
Claudette, scaredy-cat, but also a lovebug.

2008-10-14 (5)
Look at Delmar over there on the right, giving me the sass as if he doesn’t fling himself onto his back at the slightest touch.


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10-14-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette — 1 Comment

  1. Isn’t it funny how cats get attached to their tree? Only one of our cats actually uses the tree, but she freaks out if you try to pet her while she’s on it. She’ll turn circles at the top a few times and then practically throw herself off the tree.

    She’s a weirdo.