10-15-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.


I broke the monkeys! The boys, at least. When I went into the kitten room yesterday, I’d go over and pet each of them just a little bit, and then I’d go across the room and sit on the floor and talk to them. The girls would just ignore me, but the boys would look at me and meow like “Come back here!” I’d talk and talk to them, then when they’d start to settle down, I’d go back and pet each of them juuuuust a little, just until they were starting to like it, and then off I’d go to the other side of the room.

Lem jumped down off the tree onto the condo (which is right next to the tree) and he hung out next to the condo and eyeballed me and thought about it, but refused to come any closer.

Finally, Delmar was like “FINE!” and jumped down and came over to be petted. After some petting, he and I stretched out on the floor, face-to-face, and he purred and slept a little, and then eventually Lem was like “Hmmm. He seems to be safe over there with her. Maybe I would be safe, too!”, so he came over for petting, though he didn’t stay for long.

My tongue is absolutely in shreds from my biting it so I won’t squeeze them to death. They are SERIOUSLY cute and sweet, these kittens.

Last night at bedtime, Fred and I went into the kitten room together and at one point not only did we have all four kittens on the floor with us, but three of them were playing!

Not bad for less than a week, I’ll say.

2008-10-15 (11)

2008-10-15 (10)

2008-10-15 (9)

2008-10-15 (8)
Claudette the gorgeous.

2008-10-15 (7)

2008-10-15 (6)

2008-10-15 (4)

2008-10-15 (3)
“Whyyyyyyyy you make me come down off the tree and come over to you for love? Whyyyyyy?”

2008-10-15 (2)
Delmar on the floor. We lay face-to-face for a long time yesterday afternoon. I said “You’re going to break my heart, aren’t you?” and he said “That’s my plan, ma’am.”


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10-15-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette. — 7 Comments

  1. Quick, Shelly, take him. Take him before I get in the car and drive to Smallville.

    *wrings hands*

  2. Have there every been any of the fosters you have been thankful that they were just temporary?

    This batch is apsolutely adorable!

  3. Audri: actually, no! I went back and looked at all my flickr sets of foster kittens to make sure there were none I was glad to see go, just to be sure I was telling the truth about this. It’s probably a good thing I have Fred to put his foot down, because I would have easily kept them all, and I’d end up on the news as one of those cat hoarders with 300 cats crowded in the house!

  4. Oh my Gauze…..those kittehs have been virtually squozed from here in Greenacres!!! So gawjus!! And that Lem, he’ll break my heart for sure, what with those FRECKLES on his nose…oh, the cuteness!!